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{September 24, 2006}   “Satisfy Susie” by Lonnie Mack

Lonnie Mack is a local boy who made good. He only had one real major hit and that was “Memphis” back in the 60’s, but that doesn’t really mean anything does it? He was and is a hell of a guitar player.

Here’s a recording of him made December 6, 1985 at Carnegie Hall in New York City. The quality of the video isn’t so hot, but the sound is pure Lonnie Mack.

Larry Gross


Sarah says:

cool beans!

Tom says:

I like the idea of showing some local artists here from time to time. This was good. I hope you keep doing it.

jake says:

you would have put up willie.

Tom Curry says:

Wow. I haven’t thought of Lonnie Mack in years. Thanks for bringing him back into my focus.

jill-o says:

i liked it:)

Polly says:

I never heard of Lonnie Mack but I wasn’t born yet in 1985. I like his style.

Chuck says:

No offense, but how about a more current, modern music video?

Karen says:

I’ve been searching all over the internet for current info on Lonnie. 3 years ago I heard he was real sick. Any current news on him? I’ve seen/heard him play at local bars in Aurora, IN – my husband even played guitar with him 4 years ago.

Larry Gross says:


I attempted to do a little research on him and didn’t find very much at all. He’s listed as a musician and being “alive,” but that’s all I know.

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