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{September 15, 2006}   Educated Worms

. . .or whatever.

I have other posts to put up, but my gut is telling me as well as the comments I haven’t yet got around to reading, that the “venting” needs to continue.

The “Educate Me” post took on a life of it’s own, thanks mostly to Beaver-Head who used the forum to generate discussion about the actual CityBeat publication. Many of you had plenty to say and apparently still do. The response has been amazing and rattling all at the same time.

The “Can of Worms” post continues the discussion with some new developments – another life of it’s own post. As for me – at this point, I’m just going with it.

Vent. Rant. Complain. Get it all out. I think it’s all healthy and good for the paper – but I have to tell you: Come Monday, we’re going back to those “What I had for Lunch” posts.

Larry Gross


Geri says:

I’ll be the first to comment on the next lunch post. I’m getting tired of all this complaining. I mean who really cares?

Karen says:

Gee, Geri, apparently a lot of people care!

ed says:

i find it all so amusing. the little things that get people worked up.

Mary says:


Kelly says:

The old blog seems quiet today. Guess the old “rant” has come to an end.

Theresa says:

Maybe the rant has come to an end but questions remain. I mean, if the arts and music blog isn’t up yet why can you make comments on it?

Yes, time to move on but I think all of us know that the hot shots at CityBear wern’t exactly being honest with us.

jackula says:

I got in late on this whole mess about the arts & music blog. You’re right, you can go to that blog and make a comment just like you can here. And the thing has really been up for MONTHS, just not updated. I mean, the paper is so well known for their arts and music coverage. What a fuck up this was.

Brian says:

If you look at CityBeat’s staff listing…….isn’t a guy named Jason Gargano over arts and entertainment? Why is John Fox calling the shots on the blog you can make comments on – but yet isn’t really up (?????) Are they all smoking weed over there or what?

Richard says:

No, I think Rick Pender is over arts and entertainment

Tim Graves says:


Rick Pender left the paper months ago. If he was still with CityBeat, I assure you the arts & music blog fuck up wouldn’t have happened.

And that’s what it was – a fuck up. I have to give this blog credit. The readers of it are not stupid. Heather, a regular poster here, went to that blog and posted a comment. . . on a blog that the co-publisher and editor of the paper, John Fox, insists isn’t even up yet. As she said, if you can make a comment, then the blog is up – a no brainer.

Fox has egg on his face. So should this Jason guy who had to fill the big shoes of Mr. Pender. He clearly has some rules and procedures to learn.

Of course, let’s move on and let’s give credit to where credit is due on exposing this whole mess.

Larry Gross didn’t shut down this Beaver-Head guy when he brought it up and Gregory Flannery, the news editor, came on board to say that CityBeat had fucked up. No one else would.

Be accountable to your readers, CityBeat. That should go without saying.

jake says:

let’s hope they learned a lesson from this. be true to your readers.

Matt says:

The arts and music blog has REALLY been up since May! Just few and far between updates.

Beaver Head says:

If you go to CityBeat’s arts & music blog, you will find a NEW post. Jason Gargano has written about the Toronto film festival. Of course, the blog still says it’s COMING SOON, but you can still make comments on this blog that is not suppose to be up yet. But yet it IS up?

Now confusing. The left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing there at all!

Matt says:

No one has commited on the first new post since August. Many probably think you can’t sinse it’s “coming soon.”

Matt says:

If you go to the arts & music blog, editor John Fox states that he hasn’t read the comments posted on this blog about the lack of postings on the arts & music blog. Someone told him about them. He thanks the readers for caring.

Mr. Fox, if you really cared, you would take the time to read the commments here. Again, you are treated us like we’re stupid.

Kelly says:

I agree with Matt. John needs to get in touch more with his readers. That probably won’t be happening with pork or arts & music blogs. It doesn’t seem like many read them. Most people come here.

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