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{October 9, 2006}   Scars

marilyn.jpgI love the commercial for the scar fading serum – you know the one. It shows a little girl with a tiny scar and the loving, proper mother applies the magic formula to ensure her daughter’s eternal perfection.

All sarcasm aside, that commercial annoys me.

Perhaps it’s because I have scars that would take a bath tub of the stuff to treat. I used to have a really gnarly one on my right leg, but that’s moot since the amputation.

I think what really annoys me is that the commercial seems to sum up all that is wrong with people. It exemplifies to me how shallow we truly are.

I place some of the blame on men. Tony Randall, Larry King and Kenny Rogers, for example, are all old fossils who married decades younger women. Could they not find intelligent, inspiring women in their own age brackets? Sure they could. But see, they don’t have to. They are rich and they can go for youth and beauty. I wonder what, if anything, these men sacrifice?

Women also share in this insanity. Women are smart enough to realize that looks fade, but stature and money can stick around for awhile, especially if the “right” woman is behind the man.

Why do I care about this enough to waste an hour writing this up? Can this little piece in a blog make any kind of difference in anyone’s thinking? Not likely.

I just saw that stupid commercial again. So, at least I was inspired enough to turn off the TV.

Or hell, maybe I’m just jaded because my own body is mucked up.



Meg says:

I’ve seen that commercial and it annoys the hell out of me too.

Ellen says:

“I place some of the blame on men. Tony Randall, Larry King and Kenny Rogers, for example, are all old fossils who married decades younger women.”

Actually, I couldn’t agree more but also think these old fossils makd fools of themselves when they marry such younger women – girls that could easily be their daughters – or even granddaughters. To some of their public, I think it looks bad.

Polly says:

Yeah, old men making fools of themselves over young girls. That’s Hollywood.

Monday morning sucks. gotta go to work.

Polly says:

Just one more thing. Can ANY woman imagine sleeping with Larry King? Gross.

Karen says:

To me, it’s always what’s in the inside, not the outside. It’s more than a little sad that these “stars” can’t see that. It’s all about the looks.

Eddie says:


I’m off to work too, but here’s some food for thought.

It would be better to sleep with Larry King rather than Tony Randall. Tony’s dead.

Eric says:

Are you the Marilyn Larry wrote about last spring in the cover story?

Karen @ the hood says:

Nice post, Marilyn 🙂

C.A. MacConnell says:

Heartfelt post, Marilyn. Thank you.

Marilyn says:

Eric, yep I’m that Marilyn.

Heather says:

Nice to see you’re back, Marilyn, and I hope you are doing well.

On the issue of my own physical scars, I have one word: Triplets.

Other than those scars (which I really don’t mind too much), I’m kind of a fan of scars. I have many. I wrote a very short story about scars, maybe I could post it for you?

My son has a big scar across his upper lip that he is quite proud of, and he can’t wait to grow a mustache just to highlight that scar.

Marilyn says:

Heather, sure, send us a link or post your story here… whichever works for you.

I’m battle scarred that’s for sure. And the ones on my psyche are much worse than the nastiest of my physcial scars. But hey, that’s a whole ‘nother essay!

And oops! I shoulda done my homework. I was either unaware that Tony Randall was dead, or I was stuck in oblivion that day. hmmmm….

PS. I noticed in going back over the blog into August that there is another Marilyn here. Hope I’m not stepping on any toes. I can change my moniker to Marilyn K if necessary.

John says:

I liked your post, but for me ALL television commercials are annoying.

Eric says:


I was pretty sure it was you. I thought that cover story was just great, learned information that I didn’t know.

I hope you’re doing better and it’s good to see you writing here. I know you once wrote a living out loud column about what a kid was doing to a kitten. I was hard to read, but you made it very real for us. Why don’t you do another column?

Laura says:

I remember you from the “My Right Foot” story. You’re a brave woman. I have a lot of respect for you.

Larry Gross says:

“Why don’t you do another column?”

Glad you mentioned that, Eric.

Marilyn has another Living Out Loud column scheduled to run late next month. Another winner.

Karen @ the hood says:

I would like to see a story about losing your leg in your own words. Are you going to be doing that?

Tom Curry says:

I thought this was a really good post.

Why are the people in Hollywood so superfical? What old guys like Larry King and Kenny Rogers see in these young chicks is just their bodies. For myself, I prefer older women and I’m currently living with a lovely lady who’s about ten years older than me. She’s smart and funny and has KNOWLEDGE in her head. Most young chicks have cotton candy in their head.

