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{August 24, 2006}   Book Review: “Voodoo Heart”

Scott Snyder teaches creative writing at Columbia University and his debut collection of short stories is a bit strange and more than a little deranged. This doesn’t make the book bad. In fact, Voodoo Heart is quite good. You never know where his characters are going to end up or what they’re capable of doing.

In “Dumpster Tuesday,” we find a Wall Street trader now guarding a dumpster outside a pawn shop in Florida. He’s traveled there, searching for his girlfriend who ran off with a country music singer. He’s got his spear gun all ready once he finds them.

“Blue Yodel” is about an employee who works for Niagara Falls. His job is to watch for jumpers, but now he’s mostly chasing after a blimp in his car. His girlfriend escaped from him on it, but now she’s throwing personal objects from the blimp so he can keep tracking her.

“Wreck” shows us a sporting goods salesman having an unlikely affair with a famous actress in hiding after a deforming surgery. The story is romantic at first, but turns violent as the actress begins to heal.

In the title story, a young engaged couple buys a rambling old house next to a women’s prison and their loving relationship starts to change when one of them becomes obsessed with an inmate at the prison who’s a serial killer.

The seven stories in Voodoo Heart are whimsical, disturbing, sinister and dark – all at the same time. You’ll find yourself turning the pages faster and faster and wishing there was more. To say the least, this is a very original read.

Larry Gross


Ted says:

Sounds listening. Can you purchase the book locally?

Yep, local book stores should have it and there’s always good old

Tom Anderson says:

Actually I know Scott and yes, this is a very good collection of short stories. I’m glad to see it get mentioned somewhere in CityBeat. No offense, but it would have been nice to see this review in the paper and not on a blog.

Larry Gross says:


To be honest with you, I wrote the review in this blog originally for CityBeat’s “All Lit Up” column – wrote it on June 5. I don’t know why it wasn’t used there, so I decided to put it here.

Julie says:

I got this book about a month ago. It’s great!

hey larry – just wanted to say thanks for the kind words. glad you liked voodoo heart. excited. scott

ps – signed sealed and delivered looks quite cool.

Lenna says:

Disons que là il y a la notion de famille et amis, c’est difficile de faire une critique « sans blosper&nbss;&raque; la personne je pense.Du moins, ça doit être la crainte.

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