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{October 13, 2006}   Rock to This!

Some of you haven’t liked my selection of music clips that I put up with time to time. I think that’s all gonna change today.

This thing is hot (just like the LOL Girl). Get ready to rock and roll. You can thank me later for getting your weekend off to a good start.

Larry Gross


Geri says:

You have got to be kidding. Yes, of course you are.

Karen @ the hood says:

Cool! I never heard this song before.

Barbara says:


Amy says:

This web site is so uneven – really good one day and really bad the next. Couldn’t you come up with something else this morning besides this horribe music clip?

Adam says:

You mention LOL girl in your post and I hope she comes back again soon. Frankly, I would rather read something by her and then read the comments than looking at yet another youtube clip.

I’m not on you, such stating an opinion. I know you can’t please everybody. I don’t agree with Amy when she says the site is uneven,it’s just about a little bit of everything and today it is something I don’t care for all that much.

Marilyn says:

My ‘puter is a dinosaur, so I can’t load and listen to video clips. Sucks.

However, in regard to the blog being uneven. It’s a BLOG… it’s going to reflect different things day to day. It’s all good.

I can’t get the clip to play.

C.A. MacConnell says:

This reminds me of that story, The Emperor’s new clothes.

Bar says:

Really stupid.

Betty says:

kind of funny, i think.

Sister says:

That damn bug should eat this fucking town!

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