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{October 21, 2006}   Bruce Springsteen in Cincinnati

Springsteen performing “Worlds Apart” here in Cincinnati. The year: 2002.

Larry Gross


Andy says:

I was there!!!

Susan says:

Why don’t you feature local bands here? We have great music born and raised in Cincinnati.

Jeff- or-ly says:

The boss rules!!!! Thanks for putting this up!!

Chuck says:

All right, this is a better music post but like Susan says and like I’ve said in the past, put up some local music and promote what’s in Cincinnati.

Eddie says:

The video’s fine but the sound sucks.

John says:

I also was at this concert in 2002 and had a great time. All right, the sound and quality isn’t that great, but it is a good memory and this brings it back. Thanks.

Geri says:

Yes, Yes, Yes, feature local music. Why don’t you put up an Over-The-Rhine video?

Fred says:

watched about 10 seconds of it. poor quality, don’t like to have my time wasted.

Marilyn says:

I don’t know why, but I’ve never really connected to Springsteen. I’m not dissing Larry’s putting it up here, I just wonder why I don’t like Springsteen… I suppose it doesn’t matter.

Karen says:

I liked the post 🙂

Pat says:

I don’t care for Springsteen either. As others have said, why not put up some clips of local singers or bands?

numb says:

s u c k s

Marilyn says:

Ha, I’ve just remembered the theme song from ‘Malcom in the Middle’: You’re not the boss of me now….

I need a drink. Hey! It’s saturday evening, give me a break!

Larry Gross says:

Have that drink, Marilyn. I’ll be joining you in spirit very soon.

I know some of you want me to put up clips on local talent here. Believe me, I’ve been looking and I’ll keep looking but the quality I’ve found so far has been really bad. Again, we’ll keep looking.

Yes indeed, we do have a lot of talented people in this area. If you know where I can find a clip, point me in the right direction.

jackula says:


what a little “thing” you are. i’d like to beat you with a ball bat.

Chuck says:


I’ll be checking YouTube for ya.

C.A. MacConnell says:

Now this one I like. Oh yeah. I wish I could be there, inside the video. Nebraska is one of my favorite albums.

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