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{September 14, 2006}   Opening a Can of Worms

When I wrote the post “Educate Me” on September 11, I was really just looking to get some comments on why readers seem to like the silly posts better than the more serious. I should have known it would spill over into something else. One comment a little left of center lead to another and before I knew it, readers were making comments on the actual CityBeat publication.

I had to filter through over 50 comments yesterday and I still got more waiting on me this morning. Please be patient as I need to read each comment before I put it on the blog. Mind you, unless a comment is really, really mean or personal, your comment will be posted.

Maybe this is a good thing – readers telling us what they like and don’t like about the paper. For those who haven’t read it, go down to “Educate Me” written on September 11, read the comments and make one of your own.

Larry Gross


hard as nails says:

see what you started gross man?

Tim Graves says:

A “can of worms” can be a good thing. You have started a very good discussion about your publication. Make sure the movers and shakers read it.

Karen says:

I think what you’ve started is a good thing, but you need to respond to questions being asked on that post!

Larry Gross says:

Karen –

Some questions I can’t answer.

I have nothing to do with the Arts & Music blog, so I don’t know why posts are few and far between.

As far as giving away e-mail addresses, the answer to that is NEVER.

I don’t know why the web page isn’t up eariler. You need to direct this question to the Web Editor. Why do some distribution points get the paper late? That question belongs to the Circulation Manager. You can get these names by going to CityBeat’s web site and clicking on the contact and staff list.

As to why the Living Out Loud blog isn’t promoted on the web site, it’s another I don’t know. This blog is only a month old and perhaps management is waiting to see if it works out. As stated somewhere in the comments on “Educate Me,” it is listed in the Porkopolis blogroll.

Frankly, I’m a little rattled by all the fuss but as I said, maybe it’s a good thing. If readers didn’t care, they wouldn’t bother to make comments.

Is CityBeat management reading them? Yes.

Jim says:

Your blog SHOULD be promoted and you SHOULD be asking why it is not.

Jeff- or-ly says:

Don’t you think this can of worms is kind of fun!

Kenny says:

What a strange reply by Larry Gross. He seems to have balls when it comes to saying what’s wrong with Cincinnati but loses them when it comes to standing up for his old blog site. It gets more comments than the others, stand up for yourself!

Marilyn says:

Kenny, lay off Larry. As he said, the blog is only a month old. Give it some time.

Beaver Head says:

Mr. Larry

Go to the Arts & Music blog on CityBeat. There is a new post added!

John Fox, the editor of the paper says readers have been CONFUSED – that the arts & music blog won’t be up and running until late this month. He called the few posts up a PLACE-HOLDER for the blog.

DOES HE THINK WE ARE STUPID? In all the weeks I’ve visited that blog no where was it mentioned that it wasn’t up yet until today. Apparently, Fox reads this blog but would rather comment on a blog that he now says isn’t up and running?

WHAT’S WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE? People who read this blog also read the paper and he needs to be honest with his readers. This is very insulting. CityBeat is quickly losing me.

Jeff- or-ly says:

Drinking one for you tonight Larry. You must be sick of all these comments.

Eric says:

I just checked out with Beaver said. Others here need to do the same.

All I can say is how uncool for a paper who’s current issue is the “cool issue”. Mr. Fox, we are not stupid.

Katie says:

Beaver is right. City Beat is covering up their mistake. This is really disappointing.

Jim Stanton says:

I have to say that the can of worms you opened was very interesting. I enjoyed reading all the comments.

Bob says:

Enough already. At the end of September, you’re be getting your arts & music blog. Let’s stop all the complaining.

Matt says:

I’m back from the Arts & Music blog. Unbelievable.

Beaver Head says:

ALL OF YOU – go to the arts & music blog at Citybeat and check out the comment ‘cincyrealitycheck’ made about the coverup. Nicely said. Nicely said.

