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{September 21, 2006}   I Love Emmylou and She Loves Me

All Right, maybe Emmylou Harris doesn’t love me but back in the early to mid 70’s she came to Cincinnati a lot and I always went to see her. I loved her voice and she was soooooooo pretty – still is. She’s still putting excellent music out to this day. If anything she’s only gotten better. She’s like fine wine.
Here’s a very young Emmylou with a great group from my hippie days, The Band. “Evangeline.” What a great song. Enjoy.

Larry Gross


Matt says:

PURE HONEY, Larry. Thanks so much for this.

Karen says:

This is so cool! Are you also going to make music part of this blog? Do you take requests? This thing just keeps getting better and better!

Jackie says:

If you kill this blog, Larry, and you keep telling me you might, then I will have to KILL you. You know exactly what we want.

Geri says:

Yes, yes, give us more of this, but mix it up. I like Emmylou just fine, but I like other types of music too.

I hope you keep this up. Sometimes the blog is just too intense. This is a lighter side. Please continue.

Jim Stanton says:

I think you and I are close to the same age, Larry. Back in the 1970’s, Emmylou was here a lot – such a sweet voice. A little bit country – but beyond that too. And despite the fact I’m a married man and very happy, she was and still is beautiful.

I like this extra, soft side of the LOL blog. You sure seem to have a handle on what we want. I tip my hat to you.

Erin says:

Thanks for the music. It hit the spot.

Many says:

This was so cool. Thanks.

jackula says:

I would do her in a minute.

Sorry. Emmylou is a classic.

Jacob Hicks says:

Yes. Certainly, keep doing the music posts. This is so much better than the essay done by William Johnson. I know you can’t please everyboy, but this music post was entertaining – better than the words Mr. Johnson wrote.

Roberta says:

I liked this a lot Larry. Thanks for something a little bit different.

Polly says:

Emmylou is timeless. She is the heart and soul of music. I enjoyed this so much. Thank you.

Stephanie says:

Thank you for this. The Band will live forever.

Music clips now? Awesome!

This site gets better every time I come.

Terry says:

Yes, yes, thanks for this. I’m getting back into my roots of music.

Katie says:

This was great, really a change of pace for the blog. Thanks.

Kenny says:

Future on down the line, put up a more recent clip of Emmylou. She just gets better looking the older she gets and her voice even gets stronger. I’m a fan of hers for life.

Dewy says:

You got any more clips of the band?

numb says:

great. music videos. what’s next, gross appearing live on his stupid blog?

S.A. says:

This was refreshing, hope you do more of this.

Hank says:

If you should put up Two More Bottles of Wine that would be very very good. Thanks.

Rock - On says:

Indeed. More of this would be very, very welcome. Just mix it up.

hard as nails says:

who doesn’t love emmylou harris? but put up some classic rolling stones and you really got something going.

greg says:

i play it over and over again. please do more emmylou.

Kevin says:

This blog. It is so cold. Thanks for the music this time. And do it again.

The Old Man says:

Who wouldn’t want to “do” Emmylou? Man, she’s in her 60’s maybe. Who cares?

Erin says:

How about putting up another video for the weekend?

Larry Gross says:


We’ll probably do that sometime tomorrow.

Ralph Mouth says:

Man, you’re right. Emmy Lou is beautiful.

Elly says:

How about a little more Emmylou? I’m over at a friends’ place looking at this. I don’t have the internet at home and can’t get to youtube, but my friend can.


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