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{August 21, 2006}   Customer Service

This morning, I’ll be calling that water company to cancel my service. They begged for a second chance and blew it.

For over a year now, I’ve had bottled water delivered to my apartment about every three weeks. Each time, I get two five-gallon bottles. The procedure is to leave the empty bottles outside my apartment door. The delivery guy takes the empties and leaves the new bottles outside my door. Sounds simple doesn’t it? It was working great up until a couple months ago.

Now, the delivery guy has gotten lazy. He leaves the new bottles outside my apartment building on the porch. He doesn’t bother to come in to pick up the empties outside my door.

I’ve called the water company more than a few times. They know the security number to get into the building and they always say they will correct the problem.

Last Thursday, the same thing happened again – new bottles on the porch, empties not picked up. I now have 10 empty bottles. On each, they charge me a security deposit of twelve bucks. I called to cancel the service.

The company rep I talked to begged me not to cancel the service. He said the delivery they made would be free of charge and on Saturday morning, the driver would drop by and pick the empties.

I think you can about guess what happened. No one showed up and those empty bottles – all 10 of them – are still outside my apartment door.

Whatever happend to good customer service? I get this kind of stuff all the time. I would like to give some advise to people in this field: Do what you say you’re going to do.

Larry Gross


Jon says:

I think I know the water service you’re talking about. The service has gone to hell lately. I cancelled it a few weeks ago.


There’s no such thing as customer service these days, my friend. It died in the 1980’s.

numb says:

some of us can’t afford bottled water. think about that.

C.A. MacConnell says:

I don’t drink water. But if there were a Diet Mountain Dew service, I’d be all over that. A few weeks ago, a van and some motorcycles full of “Code Red” people showed up on my street, handing out Dews to passersby, playing hip hop. That’s all they do, run around the country handing out Dew, playing hip hop. I thought, I should change my profession, become a Code Redder, and join the caffeinated roadtrip. But soon, I’d grow a tolerance. Then I’d have to switch to Red Bull road crew. And then what, liquid lightning. I dunno.

Larry Gross says:

C.A. –

I know we both have some bad habits that I won’t go into here, but you need to drink water sister! We all do.

C.A. MacConnell says:

I know, I know, my mother keeps telling me that. Occasionally, I’ll have tea or coffee, and that has water in it. Or maybe a melon. But its hard to drink water when you have to keep running down to the well to get a drink. Even though I’m a grown man, sometimes I get tired of the trip.

David says:

You’re right about customer service in this country. Try changing long distance services. The provider you’re with makes all kind of promises – but it ends up being the same bad service.

Even worse is internet providers who NEVER want you to leave them, offer you specail prices – then when you get the bill that “special” doesn’t exist. It’s all bullshit.

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