So now the arts & music blog is COMING SOON. It sure didn’t say that yesterday and if it is COMING SOON how does that explain the posts that were already there? This would be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

Roberta says:

Wow you guys get on something and don’t let up.

Adam says:

How come John Fox did not respond on this blog and how come Larry Gross is being quiet too?

Karen says:

Well, I did go to the arts & music blog and yes, ass covering does seem to be in place.

I don’t know why this blog doesn’t get the respect it deserves at CityBeat but I think all of us who read it should be proud that we have got their attention.

I also would be interested to hear Larry’s take on all this.

Joe says:

we all need to thank beaver head who got the whole debate going. thanks beaver head!

numb says:

larry gross: strangely silent. he’s as bad as fox.

sally says:

how very uncool of john fox to think we all are dummies.

Larry Gross says:

I don’t think I’m being “silent” at all. I’m letting everybody have their say on this.

Again, I write this blog. I don’t have anything to do with the Arts & Music blog at all, so it’s difficult for me to comment on it. If John says it really wasn’t up and running, then I’ll take him at his word. He says come the end of September, it will be up and running. If that doesn’t happen, we’ll let him know about it here. If I don’t, I sure Beaver-Head will.

As I scratch my head and wonder why the “Educate Me” post has taken on a life all it’s own, I can’t help but be proud of all the comments that have come in. I’m glad so many of you have something to say and all this should prove one thing to the management at CityBeat: People, many people, are reading this blog and they need to be listened to. From my heart, I think they already know that.

Ted says:

Why should people be surprised about a coverup? CityBeat is a newspaper after all.

Ed Ramsey says:

I don’t know. The whole issue of having an arts and music blog up and running, then not doing frequent posts, then back tracking and saying it wasn’t really up sounds like lazy people covering their tracks. This shouldn’t surprise anyone really. People, in general, try to get away with doing as little as they can.

Pat says:

I will not be attending thier “Cool” party this year. I’m very turned off.

numb says:

seems like citybeat has a little watergate here. i can’t wait for the movie. yawn.

George's Bush says:

I wouldn’t exactly call this Watergate, numb, but it is interesting isn’t IT? Why would an editor of a newspaper tell a little white lie about a blog? He had to know people would jump on it and make a big deal of it. That’s how we are. It’s the little things that get our attention.

While I can’t say I’m a fan of Larry Gross’ Livng Out Loud column or even this blog, I have to have some respect for him for taking the heat on this. It’s a situation he didn’t even create, but he’s trying to defend his paper the best he can.

When I pick up CityBeat and look at their staff listing, here are all the editors I see: John Fox, Dan Bockrath, Gregory Flannery, Jason Gargano, Mike Breen, Julie Mullins, and Hannah Roberts. Not one has stepped up to the plate here to make themselves look better.

I find Larry Gross’ name as a contributing writer.

In the words of my friend Beaver – Head, WHAT’S WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE?

Jen says:

Larry is taking a bunch of heat for a situation he had nothing to do with. Maybe not a lot of heat, but he’s the one having to respond when needed.

I have to admit, it’s been fun reading all this stuff!

Shari says:

I know it’s just a little thing, but it’s disappointing ya know? You come to trust the paper you read then find out they lie even about a little thing. What else are they lying about?

hard as nails says:

poor larry. he must be going nuts looking at all this shit.but he started it.

Elly says:

Even white lies take away trust.

Gregory Flannery says:

I’m confused. What is the lie? We erred, and we admitted it. What lie?

Betty says:

I’m pretty sick of the whole thing. Let’s move on to something else.

Matt says:

The lie is your editor stating that the arts & music blog was never really up and running when clearly it was. The TRUTH is that your writers wern’t updating it. This morning, I go to it and find that it is “coming soon.” Your editor said it was simple a place holder until postings would start in September. If that’s true, then why did you already have postings on it?

