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{August 22, 2006}   Writing a Column that Bombs

The new issue of CityBeat will be out tomorrow and it’s none too soon for me. I want people to forget about last week’s Living Out Loud column.

It was a take off on Bill Maher’s “New Rules” – a spin that clearly didn’t work. I got no response at all, nothing good, nothing bad – nothing. I consider it a bomb. When you’re writing a column, this is the one thing you don’t want.

Of course, it’s happened before. I’ve written essays that I think are actually pretty good and you hear zip. I’ve written essays that I simply consider words on the page and you end up getting a response. “They Closed” is the biggest example of that.

So let it be Wednesday already. New Rule: Let Bill Maher do them.

Larry Gross


John says:

I read your “New Rules” and thought it was very funny.

Just because you don’t always get a response doesn’t mean people aren’t reading it and like it.


Matt says:

I thought the column was funny too.

C.A. MacConnell says:

Hey Larry. I thought it was hilarious. Especially the screaming kids one. For this reason, I have to get a hotel when I see my brother.

All Right – I feel better. I think a writer always wants feedback.

numb says:


you’re never any good.

David says:

numb needs to get off this blog and all the other blogs he frequents with his personal attacks.

I read “New Rules” and thought it was a total hoot! You have to understand that not everybody is quick witted like you and – my hero- Bill Maher. I know you wanted readers to come up with new rules too, but I’m just not funny. You are.

I think why I like your column so much is that I never know if it’s going to be serious, critical, or funny. You write in so many various ways. You’re good at what you do even if you don’t always get a response.

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