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{September 19, 2006}   Eating After the Show

This is a somewhat delayed response to a columns of Larry’s and some related dialogue on the blogs. My curiosity was triggered by the contention that was floating in the blogosphere that there was “nowhere to eat late in downtown”. This isn’t a quote from Larry, but I think it’s a reasonable representation of some of the responses from others that were floating about on the blogs.

I know that when people say things like that, they don’t want to be negative. It’s just an indication that their efforts to have a good time have been frustrated. I wondered to what degree that the statement was true. So, with some help, I did some research and posted the results. In other words, making all those calls was too much work for me to keep the results to myself.

Basically, I’ve created a webpage entirely devoted to restaurants that are open late (after 10) and really late (midnight and later) in Downtown/CBD, Over-the-Rhine, and Mt. Adams, which are where most of the biggest arts performances in the metro area occur. What I found was that while we don’t have as many options as NYC (obviously), there were a few places that surprised me, and I think people would be interested in knowing about them.

The page is meant to be comprehensive, but I’d love to hear comments either on this blog or at I’m interested in hearing if you have new information, or if there is information that you need that would help make the experience of going to arts events more enjoyable. (I can’t promise that I will post it immediately. And I know from some comments on this blog that people really like regular updates. This is a side project to my regular projects at work, but I will certainly try to make the site as helpful as possible.

You can see the restaurants page at Let me know what you think. Be nice.


(Editor: We’ve added Cincinnati Arts – Dinner After the Show to our blogroll)


Erin says:

A really helpful listing. Thanks Artpro.

Mark says:

You might as well remove Bella from your list. They will not be back.

Rick says:

This listing will come in very handy.

I’ll refer to your list when I’m in town. Thanks.

Also, it really seems like a page like that should be promoted by local newspapers.

(psst… CityBeat. hint. hint.)

Mike F. says:

Where the hell have I been? I had no idea barneycorns downtown had closed. 31 years in business.

Richard says:

I like this guide and glad it’s posted on the blogroll where I can find it easily. Will it be updated on a regular basis?

So often after a show, my wife and I just get in the car and go home thinking that nothing will be open downtown late. No, there’s not really a lot to pick from but having a few is better than none.

Thanks to ArtPro for putting this up.

paul says:

are you sure sure mcfadden’s stays open late? i thought they were now closing at 2;30 in the afternoon.

ArtPro says:

Erin, Rick, Heather, Richard, thanks for the thanks.

Mark, I can’t help but feel optimistic with the new construction going in near CAC. Call me crazy.

Richard, I will update it whenever I get new information, and probably every couple of months or so, particularly if the page proves at all popular and it gets traffic.

Paul, I just got off the phone with McFadden’s. The kitchen is open until 10 every night. Maybe you are thinking of a different spot, since McFadden’s is kind of a night club.

paul says:

sorry, artpro. mcfadden’s stays open until 2:30 in the morning. i read the sigh wrong. sorry.

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