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{September 5, 2006}   Paying the Rent

Today’s the last day for me to pay my September rent. I got the check all made out, but I’m feeling pissed about having to pay it.

What has it been now – six weeks? – since the workers came in to repair my bathroom. Of course before that it was constant calling to the building manager to try and bring attention to the falling down ceiling, because of a leak upstairs. The plaster has been torn out and the workers attempted to fix the link with some new pipes, but it’s still leaking. I now have two showers in my bathroom and those workers have yet to come back despite my complaint.

I live in Clifton’s Gaslight District and tomorrow, I’ll have a new column up saying how much I love living there and I really do. Most apartments in Clifton are known for their bad maintenance and I’m experiencing that first hand right now. I say in my column you have to take the good with the bad here – but here on “rent day” I’m a little tired of putting up with my bathroom.

This morning, I’ll be looking for the building manager. I’ll have a word with her before I turn over the rent check. Being nice and patient has gotten me no where. Today, “Scary Larry” returns.

Larry Gross


John says:

I lived in Clifton for a few years but got tired of all the maintenace problems in the old buildings. All I can say is good luck.

Karen says:

Easy to fix this problem. Write the manager a letter stating all the problems and simply don’t pay your rent until the problems are resolved.

Jim Stanton says:

No, Karen, he can’t just not pay his rent. What he needs to be is go to the courts and put his money (rent money) into an escrow account where the money will be held until repairs are made. This is the legal way to force landlords to fix problems. If he simply doesn’t pay the rent, he very well could get evicted despite the repair problems.

Heather says:

I won’t tell you guys what we’re paying for rent here, you would cry. I will say that we rented a 4 bedroom house with 2 fireplaces on an acre lot in Barberton, Ohio for less than half of what we’re paying now for a 3 bedroom apartment.

But I spend every weekend down the street at the beach, so I can’t copmlain.

But last week, my husband had a tooth pulled, and the next day the apartment cleaned our carpets while we were out, and that night we found that 8 of his vicodin were gone! The apartment asked the carpet cleaner not to return, but have no intention of replacing the medicine. That’s why don’t like living in apartments.

Joe says:

I don’t think there’s a lot of good things you can say about Cincinnati except that the rent here is fairly cheap. I couldn’t afford to live in California.

Karen @ the hood says:

Hope everyone had a good labor day!

Live in the hood, larry. Talk about maintenance problems

Ted says:

I also live in Clifton and I’m pretty sure we live in the same building but I won’t say which one here as the owner may get upset. But the maintenance is pretty bad here and what’s worse when you call the office, no one is ever there. But you know welcome to Clifton.

C.A. MacConnell says:

Hi, I feel your pain. When I moved in: no AC, stove broken, and the shower only put out scalding water that fried my skull. The manager’s answer: “Hmm, guess you’re just going to have to get cold water from the kitchen, pour it in the bathtub, and take baths. Sorry.” She was serious. That lasted four months, until she disappeared, poof, and we got a new guy answering her same cell phone. I’ve also had leaks aka second showers. Several times, the lights in the hall went out, b/c they “forgot” to pay the electric bill.

Why don’t I move…well, it’s cheap as shit, and it takes me 15 min. tops to clean. I can make dinner, work, pet cats, etc, without leaving my desk chair. Plus, I figured out the secret key to apartment bliss: get to know the maintenance men, offer them drinks and smokes, and repeatedly kiss ass.

Gregory Flannery says:

Christine, Larry needs explicit directions on that last point, kissing ass. He’s had no experience at it.

Should be interesting.

Larry Gross says:

Told the manager the facts, said I shouldn’t be paying full rent because of the maintenance problem and that it’s not my fault her staff is spread thin. She said the bathroom would be fixed tomorrow. Yeah, like I’m going to hold my breath.

I think you should have done what Jim said, and your bathroom would be fixed today.

Jack says:

Actually going to the court house, filing the papers, putting the money in an escrow account is all a big hassle and just pisses off the landlord who will then look for an excuse to get you out of your apartment. I know from experience.

sally says:

15 minutes to clean? c.a., i want your apartment.

Piedmont says:

I recently moved back to Cincinnati and I got to tell you…. the apartments I’d looked at were absolutely filthy.

I’m not talking about cheapos, the apartments ranged from $750 to $1000.

In other cities, the landlord makes sure the apartments are cleaned and ready for occupancy. Here, it’s like “pay the high rent and, oh yeah, clean the damn place yourself.” What laziness.

Man of the Hour says:

I’ve had the same experience as Piedmont here. I looked at one apartment that was advertised as “ready to move in.” I took one look at the place and just laughed.

Erin says:

Do they have any one bedrooms in the Roanoke?

Beaver Head says:

I don’t live there, but I know they have one bedroom apartments.

Richard says:

If Larry Gross wants to move and still live in Clifton’s Gaslight District, that won’t be a problem. Once upon a time – especially when the college kids got back in town – it was damn hard to find an apartment. That’s not the case lately. Take a walk around the neighborhood. Vacant apartments are everywhere.

I don’t know how long Larry has lived in the area but it’s not what it was. Crime has entered The District as well as gangs. Years ago, I could walk the streets at night and feel safe. I don’t feel that way anymore. It’s still a nice area in a lot of ways, but I sure do lock my doors at night.

Jeff- or-ly says:

what richard said. right on.

Jon says:

I always liked the Gaslight District, but I moved away a couple years ago. I was starting to turn into a version of Northside.


C.A. MacConnell says:

You’re right, crime has entered these streets. But just dye your hair black, have a bad day, put on a face that would level Rambo, and no problem. I’ve scared away more than one mugger. I don’t know if that’s something to brag about.

Josh says:

The Gaslight District is not the great place Larry thinks it is. Does this guy ever get out at night to see what’s going on?

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