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{September 18, 2006}   Top Eleven Signs You Woke Up at a Frat House


11. You’re sleeping on a strangely damp, lumpy futon. Definitely blue.

10. There’s some curly-headed dude sleeping next to you. His baseball cap’s still on, sideways.

9. When you go to the bathroom, in the shower there’s no soap. Shampoo: Mega Size Pert Plus Shampoo & Conditioner in One.

8. When you go to the sink, there’s an ancient, furry, wide head toothbrush and no paste. But there’s a full bottle of mouthwash and a shot glass.

7. When you go to the fridge, there’s expired OJ, one moldy pizza slice and one Beast Light.

6. The sleeping dude’s wearing your socks.

5. On the floor, there’s a barrel for giant hard pretzels, containing many things, but not pretzels.

4. It is freezing, and there are no blankets, but you’re wearing a thick Kentucky sweatshirt, which makes it better, but the last time you checked, you weren’t in Kentucky.

3. Some short, buxom chick with old makeup on kicks the door in and starts punching the sleeping guy.

2. On the wall, there are these posters: one of Pamela Anderson, one of the beers of the world, one of The Beatles and/or Jim Morrison, one of an omelet in a frying pan, reading, “This is your brain,” and one of Belushi wearing that “college” sweatshirt.

And the number one sign you woke up at a frat house:

1. The sleeping dude, now wide awake, says he’s cold. He accidentally brushes up against you as he puts on his Belushi “College” sweatshirt.

C.A. MacConnell


I think the odds of me waking up in a college frat house are pretty slim, but I’ll keep your list in mind in case I’m ever in doubt.

Karen @ the hood says:

Funny stuff! At this point in my life, the chances of me ending up at a frat house is prerty remote.

Jim Stanton says:

Yes, yes, the old frat house days. I’m surprised a young person like you would remember “Animal House” and Belushi’s sweatshirt. Those were the days!

Jeff- or-ly says:

CA is soooooooo funny!

Richard says:

I remember my frat house oh so many years ago. Sometimes I wonder how the hell I lived through it. I got a son now going to college. How can I tell him not to join a frat house? I’ll worry about him but man it was a lot of fun. Thanks for this funny post.

C.A. MacConnell says:

Of course I remember Animal House. I’m not that young. The other day, I mentioned that actress Ally Sheedy from Breakfast Club to someone. She looked at me like, who the hell is that. I swallowed, and said, no one, thinking, shit, I’m getting older.

I was never in a sorority or anything, but I used to hang at the party frat houses if I liked the band, or if they gave the ladies free booze. Terrible me. There were a lot of good bands at that time in VA though. I can’t believe my friends and I lived thru it, really. Amazing.

Heather says:

Who’s too young to remember Belushi? He’s a legend. Granted, Animal House came out the year I was born, but it was cool for at least a decade. Plus, I think I’ve memorized every funny line in the Blues Brothers. Oh, and Saturday Night Live! I can say “Little Chocolate Doghnuts: The Breakfast of Champions!” in any social setting, and everyone gets the reference.

I’ll ask my little brother if he knows who Belushi is and get back to you. He’s in high school, so that will give me a good idea whether Belushi is falling off the “comedy legends” radar with the young people.

Rick says:

I could never understand why Chevy Chase got all the attention on that first season of Saturday Night Live. Belushi was far more funny.

Tom says:

Breakfast club was a great, great, move. I’ve forgotten all about Aly Sheedy. I’m going to go on line and see what’s she’s up to.

Josh says:

Garnett Morris was always my favorite on the old Saturday Night Live, don’t know why he wasn’t used more.

Lou says:

That’s my big regret during my college days, not joining a frat house. I wasn’t a wild boy at all.

Adam says:

I haven’t had a drink in almost ten years. Frat parties is one of the reasons why.

hard as nails says:

post was funny as hell. took me back

KRISTY says:


Teri says:


Who are you really?

Heather says:

I just got word back from my brother, who’s in high school. He knows exactly who Belushi is, so Belushi is still cool with the young people.

(whew! I’m not too old, yet)

Mark says:

Hell, my father always thought Belushi was a funny guy. Everybody loved him.

hard as nails says:

john belushi was classic. his brother, jim – is terrible.

C.A. MacConnell says:

I prefer Debbie Downer myself

Jeff- or-ly says:

I think Debbie Downer is really numb.

Kevin says:

Cool people never die. Belushi was one of the cool people. I know that and I’m only 20 years old.

Beth says:

This is seriously good and funny. How come CA wasn’t in CityBeat anywhere this week?

Karen says:

She’s there – look in the music section.

Jean says:

This is what I like about this blog. The humor. This cooking lesson thing today upsets me.

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