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{October 17, 2006}   Time Flies

living-out-loud-girl.gifTime flies when you’re having fun, or at least on most days, I think I am. On August 13, this blog turned two months old. We’re very fast growing and I want to thank everyone who visits us on a daily basis – even numb. I’m truly amazed at the traffic we get here.

Having said that, I’m taking a little bit of a break today – have other tasks on the plate. If you’re new here, go back through some of the earlier posts. Maybe you’ll find something of interest – and again, if any of you have an idea for a post to put up, go ahead and send it to me at

Suggestions are also welcome, but please make suggestions for this blog only. Last time I attempted this, it turned into somewhat of a CityBeat rant and if it starts to happen again, I’m gonna have to delete your comment. Please understand I have nothing to do with the day to day operations there. I’m just a lonely writer. If you have a complaint, go to the Porkopolis or Arts & Music blog. If you have a complaint about this blog, you’re in the right place.

Again, thanks for staying with us.

Larry Gross

P.S. No, I’m not LOL Girl.


Polly says:

What I like a lot is that lately you have been putting up the daily posts early. I like to read this in the morning while drinking my coffee. When I’m at work, I”m usually too busy to web surf.

The LOL GIRL posts are a little tiring to me but they get alot of comments so who am I to say?

All in all it is a pretty good blog.

Richard says:

If someone would ask me if I view this blog everyday I would probably say no. But I do – kind of a guilty pleasure. Sometimes it’s really stupid (which I like), sometimes it’s smart (which I like) and sometimes it’s really heart felt like Karen’s post yesterday.

Your audience seems to be growing. I wouldn’t change much.

Karen @ the hood says:


It means a lot to me that you will put up my words on this blog from time to time. I feel like a published writer now and it makes me feel good, gives me hope that I can some day get out of where I am. I would like to meet you someday to thank you face to face 🙂

Jean says:

I also like the early morning posts.

Just get rid of the youtube videos.

Patty says:

I think the LOL girl posts are really bad but I know you can’t please everybody and the variety here is mostly a good thing.

Jack says:

I like the fact that you’re now adding a graphic or photo to each post. It dresses up the blog and just makes it better.

Like Richard said, I wouldn’t change much. Don’t fix what ain’t broke!

C.A. MacConnell says:

Here’s to traffic. Rock n roll.

Barbara says:

The variety is what brings me back everyday. Glad you took a day off!

Geri says:

Nope, you can’t please everybody, but I do like the YouTube clips. The WKRP one I played over and over. I guess I could go to YouTube myself, but I like you doing it for me!

Matt says:


I guess you meant it when you said no City Beat rants today. I don’t see my comment posted. To be fair, you warned us.

Let me put it this way.

I think your blog gets cheated because it’s not listed with the other blogs. You seem to generate a lot more comments than the other two combined. I don’t think you or your readers get treated very well because you’re left out.

I will leave it at that, my man. You do a good job putting up with all of us.

Tim Graves says:

I know you get complaints on the LOL Girl posts, but look at all the comments. Does that tell you something. I’m sure it does, you seem like a smart guy.

Karen says:

You give us a great blog to sound off on. You write a column that makes us think and moves us to voice our opinions. You are the best voice CityBeat has.

Your blog is not listed on their web site. What’s wrong with this picture?

That’s all I’m going to say.

Chuck says:

They were very stupid, but I kind of miss the “what I had for lunch” posts.

Jeff- or-ly says:

I’m sooooooo glad your not the LOL girl. Just tell me is she a real person?

Mark says:

I don’t come here everyday, but I make a point to check in a couple times a week if I have any time.

The variety is what I like. I like your stuff, Heather’s, CA’s, Karen’s and now Marilyn. The youtube clips always feels like filler to me but I admit I watch some of them. The lol girl frankly gets on my nerves.

You’re doing good. I haven’t stopped checking back yet.

Jackie says:

No Compaints here. I love coming here everyday 🙂

Mary says:

I see some are complaining about the “LOL Girl.” For the most part, I just think its fun. I enjoy reading all those comments! Poor Jeff!! Too funny.

Babble On says:

I don’t comment all that often, but I mostly likely it here, better than the other two “offical” citybeat blogs. I can’t really comment on news, arts or music, but I can about everyday life.

