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{October 4, 2006}   Elvis in Cincinnati

Some of you have been requesting more music video clips, so I’m going to honor that request this morning.

Think Elvis in Cincinnati. The year: 1976. The quality of this thing isn’t very good, but hell, it’s like 30 years old and it’s Elvis.

It looks to me like he’s just going through the motions here. Let me know what you think. The video is almost 10 minutes long, so take a break.

Larry Gross


Geri says:

Thanks. It was worth the wait.

Chuck says:

Elvis is good and classic music videos are fine, but some of us would like to see something more current once in a while.

Heather says:

You know, lots of people like to huff and puff and threaten to leave every time something serious or controversial is posted, but this place is becoming a ghost town.

Hey, speaking of Republican scum, here’s a link to audio clips of Matt Drudge blaming Congressman Foley’s victims for Foley’s behavior.

Let’s not forget that these kids are not pop culture street thugs, they’re congressional pages! What kind of top-level cream-of-the-crop honor student boy scout do you have to be to get a job like that?

Dave says:

I liked this the first 12 TIMES I’ve seen it. Get us something original.

Kelly says:

Kind of boring, Larry.

Erin says:

I like Elvis, but as you said the quality wasn’t great and most of the songs he sang we only got to hear pieces of them.

Jen says:


I don’t think this is becoming a ghost town at all. I just don’t comment on everything that is posted.

Patty says:

I agree with Chuck. Can you show us some good local bands here?

hard as nails says:


did you look at the quality of this thing before you put it up. i like elvis, but this was pretty bad.

Heather says:

The good threads have 40 to 60 comments. Probably not great for Larry, since he has to keep up with it all.

Sorry, I was just bored and figured I’d try to get a rise out of someone.

You’re all off the hook for the moment, I’ve found a co-worker with which to engage in some friendly politcal ranting.

Julie says:


I think a lot of us are getting comfortable with this blog and don’t feel the need to comment all the time. At first, I thought it was something that was going to go away, like most good things do. I don’t comment all the time, but that doesn’t mean I’m not reading.

I’m still more than a little amazed that you can’t really find this on CityBeat’s website. You really have to look for it. The other two blogs are really promoted on their web site, this one not at all. This is the one that appears to get the most comments. What gives on this?

Matt says:

Yeah, what Julie said. I still read, but I’m busy at work at current.

Heather says:

Well, it’s natural for the regulars to settle down, but generating constant traffic is important. Not the same people reading and commenting or not commenting, but more people reading and commenting all the time.

Larry has already done that with almost no support or promotion from CityBeat. There’s something very organic about the internet. I’m trying to figure out what makes these things tick. Things like blogs.

I’m trying to get my act together as a writer, and I think the internet will be important in doing that.

Eddie says:

Yeah, enough of the old shit. give us something that we can rock to.

Jim Allen says:

As things stand right now, we are unable to watch You Tube videos unless we watch 2 seconds worth and wait 15 seconds more for the next 2 seconds to load. We are truly behind the times at this household. Instead, I would like to comment on Larry’s foresight in presenting an Elvis video clip just one day before a pararchuting Elvis impersonator would shatter his pelvis in a stunt gone bad. If that isn’t having a finger on the pulse of the times, I don’t know what is.

Larry Gross says:


Marilyn says:

Well, Elvis isn’t the current news or anything, but he was the king.

I actually saw this concert (Yeah, I’m old, get over it!). It was a sad concert, but he was still rockin’…

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