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{September 1, 2006}   Fat

Today is the first of the month and today I’m finally going on that diet.

I can’t say I’m really fat or maybe this is something I’m just telling myself. Maybe my “fatness” shows through my clothes now. Maybe my behind is bigger than I want to admit. Maybe my fat is the reason I can’t seem to get a date or meet a decent guy.

Is it just me or is fatness all around us. While trying to decide if I needed to go on a diet, I started noticing people walking down the sidewalk. It seems like every other person I saw had a weight problem and some people were totally out of control. I don’t want that to be me.

I’m thirty-two years old, fat (maybe) and single. The diet starts today.

Lisa Luebee


Ted says:

If it’s difficult for you to decide if you’re fat or not – then you probably are. Sorry.

Dana says:

I wouldn’t put too much stock into what this guy Ted says. He’s probably a beer drinker with a big gut.

Stephanie says:

Yes, Lisa, there is fat all around us. I also notice people walking down the sidewalk, in restaurants – all over that are over weight. We have become known as the “fat republic” and why not? Look at all the fast food around us. Basically, we are what we eat.

tjh says:

some of us guys don’t like our ladies to be too thin. chances are, you’re just right!

Jeff- or-ly says:

Lisa –

Let’s meet up for coffee. I really doubt if your fat.


(editor: no phone numbers on this site – please!)

Beaver Head says:

There sure seems to be a lot of restrictions on this site. What in the hell is wrong with leaving phone numbers? It’s clear to me that Lisa is “looking” for someone. I remember her last blog about that date she had at Mad Frog. Is this some kind of big tease or what? Don’t get us all turned on – then leave us hanging – no joke intended.

Jeff- or-ly says:


You know, there are a lot fewer fat people in Southern California. I think it’s because of all the sunshine and fresh air. The months of winter down-time don’t exist here.

There’s the San Diego Chicken Pie place that reminds me so much of Ohio! The food and decor is so midwestern, and the place is always packed to the gills with obese white people (I mean so fat they can barely squeeze into the booth!). Seriously, if any of you guys are ever visitig San Diego, make someone take you to the Chicken Pie place, it’s unreal.

Lisa: Lose some weight if it makes you feel better, but you really should work on just being comfortable with yourself before you work on getting a date. If you’re on the borderline of being fat, then your dating situation probably has more to do with your confidence (or lack thereof). You may be one of those obscenely skinny people that insists they’re fat, but you don’t say it with enough conviction to be one of those.

The bottom line is that, unless you’re hideous, personality really can win you dates. You have to be comfortable enough with yourself to realize that you’re too good for a guy who doesn’t care about your personality (those guys are not worth dating anyway).

Mike says:

My experience is when people worry about thier weight, they are not usually fat. Fat people just don’t give a shit.

C.A. MacConnell says:

Yes, tjh. Inside out, friend. Remind yourself today that you are beautiful.

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