Kenny says:

If you do away with the lol girl, you’re crazy. its a hell of a lot of fun reading all those silly comments.

Karen says:

just one more thing, Larry. Don’t delete this.

I see that CityBeat’s name is now off this blog. What does that mean?

Larry Gross says:

I’ve had a busy day. Sorry for the sometimes long delays in putting up your comments.

And, of course, I had to delete some. I wanted the comments to be about THIS blog and not about the other “offical” ones.

Let me say this about that. I had a meeting last Friday over at CityBeat, and we’re talking about making this LOL blog part of the CityBeat “blog family.” Some things would have to change here and I’m debating if I want those changes to happen. Pretty much on our own, with your help, we’ve developed a good readership that’s growing. Would that continue under CityBeat’s banner? Probably – but I have some control issues here to deal with. This is not a CityBeat put down at all. I just need to make some decisions.

I’ll leave it at that for now.

Thanks for your info on what you like and don’t like. All in all, it sounds like we’re giving you what you want and we’ll try to continue. As far as the LOL Girl? Look at all the comments she generates. Like her or hate her, I think she’s going to be around.

CA has a new post tomorrow and it’s a good one. Stay tune!

Beaver Head says:

Beware of the term “blog family.” Don’t turn this into something dull.

Heather says:

I’ll put my two cents in here.

I think you should keep control of this blog, Larry. You clearly do not need CityBeat’s support. It’s your voice and your style that interests people. Unless they’re going pay you for doing this blog, I don’t see the benefit of handing over any amount of control to people who cannot do what you do.

Matt says:

Control issues? Beware of that!

If you stop being editor of this blog, then I’m gone. I don’t like those other blogs – you know that from MY comment you deleted. They don’t know what we want. YOU DO.

Sister says:

Heather, my sister who I love to read, is fucking right. Except for Margo, those other blogs put me to sleep. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

Don’t join that family my brother, you’ll lose readers. You have it under control. Keep that control.

hard as nails says:

keep being the “step child” blog. you’re getting all the attention.

Barney says:

Yes, keep the LOL GIRL. I love thinking about her naked self.

I’m just curious if there is any correlation between folks who don’t like LOL Girl’s posts and folks who didn’t think Nikki Giovanni should have said what she did at the Fountain Square opening.
If we lived in or near Sinincincinnati, which is my desire, both Nikki and LOL Girl would constantly be egged on to be more outrageous. And we’d all enjoy it.

Marilyn says:

Larry, I have to reiterate what the others say… which blog is getting the most traffic?

Do you really want to “moderate” each and every response BEFORE it gets on the blog? Freedom of speech rings in here somewhere.

I’m happy to have a place to sound off. You give us a voice. Many thanks!

Nikie says:

Keep things the way they are, Larry. It works. Over two months, you have turned this into a success. Don’t let the “family” screw it up for you 🙂

LOL Girl says:

“both Nikki and LOL Girl would constantly be egged on to be more outrageous. And we’d all enjoy it.”

David, I like your style :-}

Larry Gross says:


I wouldn’t be losing control of content at all, but maybe how this blog looks and how the comments are handled.

You all shock me sometimes, how you react. I’m being honest. This is just a blog but thanks for taking it so seriously.

Don’t be putting CityBeat down here, please. They support this blog more than you know. It’s on ME. I have to decide on some things.

Now go watch television!

Marilyn says:

Awww Larry, I’m a fan of CityBeat! Greg was one of my first enlightened friends in the city… so nope, no dissing CityBeat from here.

I’m waiting for Nip/Tuck… yeah, it’s gawdawful tv, but it’s my own guilty secret.

Heather says:

I love CityBeat!

I’m just saying don’t let them control your blog, because you’re better at it. And, unless they’re going to pay you for doing this, I don’t see how it would benefit you.

Mac says:

All I can say is hold on to what’s yours.

Man of the Hour says:

Don’t change anything. It works. Stay independent.

Pretty in Pink says:

Sometimes I read the regular City Beat blogs but they come across kind of boring. At least, its not dull here and I like the fact that the readers feel free to get their two cents in. I don’t know, its more human here.

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