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{September 30, 2006}   Shooting Pool

shooting_pool.jpgI go to this bar every Friday night after work and I see him there. He’s usually with his friends, always shooting pool. We’ve made eye contact a couple times and once he smiled at me.

The girls I’m with don’t know this but I like this man shooting pool, like his long legs, thin body and long black hair. I wouldn’t mind being with him.

Sometimes other guys buy me drinks and I’ll sit and talk with them for a while. I’ve gone home with a few of them and it was always all right. That’s the problem – it was just all right.

Next month, I turn 30. Hell, it might as well be 40. I feel the old clock ticking, you know? I should be doing something about it, shake up this old life of mine, get out of my rut. Maybe get out of Cincinnati or just go to other bars and see new faces.

Not on Friday. I’ll be at that same bar, watching that man shooting pool.

Teri Archer


Jen says:

Buy your pool playing guy a beer. That should break the ice.

Marty says:

Teri, sometimes, guys are shy too. When you got two shy people wanting to meet, someone has to take the first step. Be brave and buy the guy a Bud. What’s the worse thing that could happen?

Heather says:

I don’t know anything at all about the bar scene. I had friends who would try to get me to go with them, but it just wasn’t my thing.

I got drug to Caddy’s once with some family memmbers and a guy friend of theirs. They high tailed it to the country western room and he and I sat by the disco music, bored out of our minds. I had one big black X on each hand, so I couldn’t even have a drink.

We sat there and made fun of all the dancers until we were finally bored enough to dance. The last song was a slow one, and he put his hands around my waist and I rested my head on his chest, and I fell madly in love with him.

Caddy’s is gone now, but I do have a souvenir from that night: my husband.

That’s my only bar story.

Jack says:

Caddy’s was my old watering hole and I still miss it.

Teri, just buy your man a drink.

Shelly says:

This is 2006, not 1966!!! Go up to the guy and talk to him.

Jim says:

Shelly’s right. If you have an interest in the guy, let it be known. If you’re a good looking chick, most guys aren’t going to look the other way and from reading what you wrote, you’re willing to put out. Sorry if that sounds bad, but I don’t know how else to say it. Most guys aren’t going to say no to that.

Tim says:

Tell me what bar you hang out in and I’ll buy you a drink. I’m not shy at all.

Karen says:

Here’s a tip for you. Most women don’t like to be called “chicks.”

C.A. MacConnell says:

Become a pool shark. That’d be my route. Then I’d end up practicing and playing tournaments, forgetting the blackhaired guy completely.

Jeff- or-ly says:

Just those Dixie Chicks! HA!

Heather says:


If I may make an observation, it seems like you’re presenting two completely different problems here.

One is that you’ve got your eye on this guy who you “wouldn’t mind being with,” and the other is that you feel as though you’ve gotten yourself into a rut of finding unfulfilling one-night-stands at bars.

One problem may be easier to resolve than the other, but you may have to choose one problem on which to focus.

Charlie says:

Screw Heather and her observations. You’re welcome with me any time.

Heather says:

Screw Heather? But I didn’t even suggest a problem on which to focus.

Teri can be as fulfilled or unffulfilled as she pleases, it makes no difference to me.

David Gallaher says, “If it feels good, do it.” I’m just saying, figure out what feels good.

Then do it or don’t do it, it doesn’t really matter to me.

why pool? quit the bar scene, find a social club that has a ping pong table. at least you move your arms around enough to get out of breath from something besides stinkin’ cigarette smoke. buy a bicycle, join a bicycle club. go to bed early. get up at dawn and ride with the cool long haired guy who wears a campagnolo hat. then go out for ice cream in the afternoon with him. invite him in for a video, and if he’s halfway interested it’ll get cuddly warm while john wayne bounces down the range.

sorry, but pool sharks are hard to get out of the deep end.

C.A. MacConnell says:

Doh! Lansky wins.

Biscuit says:

Get a poolstick, walk casually over to him and wack him upside the head with it. After you get bailed out of jail, you can get his number off the police complaint. Call him, apologize, tell him you had a bad day or were still really pissed that “Arrested Development” was cancelled. If he forgives you then ask him out if he doesn’t then you are lucky not to be hooked up with such a resentful prick.

On second thought, do what Lansky said

Two-Bit says:

Biscuit – Why did you have to bring up Arrested Development? I’m missing that show. Now I’m depressed.

Joe says:

Steve’s right. Quit the bar scene. You’re not going to meet a decent guy there.

Adam says:

I’m a “decent” guy and I go to bars all the time. Maybe Teri is just too uptight, too anxious to meet someone. That turns some guys off.

Man of the Hour says:


Give me your phone number, babe. I’ll meet you at your bar of choice and we’ll take it from there.

If you’re not shy, give me a call. I have nothing going on tonight.

phone: X*X-@&_*

(editor: Man of the Hour – we’re not a dating service. Please, no phone numbers!)

Martain says:

Can the webmaster here find a way to give us your phone number? I would like to meet you.

Biscuit says:

you see teri, these are the jackasses that go to bars.
Good luck with all that.

Biscuit says:

you see teri, Martain and Man of the Hour are the jackasses that go to bars.
Good luck with all that.

Jack says:

Teri, if you’re hoping to meet people here, forget it. Larry Gross will usually delete anything along those lines. Biscuit, I am a jackass, because I tryed to get my phone number up here. No dice.

Joey says:

I think Teri is a girl I want to meet. Can’t Larry give us a little help here? Alright, not a “dating service,” but you’e kind of putting it out there aren’t you?

C.A. MacConnell says:

Um, I like Biscuit’s idea, and Lansky’s, but maybe an easier route would be to just give the guy your phone number or email. I dunno. Course that’s coming from someone who’s equally fond of being dreamy.

But lately, I’m turning over a new leaf. It’s Larry’s fault–he suggested that I should start drinking water, which I did, and I feel so much better. I am reborn. So I say, go for it.

Larry Gross says:

CA –

Add a little vodka with that water. Sometimes it makes it a little more interesting.

C.A. MacConnell says:

Oh, I would, but I’m afraid that the last time I did that, around 9 years ago, I ended up at a nudist resort in Northern Cal with no possessions left except one duffel bag full of “stuff”, and some dude I didn’t know in the passenger seat. Probably a better idea for CA to stick with H2O for today.

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