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{October 14, 2006}   Naked Solitude

lol-girl-_5.jpgI like to be naked – naked in my apartment when I get home from work or naked when I get back from going out and come back home alone.

I don’t always come back alone. Sometimes, I’ll meet a guy (or sometimes a girl) that I like and I bring them over to my place and we sleep together. I enjoy all that.

Not so much the next morning.

The morning after is always a little strange. When I wake up with someone new in my bed, I can’t be my normal naked self. Don’t ask me what that’s about. I don’t make enough money to see a head doctor.

I’ll usually put on a slip, a dress or a t-shirt. I don’t want this person seeing me in the raw – not that I’m not pretty in the daylight, because I am, but because the “moment” is usually over. If I had my way, I’d give the guy (or girl) a handshake goodbye.

Tonight, I’m staying in with no company expected. My boyfriend and I aren’t talking right now and it’s good for me, nice to have a little time alone. A lot of the time, I like my solitude.

Tuesday night and I’m writing this at my computer – naked as a jaybird. Does anyone know what that expression means? If you do, keep it to yourself.

LOL Girl


Sharon says:

I know what you mean. Being naked is like freedom but many don’t understand that.

Theresa says:

I say enjoy your naked young body while you still got it. When you get to be my age, you don’t want to look at it.

Jeff- or-ly says:

She’s back!!! Good to see another post from you.

Naked walking around your apartment? LOL girl, you can be yourself with me anytime!!!!!!

Barbara says:

All I can say is I wish I had your legs!

Jackie says:

Wonderful. Here we go again with the so-called LOL girl. Is this kind of stuff just being posted to turn on guys? I don’t get it.

Amy says:

I think the LOL girl has her own way of writing and her own style and it is sexual. I don’t see anything wrong with that.

As far as wanting to be naked, what’s wrong with that? I’m also single and live alone and when I’m alone, my clothes are often off. It’s nice to feel free. Some of you should try it.

Mark says:

When are we going to get to see your beautiful face, oh naked one?

C.A. MacConnell says:

I dig the photo. I agree with Amy. A woman should be able to write sexual writing without it being seen as an open invitation. There’s no invitation involved here or on the last piece she wrote. Just b/c there’s an element of sexuality in a woman’s writing, it doesn’t mean she’s “looking.” Many just take it that way. Objectification….

On the other hand, when a man writes about sex, many see him as macho or crafty. Interesting bizarro irony here.

LOL Girl says:

“When are we going to get to see your beautiful face, oh naked one?”

you don’t like my legs?

Karen says:

CA is so right. A woman should be able to write about sexual issues without it becoming a place for men to try and pick her up. To me, men show their worst side when they start thinking about sex or how to get a women to spread for them. I enjoyed LOL Gir’s last post, until I started reading some of the comments.

Robert says:

Who is LOL girl anyway? Why can’t she tell us about herself?

Mark says:

I love your legs but I bet your face is even better. Come on!

Susan says:


I think their is merit to what you’re saying. I also think this LOL girl likes to tease the men. In her last post, she gave small replies to some of them and she’s starting it again today. She WANTS this to be a sexual turn on for the men and I think that’s what I don’t like.

Karen @ the hood says:

I also dig the photo 🙂

Tom says:

CA, just went back and read some of your posts. You haven’t done one for awhile. Have you given it up?

Matt says:

I don’t think there is anything wrong with a little tease from the LOL girl.For the life of me I don’t know why some women got so upset on her last post and it’s starting again today. Haven’t any of you teased a man? Of course you have.

Bill says:

I love these kind of posts but I don’t think women should read them. Maybe put a “beware -LOL girl Post” up at the top of the article.

Bitch from Price Hill says:

I like a girl with confidence and this LOL chick has it. Women who complain about her don’t. Pretty simple isn’t it.

hard as nails says:


DeeDee says:

I like the girl’s style ya know? The girl has brass, gotta like it.

Charlie Tuna says:

I would give a week’s pay to meet this girl and I sure tryed last week LOL girl, but the guy who runs this deleted it I think. Maybe you’re not even real but I hope you are.

Joe says:

Nice feet, nice legs, kind of working your way up, eh?

Debbie says:

I liked the post but I’m doing myself a favor and just skipped the comments. I learned my lesson on the last LOL girl post.

LOL Girl says:

To Charlie:

I don’t like tuna 😦

Marilyn says:

Reading this reminded me of the episode of Seinfeld wherein the woman he was dating liked to run around his apartment naked. Seinfeld was a bit too repressed about it.

I used to do the naked thing — before kids and before my body became a mutilated mess. It was liberating. I’m glad I did it then.

Becky says:

Gee, Debbie, the comments are the best part of this!

Jerry says:

I’d like to see your naked jaybird.

Patty says:

Just like last time, too many disgusting comments.

numb says:

uptight women. horny guys. and then there’s larry.

LOL Girl says:

numb the rub who should drown in a tub. you’re a little boy 😦

Clare says:

You are hot girlfriend!

Babble On says:

New to here, found your post and like it. Someone said AC, DC = LOL, guess that means you. Are you real? Who the fuck knows, who the fuck cares. Whatever you are, truth or fiction, you’re somebody I would like to know again. You see, I think I once knew you back long ago, or somebody like you – or was that somebody myself?

Sister says:

You’re a white bitch, but I kind of like ya.

AC-DC folks are the most highly evolved?
Creationists are folks who want nudity to remain illegal?
LOL Girl is Larry Gross in touch with his feminine side?

Karen says:

I can only answer the last question.

LOL Girl is not Larry, but a friend of his, a writer female friend. They are close in a way that I don’t understand but I don’t really need to or want to. I like them both.

