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{August 23, 2006}   Lunch and no Joke

Lunch = Peach, Pretzel Rods, Pepperidge Farms Mini Chessmen Cookies, Grape Juice.

Jim Allen


Chris says:

Lunch: A big boy and fries – diet coke.

Jay says:

Lunch = left over pizza from last night.

Jack says:

Snickers candy bar.

jill-o says:

lunch………arby’s roast beef sandwich……….curly fries

lunch- hot coffee and cold pizza

p.s. nice distraction, Larry!

Stephanie says:

What a dumb blog!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuna sandwich and some chips.

Jim Stanton says:

For lunch, I had a cheese sandwich and an apple. My wife and I will be going out to dinner tonight.

Rated X says:

Lunch: afternoon delight with my girlfriend.

Steve Allen says:

Who’s Jim Allen? My brother? And why is he always writing about food?

jon says:

chicken soup.

Dana says:

Lunch: ham on rye and swiss, potato salad. Tea to drink.

C. Allen MacConnell says:

Lunch: Diet Dew and 10 gumballs.

bill says:


Dana says:

Big lunch today. Went over to my mom’s house – fried chicken, baked pototoes, corn, green beans and biscuits. a great Sunday!

Geri says:

Comment: fat people respond to this very stupid blog entry.How disgusting.

jason says:

lunch: leftover red beans and rice.

Michael says:

Lunch: Big Mac and fries, Mountain Dew

JJJJ says:

Christ, people! Nobody cares what Jim Allen had for lunch! Nobody cares what you had for lunch! But if you haven’t been to Dink’s for lunch downtown, then get there quickly (before it closes). I recommend the slaw chili dog.

paul says:

it’s fun and light. not like the rest of this blog.

Joe says:

Breakfast : coffee and sugar cookies.

Heather says:

Lunch: Coffee and Vicodin

(breakfast: root canal)

Karen @ the hood says:

cold pizza

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