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{October 3, 2006}   Sometimes, You Just Gotta Go Off

bus1.JPGI got on the bus heading home from work, dead on my feet. The bus was crowded. “Damn it” I said to myself.

In the front of the bus sitting in a horizontal set, was a young girl. She had her feet resting on top of two of the other seats. People were standing and there she was taking up extra space with her damn feet.

“Excuse me,” I said. “I need to sit down.”

A disgusted look came to her face and she moved her feet. That look on her face got me going.

“Don’t give me that look,” I said. “I’ve been working hard all day. You see these people standing? So have they. What you think you’re doing taking up three spaces. Don’t you think?”

She rolled her eyes and looked away from me.

She got off the bus pretty soon after that and gave me a dirty look as she pulled the chain.

“Have a nice evening,” I said. I got no reply.

Sometimes, you just gotta go off. Maybe I taught her something.

Karen @ The Hood


Karen @ the hood says:

Thanks Larry for putting this up!!

Mark T. says:

I see this shit all the time on the bus, Karen. It’s amazing how stupid some people can be.

Elly says:

Food for thought as I head out the door to catch the bus. Yes, you see people doing this all the time.

Tim says:

Yep, heading out the door myself but I’ll be getting in my car. I can’s stand the bus.

Heather says:

You have to chastise the young folks. It’s how they learn. And they do learn.

Helen says:

Girl, I like your style

Jim Stanton says:

Adding to what Heather is saying, it seems like parents today don’t want to take the time to teach their kids manners. To me, a lot of parents expect the schools to educate their kids in almost everything.

Before anybody decides to have kids, they should sit down with their mate and talk about the responsibilty of raising kids. It’s a large one.

Shelly says:

I have to agree with Tim. Getting up and going to work is hard enough in the morning. I don’t need the hassles of the bus. YOu meet too many strange people.

Karen @ the hood says:

guys- some of us can’t afford cars.

Tim says:

You can get a ride with me anytime.

Matt says:

I actually love to ride the bus. You meet some interesting people. Of course, some you DON’T want to meet but most of the time it is interesting.

Eric says:

I bus it all the time. I bring a book or newspaper with me and enjoy the ride, tuning out all the fools around me.

C.A. MacConnell says:

Hey Karen, I like this piece. Thanks for posting it. People are scary sometimes, I know. Gotta wonder what her home life’s like. The other day I saw some kids throwing rocks at a gentleman for no reason. Then he turned around and it got ugly.

Back when I was running, a girl down the street tried to trip me. I can be sorta hardass, but not dumb. My rule of thumb: if the teenager happens to be amazon sized, I just bow down and fall.

Karen @ the hood says:

Man oh man. CA, to tell you the truth, I have kind of been waiting for you to comment. I kind of wanted to know what you think of my writing. I look up to you as a writer because I like your work so much. I know I can never be someone like you who writes for a living but I sent Larry this story and he liked it and put it up for me today. This is the first thing I have ever had kind of published and I’m sort of on my high horse with it.

Thank you for liking it.

Kelly says:

Karen @ The Hood – you come across in your comments as this sweet young thing. I just want to hug you. I bet CA does too.

Jim Stanton says:

You’re a good writer, Karen. Just keep doing what you’re doing.

C.A. MacConnell says:

Be true, stay on it, and the voice comes out singing. Yours already does.

Freshman year in college, everything I wrote sucked. My professor suggested that I switch majors. Near the end of that year, I wrote this poem called “Home Thoughts.” It was different. It came from my experience, the specifics. It revealed me, and in turn, revealed something larger. I liked that feeling.

Four years later, that same professor was my advisor for the novel I was working on.

William says:

I have been a faithful patron of Metro for over 15 years and the younger people make me sick doing that type of shit. And you are right: Sometimes you do have to go off. Keep writing and may your next bus experience be a pleasant one!

Logan says:

It was a new story, Karen. Keep writing!

Karen @ the hood says:


I hope I’m not the thread-killer with this, but that young girl with her feet up may have been looking for love in the form of a reprimand.
Compared with cop-assisted suicide, which we know to be a fact, my thought is not that outrageous.

Everybody’s looking for love. Most of us in all the wrong places.
(See pool hall story below.)

C.A. MacConnell says:

Yes, well said David. I agree wholeheartedly…c

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