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{September 8, 2006}   Ykari





☆今なら10,000円分プレゼント☆   ・アドレスだけで簡単に無料登録ができます  (フリーメールアドレスでもOK) ・即日利用が可能だからすぐ会える ・迷惑メール防止機能付き※携帯からも設定できます


thank god the weekend is near




Jeff- or-ly says:


Hey Ykari: Don’t you talk about my mother like that!

My mother is a saint!

Kelly says:

What in the world………………………………….?

Jack says:

HA! What a strange way to say thank god it’s friday!!

Chuck says:

This is dumb as hell.

Kelly says:

Yeah, but what did she have for lunch? 🙂

Kim says:

I know you meant this as a joke, but you don’t really know that his person is saying do you? I do. She is selling a product that is adult in nature. There really isn’t anything offensive about her words, but I’m shocked you would make it as a post. What – don’t you have anything else to put up? Some may fine this funny, but I think it’s boring.

Bill says:

What the fuck?

TOM says:


Mr. Chen says:

This is about sex toys. What bad taste.

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