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{October 15, 2006}   If You Can Sing Along, You’re Getting Old

All right, stop complaining (I can hear ya now, Chuck). Yeah, another YouTube post, but I got other stuff going on today.

Hopefully, this will be a little fun. Seriously, If you know the words to this, if you can sing along, you’re getting a little old.

Larry Gross


Robin says:

I pretty much know the words, but I was a little kid when WKRP was on. Give me a break!

Brenda says:

WKRP– a wonderful memory 🙂

Chuck says:

Like Robin, I was a kid when this show was on. I remember my parents watching it and I always had a thing for the blonde.

No hard time today, Larry – but maybe it would have been more fun to show an old clip from the show.

Patty says:

I’ll take this. It’s better than another post from the LOL girl.

Jean says:

I come here to read, not to watch television.

Seeing as how you as much as admitted this is a throw-away post, I’m using it to make you and your disciples here aware of a couple of other sites similar to this one that may be of interest.

Peace. Out.

Karen says:

God, I do know the words to the song. A bit depressing.

Jim Stanton says:

I AM old and I loved this program. I still laugh out loud when I think of that turkey show.

Marilyn says:

I already knew I was old, but thanks for the reminder!!

I loved the show. Flying frozen turkeys! Yep, great stuff!

Ellen says:

WKRP was great classic television. I wish some station here in Ciny would rerun it.

Erin says:

I know some complain when you put up video clips but I kind of like them. I like something mindless sometimes.

Jeff- or-ly says:

I’m singing along. I’m an old fart!!!

Sarah says:

My parents also watched WKRP but even as a kid I always like it, especially Dr. Johnny Fever. It was cool.

Heather says:

“As god as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly.”

That was the funniest show ever! Here you go:

And I’m not old!

Karen @ the hood says:

Thanks, Heather 🙂

moonrose says:

yep..I knew all the words…and recognized all the places in the scenes….I was living in Louisiana at the time and watched it each week. It used to make me homesick; especially the Big Boy billboard that was shown at the end.

Kasty says:

I was living in Chicago when WKRP was on and watching it made me homesick as hell. It was fun to sing along again. Thanks for putting this up.

numb says:

sing…………..sing a song………….make it simple………… last your whole life long——————-like this stupid blog.

Matt says:

numb, we all hate you. take a hint.

Betty G. says:


allison says:

go………………………………………………….away………………numb. sing your song to yourself.

The other Larry says:

My name’s Larry and I feel funny entering this blog. but……………….

I got all the WKRP shows on tape. On beta. I’m gonna get out my old machine and watch a few. Thanks for bringing back the memory.

Marilyn says:

Numb, come on, you know you love it here! Why else would you visit and comment each and every day?!

The other Larry: Beta? Lord, you remind me of my hubby — he still has 8-tracks and a player. The problem is, every time he plugs in an old cartridge, the tape breaks. But he is not deterred, he puts scotch tape on it and plays the thing anyway. At least I got him to take his “stereo” to the garage.

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