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{September 27, 2006}   A Strange Day

aidsribbon.jpgcover5-1.jpghobo.jpgNo doubt about it, it’s going to be a strange day for me but maybe that’s all right – maybe that’s what I need.

Twelve years ago today, my twin brother passed away. He died of AIDS. Usually on the anniversary of his death, I feel sad and sometimes spend the day feeling sorry for myself – feeling sorry that he’s not here with me. I’m trying really hard to buck up this time around, because I know he would want me to live everyday of my life to the fullest, just like he did.

On the anniversary of his death, I want to say that twelve years later, people are still dying from AIDS. After my brother died, I volunteered for AVOC and still write about the illness as often as I can. I think Jered – that was my twin’s name – would be proud of me for doing this.

I still got that red ribbon that I wore at his funeral and for me and others who have lost loved ones to this horrible illness, it’s a reminder that AIDS is not dead and we need to find a cure.

I wonder what Jered would think of my friend Greg? No doubt, he would think the world of him like I do. Greg’s also on my mind today as, no doubt, he will be arrested for standing up for what he believes in.

He’ll be in Steve Chabot’s office this afternoon. He and others will request that Chabot sign the Congressional Declaration of Peace and they will wait there refusing to leave until he does.

Chabot’s not going to sign it – that’s a given, but Greg and his friends want to stop this war and they stand on their principles. I would normally be with them, but see, I got this book signing to do.

I’ll be at Hobo Books in Northside tonight, reading from my book, “Signed, Sealed and Delivered: Stories,” and also reading from the Living Out Loud column. It should be a lot of fun. We start up at six and my buddy Sara will be driving me on down the hill to Northside from Clifton.

I wonder what Jered would think of Sara? That’s an easy question to answer. They would become good friends just like we are.

All right, one more cup of coffee, then it’s time to start the day. Yes, a strange one is ahead but I think it’s going to be a good one.

Larry Gross


Karen says:

Man, Larry. Sorry about your brother. I didn’t know.

Steve says:

I lost a sister to AIDS almost a decade ago now. As I’m sure you know, it does it easier as time goes by, but I don’t think there is a day that goes by that I don’t think of her. I can’t imagine how it would be for a twin.

Erin says:

A touching post, Larry. Even when you write a simple blog post, it’s really good.

I’m going to try and get over to Northside tonight to say hello.

Man of the Hour says:

Greg’s a big boy. He can take care of himself today. You need to take care of YOU today. Have a good time over at Hobo.

perhaps says:

see you this eve, my friend

John says:

Sorry about your twin brother, but he would be so proud of you and your writing. I just read the LOL this week, “Lost in Over-the-Rhine” and, again, I feel like I’m right there with you. You have this ability to put us right there.

I hope to see you in Northside tonight.

Kelly says:

YOU ROCK! I’m gonna try to get over to Hobo’s tonight.

I know this must be a rough day for you, Larry, but this book signing will be great. I know your brother would be proud.

As you know, I lost my favorite cousin to AIDS earlier this year. He and I lived together at times when we were little, so he’s more like a brother than a cousin. We both found our own ways to be family outcasts, and I wish he wouldn’t have chosen such a self-destructive path.

My sister works at the nursing home he ended up in, so I am comforted to know that he was well taken care of in his final weeks.

I still can’t believe he’s gone, though. He would take off for months at a time, so in a way, I still feel like he’s going to show up out of the blue with some outrageous new hair color. I’m waiting for him to show up like nothing happened with an off-color joke and his charming, boyish grin.

Maybe I’m waiting for closure, but I haven’t gotten it yet because he’s 29, and he shouldn’t be gone.

Kevin says:

I’m also a twin. I can’t imagine how you feel on a day like this.

lynn says:

i read that piece that you wrote about your brother in citybeat some years back and still read it on line from time to time. just so you know, you’re in my prayers today.

Karen says:

Any word at all on Greg?

Larry Gross says:

I’m sure Greg is in the “thick of things” right now. I expect to hear from him later tonight. If by any chance he’s out of jail and can make Hobo Books, hell – I’m gonna let him talk!

Suzy says:

and yet again… this is going to be added to my wish list hehehe Blseisngs,Jessica❤ I hope you enjoyed the swap & will join for the next one!! Check out my post for the link to the form 🙂

Hej Christina 🙂 Vildt fed konkurrence. Jeg følger dig pÃ¥ Twitter, Bloglovin’ og Facebook. Jeg har ogsÃ¥ lavet et indlæg pÃ¥ min blog, hvor jeg referer jeg denne her skønne konkurrence. HÃ¥ber virkelig jeg vinder, har aldrig prøvet at vinde noget i en konkurrence før. Elsk pÃ¥ din blog!

William says:

I won’t make this a sad entry, but I will see keep on writing about Jerad and AIDS. The more you write about him, he is never gone. The more you write about the disease, you educate one more person, hopefully to the point he/she will want to do something in finding a cure. It may be a strange day for you, but I feel those living, and gone are happy. Take care and keep living out loud for you, and Jerad.

Greg…what a hellraiser! I love it 🙂

Larry, May this strange day stick with you as a great, red-letter day for a hopeful future.
Goddess bless us every one.

C.A. MacConnell says:

Hi there. Thanks for the reading. It put me right inside the Hurricane Cafe. As I said earlier, my thoughts are with you today. much love.

Brian Ciesko says:

Hey, excellent to see you again and hear some more of your intriguing character pieces; the Jessica Burns story sounds like a potent tale for you to take into a deeper level, so good luck w/that. Also,you were pretty upbeat on what could’ve been a downbeat anniversary and I was glad to be part of your entourage, however transiently. Take care . . .

Larry Gross says:

Thanks Brian and to the rest of you who came down to Northside and Hobo books last night. I think Hobo books is too much of a well kept secret here. It’s a pretty cool place. People need to check it out.

Kelly says:

I just plain forgot about the book signing thing. Sorry

Erin says:

I’m sorry too, Larry, feel bad about missing it. I also had a “strange day” and couldn’t bring myself to get out of my apartment.

numb says:

a strange day. a stranger larry. gross.

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