Nikie says:

good stuff, marilyn 🙂

numb says:

you know larry? i’m sorry.

This reminds me of a ditty my dad would sing to me when I was just a wee lad. I don’t know how to add the musical notes here, but make up some:
She’s got freckles on her butt…
She’s pretty.

mary says:

a really good essay, marilyn.

Marilyn says:

Eric, I can’t believe you remembered the “kitten” story. Thanks.

My bit of writing that I’ve submitted to Larry for the LOL column in late November deals with a bit of my amputation, but much more. It was very hard to write. In fact, since I sent it to Larry, I can’t bear to look at again. I hope you guys will get something out of it.

Kudos to Larry for giving us a place to “speak”.

Polly says:

Yes, that kitten story in LOL. I remember that. It was so sad.

jackula says:

i don’t watch t.v., therefore i don’t watch stupid commercials. the one you watched sounds just that way.

Man of the Hour says:

Yep, television sucks all the way around. That’s why I read books. I want to get smarter, not dumber.

Heather says:


Larry said he’ll put up my “Battle Scars” story some time this week.


Marilyn says:

Cool, Heather! I look forward to your story.

Awww, regarding tv: There are a few good shows out there and once in a while a clever commercial. I watch a lot of Nova, Independent Film Channel, Link TV. I try to veer away from mainstream tv, but I must admit to guilty pleasure in viewing Stephen Colbert’s show. He’s my hero!

I also read a great deal. I devour books. It’s a good thing too, as I’ve been house bound for way too long — the last year and a half. But fortunately, I was always good at entertaining myself. And it appears my confinement will soon be a thing of the past. Thank God!

Jeff- or-ly says:


Karen says:

Looking forward to reading your next LOL column. 🙂

Mac says:

To me, Stephen is just as funny or even more so than Jon. Both shows are an hour of television I don’t want to miss.

Marty says:

Physical scars I can handle. It is the emotional ones that eat you up.

Eric says:

Do you know whatever happened with the kitten? Did it live?

Marilyn says:

Eric, strangely enough, it did live! I was sure I’d watched the kitten being killed, but I saw it later jumping around just fine.

What is disturbing to me is my neighbors… I live out in hillbilly land, so it stands to reason that is the kind of neighbors I have. I live on a very busy state route (semi trucks and logging trucks go by constantly). These people let their tiny children cruise between all these yards and half the time, don’t even know where their children are. I’m talking 5 year old children and younger.

Just for the record, I HATE where I live, it is only due to medical stuff that I’m here right now. I’m working on getting outta here!

Man of the Hour says:

I also live in hillbilly land, just a differnt one closer in. Price Hill.

Bar says:

There’s only one thing lower than Price Hill………………..Lower Price Hill.

Just messing with ya M-O=H 🙂

Marilyn says:

Man of the hour: Come on! Brown County, Ohio has to be the hillbilliest of all! I drive around and see confederate flags waving. Confederate bumper stickers…. Truly scary shit. No shit.

This reminds me. I have a blog post in mind about this. I think I’ll write it and see if Larry will post it.

Tom Clayton says:

I think Brown County is just beautiful, Marilyn. My wife and I drive up there every fall. We’re going this week in fact. You don’t like it there?

Marilyn says:

Tom, I can’t say that Brown County is beautiful — too flat for me. I go further east, say to Hillsboro, and I find that just amazing. Especially now, with all the foliage changing.

I guess I would like living in the country except that it is too far away from everything (including jobs) and the overall mentality out here is really base. Sorry, it is just the truth.

But, by all means, drive through — nice to look at.

Jacob Hicks says:

Yes, Hillsboro is beautiful this time of year. I try to get up there every fall but so far this year I haven’t. I’m thinking that maybe when I retire (which is too far off), perhaps my wife and I can move up there. As for me, I’ve had enough of the city.

Jacob Hicks

Karen says:

Retiring to Brown County sounds really boring to me. I think if I were in Marilyn’s shoes I’d be wanting to get the hell out too. Sorry Jacob.

Marilyn says:

You know the old saying, “once you’ve seen Pari’, how you gonna keep them down on the farm?”

Tinker Bell says:

I know this is gonna sound dumb, but I have no idea where Brown County is. I’ve heard it’s beautiful. Is it in Ohio somewhere? Sorry.

Marilyn says:

Go about 40 miles east of Cincinnati on 125 (aka Beechmont). You pass through Amelia, Bethel and long about Hamersville, you’ve found Brown County.

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