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{October 10, 2006}   Doing Laundry

doing-laundry.jpg Apartment living for the most part is just fine with me, except that is when it comes to doing my laundry.

In the basement of my apartment building is three washers and dryers. On Sunday afternoon, I went down to the basement to do a couple loads. All the washing machines had clothes in them.

“All right,” I said to myself, “I’ll come back in 20 minutes.” I thought this would be enough time for the person who owed the clothes to come put their clothes in the dryers.

An hour later, those clothes were still in the washing machines. Feeling pissed, I emptied two washers, putting the wet clothes on top of the washing machines.

Over half an hour goes by and I go back to the laundry room to put my clothes in the dryer. This other person has finally come downstairs to load his or her clothes in the dryer using up all three.
I’ll make a long story short. It took me over three hours to do two loads of laundry.

Notice to anybody doing apartment living: Be considerate of other tenants in the building. Don’t leave your clothes in the washing machine or dryer for hours on end. It’s damn rude.

Teri Archer


paul says:

this happens to me all the time. don’t be so nice, polly. take their clothes out of the machines and put yours in. don’t be considerate to stupid people

Erin says:

I have to admit, I’ve done this – leave my clothes in the washing or drying machines. Sometimes you just forget. I don’t do it on purpose.

Rick says:

I know of a girl who lives in my building who put her clothes in the washing machine, then went on vacation for a week!

Karen @ the hood says:

Don’t complain too much, Teri. My building don’t have anywhere to do laundry. I got to go over to my mom’s house.

Biscuit says:

The only way to handle this situation is with maturity and and a sense of love.

Take the wet clothes out of the washer, place them on the table and poop on them. Be careful not to fall off the table- nothing says “I did it” like layng, unconscious on the floor with your pants at your ankles- I learned this the hard way.

William says:

I agree with Paul. If they are done washing/drying and you need to use it, take their clothes out, put them on a folding table, if there is one, and start your wash. As long as you dont sift through their belongings, then its not rude.

I be glad when I can afford an apartment with a washer/dryer hook-up because laundry is the one drawback in being a renter.

Biscuit’s solution is a bit much…

Alan says:

I think Biscuit’s idea is more fun!

Kelly says:

When it comes to apartment living, there can be nothing polite about doing laundry. It’s every man or women for themselves.

Heather says:

I’ve had the opposite problem. There are about 10 washers and dryers at my apartment complex’s laundry room, but depending on when you’re doing laundry, it can be a mad house.

Last week, I went to put my clothes in dryer, and this guy was already unloading them. I know the washer must have just stopped that second because my other washer still had a minute left.

One day a lady was complaining to me that she forgot her soap and ran back to her apartment to get it, and when she came back, some guy was taking the load she hadn’t even started yet out of the washer!

numb says:

just have larry do it.

karen says:

I bet your an asshole even when you’re doing laundry.

C.A. MacConnell says:

Hi, yeah, be grateful you have laundry. We have 2 machines, but they don’t work, and they’re about 50 years old, literally, and no one is coming to fix them anytime soon…it’s been a year, and they still don’t work. Not to mention, the room is so nasty, I’m afraid of nuclear waste.

Marilyn says:

Ah, I LOVED my apartment (and it stood for much more than just an apartment — for me and my daughter it meant free at last, thank God almighty!). But YES, I hated fighting the clean laundry fight… What a pain in the ass. However, I will say I met some interesting neighbors there that I’d have never met any other way. I take the good with the bad.

Numb, I can’t help but notice that you seem to have some unresolved issues with Larry. Are you secretly in love with him? Did he screw your wife or girlfriend? For the life of me, I cannot understand why you’d bother to mention him each and every day if not for some strong feelings.

Martain says:

I think the old laundry room is a way to meet good neighbors and BAD neighbors.

Jeff- or-ly says:

I never do laundry. I just buy new clothes. Ha!!

Matt says:


numb is just numb – a fool. I have no idea why he is allowed to post. pay no attention to him.

caroline says:

my rule is never try to do laundry on a sunday afternoon. that’s when everybody else wants to do it. i usually do it late at night during the work week.

Adam says:

I hate doing laundry and I’m lazy at it. I’ll usually wait until I’m totally out of clothes and then just take huge amounts of clothes to a laundry mat really early in the morning and then spend hours taking take of it. Not so smart, but that’s the way I do it.

Dee says:

Laundry is a hassle. Whatever. I liked the post.

i have a good friend that i talk to from time to time. we agree that any day that a load gets washed and dried is a good day. folded better. two loads, wow!

i rent and share one washer, one dryer with four other tenants. the room is in the basement. no one takes charge of cleaning or upkeep. when i moved in fifteen years ago, there was an understanding that if i kept the machines running they were mine. i replaced heating elements, belts, switches, etc. when they needed major work, if i could do it or not, the deal was the current tenants always pitched in on the expenses. we were doing ok. then one day the landlady replaced the machines. since then i haven’t felt much ownership. i guess if i cared a bit more, i’d sweep, take out the trash down there, put some love into the space.

laundry is a chore. don’t know any other way to say it. back in my college days i’d fold someone elses. man, was i a saint then? courtesy and encouragement breed their own rewards. life ain’t easy. i always feel good when i get a load off.

Adam says:

I think Steven and I are sort of on the same page, but I probably hate it worse than he does. That’s why I ALWAYS wait until the last minute, until I’m almost out of underwear!

Joe says:

Why do I always have one sock that I can’t match with another? Another laundry problem.

C.A. MacConnell says:

I think there’s a Sock Planet, next to the Unpublished Novels Planet, caddy corner to the Shoes With Gum Stuck on Them Planet, in the Galaxy of Santa. Speaking of which, I saw Santa today. He had on dark sunglasses, but he didn’t fool me.

Bill says:

How about a “I forgot to get coffee last night” planet. I’m paying for it this morning.

mary says:

i go thru the same thing teri does every weekend but not today. i got up early and got to the machines first.

Heather says:

C.A. you may be the only person I know crazier than I am.


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