For all of us who read this blog, Beaver-Head is the one who brought all this up days ago – about the lack of postings on that blog. We are not stupid people. We know you are simply back tracking and covering up your mistake.

ed says:

leave it to beaver…………………head

Gregory Flannery says:

Matt, if we were covering up our mistake, why did we bother to admit it?

Matt says:

The truth is this blog brought up the fact that the arts & music blog was lifeless days ago. It was up and running, but the posts were lazy.

Your editor says we were all just confused, that the blog was really not up at all. That’s covering up your mistake and you were FORCED to do it because of all the complaints.

Why wouldn’t you (or John Fox)simply state that yes, we have been lazy on this blog and we’re going to correct that problem? Instead, you state that the reader was just confused.

No matter what kind of spin you put on it, it was dishonest.

Gregory Flannery says:

CityBeat has voluminous arts and entertainment coverage, all available at Read all that, then try to tell me the writers are lazy.

Matt says:

Why start a blog and then not make posts? Your writers are the ones you put it out there and didn’t finish it!!

Joan says:

Please, please, Please! Enough! I’m clicking out.

Gregory Flannery says:

I’ll explain it to you very simply. Please try to follow. We expected to have blog posts about arts and music. We were premature. We should have waited before creating that category. We erred. Almost all of our posts have not been about arts or music. That will be coming soon. No conspiracy.

Karen says:

Gregory’s response is responsible and one I can live with. This simple message should have been stated on the arts & music blog to begin with.

I agree with Joan. Let’s move on. This whole subject is starting to give me a headache.

Larry Gross says:


You think you got a headache? I’ll be drinking my dinner tonight!

Matt says:

Yes, all that had to be said on the arts & music blog was what Gregory stated. They erred. It was nice to finally get that out of him.

Kelly says:

“Nice to finally get that out of him?” You behaved like an ass, Matt!

Gregory Flannery says:

Well, for my part, I’m glad to know people have such strong feelings about CityBeat. This has been a useful reminder of the importance of the paper’s mission. When we drop the ball, it’s right for readers to call us on it.

Billy says:

Whatever, whatever, whatever, City Beat is still a cool paper.

Jeff- or-ly says:

And Gregory had the balls to get into the debate.

hard as nails says:

this was a wild ride, man! i like this blog.

Jackie says:

It was all good but enough is enough. I’m looking foward to something lighter here. Thank you Beaver Head, but please stay away for awhile.

Jim Stanton says:

In my view, the past couple days at this post has been outstanding. People talking about the paper they love and raising issues. Maybe the folks running CityBeat don’t know it, but they are lucky to have such a devoted following. I hope they have made attention to the comments that were made.

jill-o says:

i love this blog. a little too intense for me to get into lately, but i enjoyed all the comments. larry gross is a trip and i think i love him. it’s like his columns are so personal and he has great wit and he stands up for himself. he is really cool.

he comes into keller’s a lot and i know who he is. i work there and i ring up his groceries and he’s always nice and likes to cut up with kelly. i love his long hair.

how do i really meet him?

Beaver Head says:


Heather went to the arts & music blog today and made a comment. She’s right. If a blog isn’t up and running – then YOU CAN’T MAKE A COMMENT. Lying, back tracking, covering one’s ass has turned into the CityBeat style. We need to keep the outrage going.

Lisa says:

For lunch I had…………….back to a more friendly blog tomorrow.

Ted says:

Screw you beaver head. You have over stayed your welcome.

Karen says:


He is known as “sexy Larry.” You see, I know him. He is not at all looking for a woman – again I know him – he’s a bit of a loner but he is always friendly and nice. Just go up to him and take it from there. He comes across as a hard guy, but he’s really nice.

Adam says:


You have stayed too long at the fair. It’s time to move on from this.

Erin says:

I still find it very strange that the editor of CityBeat couldn’t take the time to make a comment here. Is he even aware of the big fuss he’s made?

Jeff- or-ly says:

Larry has a girl wanting for him and he hasn’t even responded! Come my way Jill-0

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