Heather says:

I have to say, that I don’t really understand the point of sleeping with someone you wouldn’t want to wake up with. I’m not saying it’s wrong or anything, I just don’t understand it.

As for running around naked, I’m all for it.

Sleeping (euphemism) with someone you wouldn’t want to wake up with is LOL Girl being in touch with her masculine side.

Hank says:

I agree with David and now days, I see a lot of women acting like men. I don’t like it much.

Brady says:

AC, DC, – whatever. You have to admit, LOL Girl’s post is meant to be a turn on and it certainly is.

Roger says:

Well it is a turn on. Of course the thing is we don’t know if the LOL girl is even real. It’s all a mystery, yeah, a turn on for sure.

LOL Girl says:

“we don’t know if the LOL girl is even real”

I just pinched myself and felt it 🙂

Heather says:

mmm.. I still think LOL Girl might be Larry.

Larry, did you just feel a pinch?

Matt says:

Women acting like men? Are men beginning to act like women – maybe showing emotion? Maybe the two sexes are becoming even. Ever think that?

Karen says:

Larry’s the LOL girl? I don’t think so. I’ve seen his legs!!

Becky says:

LOL Girl is a fantasy and a mystery. That’s part of the fun here. If some of you want to try and figure it out, go ahead, but I think you’re wasting your time. Just go with the fun!

“I just pinched myself and felt it”

Be careful, LOL Girl!
Don’t make a bruise where someone could see it!

Jim says:

Cranky Larry the LOL Girl? Impossible to believe. I think I’ve seen the guy smile once. (kidding. Kind of)

Johnny says:

“My boyfriend and I aren’t talking right now”

I’ll be your NEW boyfriend :]

LOL Girl says:

Be careful, LOL Girl!
Don’t make a bruise where someone could see it!

Even my bruise looks good:)

Jeff- or-ly says:

I’ll take a look anytime!!

Lynn says:

It makes me laugh people thinking Larry is the LOL Girl. I’m known him for years and one thing he’s not is a self-centered person like this “person.”

Tracy says:

Waking up with someone you don’t know? I couldn’t handle that.

Marilyn says:

I did it once — awakened with someone I didn’t know. It was ok, however. Fortunately for me, he was a good and honest guy. I never did call him back though. It was totally unlike me to do such a thing… I think I freaked myself out. I still wonder how he is doing. That’s how I am. I care too much. I could never be a “guy” and just do one night stands.

LOL Girl says:

“it makes me laugh people thinking Larry is the LOL Girl.”

Would you say we have a strange relationship Mr. LG? We have stayed in contact for over two years and have never met. My fault? Totally 🙂

Buster says:

Maybe you haven’t met Larry, but I think you would like to meet her. Not that I want to turn this into a “porn site” as per your “LG” last Sunday, but I can handle your ass and would love to.

Did I clean it up enough “LG?”

Jeff- or-ly says:

LOL Girl,

How come you never respond to my comments?

Bisquit says:

I suspect the photos are taken from advertising. The posts themselves a little boring and meant to arouse guys but only a few idiots buy into it. The comments are what I like the most.

Matt says:


It’s a tease. She’s not really real, ya know?

Jeff- or-ly says:

I want her to be real. Screw you Matt.

Charlie Tuna says:

All right, LOL GIRL

What kind of fish do you like? You don’t like tuna? It’s a made up name. Tell me what you like and I’ll become that. Salmon? Perch? Bass? Shark?!!!!!

Patty says:

A great way to start the week would be to have this post just go away.

Barney says:

LOL Girl, I’d like to buy you a drink sometime. Do you hang out downtown?

Heather says:

hmm… “LG”

It’s interesting that those initials could stand for “Larry Gross” or “LOL Girl.”

interesting indeed…


Jeff- or-ly says:

How’s our LOL girl today?????????????

Matt says:


You’re making a fool of yourself.

Jeff- or-ly says:

Matt, I told you once already to go away. None of your business

Patty says:

All this silly fuss over a girl who probably isn’t even real. Maybe that’s why there’s such a fuss.

Marilyn says:

I wonder if she’s naked this evening? I’m freezing to freakin’ death! I choose clothing! LOL

LOL Girl says:

“I choose clothing! LOL”

Marilyn, I like you 🙂

Monday night. Naked. Got the heat turned up. Have to shave my legs in a little bit.

Barney says:

Have to shave my legs in a little bit.

LOL girl,

can I watch???!!!!

Marilyn says:

LOL girl, you are brave! Too cold for me (even WITH menopause!)…

I used to shave my legs, now I just shave my leg. Embrace all that you have now. All is temporary, except what we embrace as truly important within our soul. I think you have heart — it will become even more. I like you too!

Jeff- or-ly says:


LOL Girl says:


I’m responding. How’s that? 🙂

Jeff- or-ly says:

Forget you. I found a REAL GIRL at a bar downtown last night. Don’t need all this teasing.

Rodney says:

You have the most beautiful legs I have ever seen. I hope you are real.

Doug says:

She’s not wearing underwear. You can almost see her ass.

Barney says:

When’s your next post? You’re too popular not to do another one.

Lew says:

You’re hot. I admit it. I want to know who you really are………..and I’ll take it from there.

Will says:

nice legs, nice ass and you can even write. wow.

Andy says:

Hot bitch much?

Wally says:

Just found and read your post.

You sound like a girl that needs to be slapped, but then again, you would probably like that.

Jeff- or-ly says:


I don’t think she is even real.

paul says:

slap her silly, wally. if she doesn’t like it, i will.

J.R. says:


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