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{September 7, 2006}   Can I Use Your Bathroom?

Consider this an update on the “Paying the Rent” post.

Well, the workers (or I should say worker) has finally shown up to repair the bathroom. Of course, he’s a few days late and I’m sure that my silence lets him know I’m a little annoyed at this. You know – do what you say you’re going to to. That seems simple to me but maybe I expect too much.

It’s now approaching midday and he let me know that he’s now on lunch break. I looked in the bathroom and it’s more of a mess than ever. I would really like to take a piss but of course that’s not possible unless I want to remove pipes and plaster off the toilet seat.

I’m going to just keep telling myself I love Clifton…I love Clifton…I love Clifton.

Larry Gross


Josh says:

I bet you a buck you won’t see that worker until tomorrow.

Jeff- or-ly says:

Pretend you’re a dog and go take a piss outside!

Matt says:

Poor maintenance isn’t only in Clifton. I live in an apartment building in Pleasant Ridge and I NEVER see maintenance people. I’ve been know to change the light in the hallway myself, just to get it done.

Jill says:

Larry –

You can use my bathroom but I live in Norwood!!

Karen @ the hood says:

Your maintenance issues sound like bad news but try living in Over The Rhine. You will be wanting to get back to Clifton after only a few days.

Roberta says:

I know where you live, Larry, and despite all the maintenance issues – for that area of Clifton, you’re really getting a bargain on the rent. I wish I could more back there.

Steven says:

Yeah, the Roanoke is a great building. I read your column on line today – enjoyed it!

Geri says:

Too much traffic on Ludlow Avenue for me. I stay away from Clifton as often as I can. Good luck on getting your bathroom fixed.

Heather says:

I lived in Clifton briefly, in an apartment on Senator Place. I liked it because I could walk anywhere I needed to go. I missed it when we moved to Blue Ash.

There are only two colorful characters in Blue Ash. The first guy walks around in the same dirty red hooded sweatshirt even if it’s 80 degrees. He never asked for anything, but I gave him a few bucks every now and then. The other guy is clean and well dressed and groomed. He’s always walking an abnoxious little dog. He walks up to people to chat, at the top of his lungs, and seems oblivious to the fact that his dog is yapping and growling people.

There are characters everywhere in San Diego. There’s a retired doctor called “shlow-mo” who, almost every day, rollerskates in slow motion down the boardwalk to the theme music from “2001: A Space Odyssey.” It’s hilarious.

Jeff- or-ly says:

Hey! Still have to take a piss?

numb says:

so………….what did you have for lunch, larry? your blog is stupid.

Jackie says:

So what’s going on with the apartment? Can you go to the bathroom?

Larry Gross says:

It’s now usable. The “workers” will be in on Monday to paint – or so I was told.

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