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{August 22, 2006}   Skunked – The Sequel

The skunk was a punk, a walking, talking, graffiti writing bastard who frequents hunting/fishing stores. Now you can all relax and know it wasn’t a real critter, but a purchased, liquid stink. So relax, unless the punk is you. Then you cannot relax.

Just ask my friend S who thought it would be funny to put my car up for sale in the paper for $100. Not so brilliant, Homer. Next thing he knew, his cell phone was ringing off the hook, receiving many, many, many forwarded calls interested in the car for sale for $100.

C.A. MacConnell


Karen says:

Really? You can purchase this stuff? Why would anybody want to?

Eric says:

Well, at least now you know wild creatures aren’t getting into your apartment – just HUMAN wild creatures.

jason says:

what kind of lowlife would take the time to sink up an apartment building. this creep seems to have way too much time on this hands, you know?

Jim Stanton says:

Still beating your clothes against a rock? 🙂

sally says:

are you the same c.a. who writes the music stories in citybeat?

Jacob Hicks says:

I’m a little amazed how much you “city folks” don’t know about skunks. This is the second piece I’ve read here and I want to set the record straight.

Skunks are very peaceful animals. It takes a great deal to provoke them. Then and only then do they release that “skunk smell.”

Sometimes, people want skunks as pets and it’s easily done. All a vet has to do is remove the “the bad smelling bag” from the skunk. After that, you have a real nice pet.

And baby skunks get very attached to their mother. It’s fun to watch the babies follow their mother in the woods all lined up behind her.

So skunks are not bad creatures at all. I wanted to share that with your readers.

Jacob Hicks

I knew someone with a pet skunk. It was really cute. Sometimes, if he was startled by someone he didn’t know, he would assume the spray-possition and furiously shake his tail. It was as funny as watching a declawed cat climb a tree! (and for the record I am not in favor of declawing cats: did you know they have to amputate part of their toes?)

C.A. MacConnell says:

Yes, Sally. And more coming soon. Thanks for reading.

Aye, aye Jacob. Good point.

Heather: My cats have claws, front and back, and all of their toes, perfectly intact.

Larry Gross says:

I want to thank Jacob for his information. Based on this, I’m going out today to purchase a couple shunks to run around in my apartment.

Rated X says:

Why doesn’t the building manager keep your main door locked at night and give the tenants keys? Commonsense.

C.A. MacConnell says:

They are. We do. Inside job, Mr X.

jake says:

i agree with x. keep your doors locked at night.

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