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{August 27, 2006}   Fleas

Phoebe, my cat around nine years old, started acting funny a few days ago – scratching herself constantly, not hopping onto furniture, staying to herself, not eating well and not seeming very happy. While not really a friendly cat, she is usually to me and my adult son – maybe because we’re the guys who feed her.

On Friday morning, my son figured out what was wrong. By examining her skin and seeing “something” on her, he discovered that our indoor cat who never goes outside had fleas.

In researching the problem on line, my son decided that the only quick solution was to give Phoebe a bath with stuff that would get rid of the fleas. Now cats don’t like baths and you have to understand that Phoebe doesn’t do well when it comes to changes, going to the vet, moving and especially being given a bath. I simply told my son “find another solution. You will be bitten all to hell if you try to give her a bath.”

I had some errands to run. When I returned, I found a pissed off, all wet Phoebe in the hallway licking herself.

To my surprise, my son said the actual bath wasn’t that horrible.

“She cried a lot,” he said, “but after a while she just sort of went along with it. Of course, she hates me now.”

My son changed our bedsheets, washed all the rugs and Phoebe seems to be back to her normal self. I’m glad he took charge of this.

My question: how in the world can an indoor cat get fleas? I have never heard of such a thing.

Larry Gross


An open window – fleas on your shoes from outside, etc. It can happen very easily. If this is the first time for your cat, you’ve been lucky.

Matt says:

Just be glad you don’t have a dog. It’s a constant problem.

Kelly says:

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! Open windows during the summer can let fleas in. Be careful of that. I also have two cats who never go outside, but a few summers ago, they got fleas, because I keep my windows open. I don’t anymore. I have fans.

Yeah, one pregnant flea is all you need for an all-out infestation.

Jacob Hicks says:

Don’t be surprised if the fleas come back. Once they get into your house, it can be a nasty business getting rid of them. Be glad that winter will be here soon. That usually kills them off.

Jacob Hicks

Ted says:

just get the cat a damn flea collar.

jason says:

No Ted, the last thing you want is a flea collar. They usually do more harm thtn good. Even if the cat doesn’t like it, give your pussy a flea bath. It kills the fleas immediately.

Lisa says:

That’s right. Flea collars are not a good idea. At best, they get the fleas off the animal around the head area, but the fleas can still live on the rest of the body. Also some animals become even sicker when wearing them. Yes, a bath is the answer.

Heather says:

Just be careful to rinse them thoroughly after the flea bath, because if they are able to lick off too much pesticide, they’ll get sick.

Once when I was little, I woke up in the middle of the night to the cat puking white foam all over my face. It had licked off too much flea dip from its fur. The cat was okay, but I was traumatized.

Karen says:

How’s the kitty doing now?

Larry Gross says:

Phoebe seems to be just fine. Thanks for asking Karen.

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