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{October 25, 2006}   Raped

otr.jpgMy sister got raped this past weekend. She lives in the hood too just like me.

Kind of stupid on her part – forgot to lock her apartment door. You don’t do that in this neighborhood.

The guy held her at gunpoint, stripped off her clothes, then made her suck his cock. I’m sorry – don’t know how else to say it. Then he got her between her legs after which he hit her in the face. She passed out.

She woke up maybe an hour later or so she thinks and called the cops on her cell phone. She tells me they never did show up but maybe there wasn’t any point. Rape happens a lot here, you just don’t hear about it in the news. You think being black has anything to do with that?

I saw her this morning and she’s all right. Her eye looks bad where he hit her, but it will heal. I felt bad for her and thank god I got paid on Friday. I bought her some breakfast.

She didn’t get a good look at the guy, said it was dark and all niggers look alike. That’s what she said – her words not mine. She likes to use the word nigger – I have no idea why, she’s black too. Maybe it’s because she’s angry. Shit, wouldn’t you be?

Karen @ The Hood


Roberta says:

Anger in poor communities often leads to violence and truly scary things. I’m sorry about what happened to your sister, but I’m glad you were there for her.

Jim Stanton says:

This was a disturbing post to wake up to this morning but life is disturbing in so many ways especially in Over-the-Rhine. Maybe some people running this city will read this post and wake up to all the horrible crime there, but that’s probably wishful thinking on my part.

Karen, my heart goes out to you and your sister.

jake says:

wow, heavy this morning. warn me next time, haven’t had my coffee yet.

Karen says:

Yes, Jake, make sure you have your coffee first.

Betty says:


I’m hoping you didn’t mean to come across so cold. Life and bad things sometimes happen before your first cup of coffee in the morning.

Jackie says:

My heart goes out to your sister and you. I feel so bad about what happened.

Eric says:

This raw, emotional story is gonna stick with me all day.

Heather says:


I like David Gallaher, but this is why I can’t believe in anarchy. Because when we’re left to our own devices, the strong will always dominate the weak. This puts women at an instant disadvantage.

I’ve lived in the kind of neighborhoods where you don’t leave your door unlocked for a moment. I never park next to a van. I don’t turn a corner next to a building; I walk way out so I can see if someone’s there. I had a couple close calls when I was a teenager, but I’ve been lucky. I don’t think a man can even understand what it’s like to walk around knowing that if someone gets their hands on you, there’s just not much you can do.

I feel for your sister, Karen. I feel for you because she’s your sister and you love her. I encourage you guys to go to the police (bear in mind that I hate the police almost as much as I hate rapists). Still, they have a duty to protect you, and you should hold them to that. There are also victim’s advocacy groups that will help you make the system work, and the police can put you in touch with those people. There are laws in place to protect us, and for those of us who are too weak to protect ourselves, those laws are our only recourse.

My thoughts are with you guys. Hang in there.

Marilyn says:

Damn, Karen, I wish I could do something more than write stupid words in this space…

I don’t understand anything that’s happening in this world, I really don’t.

Yesterday, I had a “down” day (I have these sometimes). I watched some local news and wondered if there is a city somewhere that a person could watch the local news each day and NOT hear of the violent crime to which we are becoming numb… I wonder.

All I can say is this: There are some good people out there. People you don’t even know. People that love you just cause you are of the human race. We are all connected, whether we know it or not.

You and your sister are loved.

Fran says:

Powerful post that leaves me speechless. I’m so sorry for your sister, Karen.

Duke says:

The guy should be shot dead. There’s nothing worse than hurting a woman

William says:

I am so sorry to hear about your sister. I hope and pray she is okay. That’s not the first time I have heard of unspoken rapes in OTR. I have also heard of guys enticing female impersonators that live around the area to go with them only to be gang raped and beaten. It was’nt the sex, it was power, and so much is changing in OTR to the benefit of those who “have” to make people feel powerless. Still, no excuse to commit such a heinous crime. Sad state of affairs and yet Cheney brings his weasel-looking ass into town. One wonders how events in the world trickle down to you and I.

Jake, you are a complete asshole and God has a way of showing us the error of out ways. How cold could you be! I hope nothing like this happens to a female in your family and you speak as if you live in the ‘burbs. I guess a rape wont happen where you are, maybe a moble meth lab will park outside your house and explode. Idiot!

Karen, you are in my prayers as well as your sister.

Polly says:

One wants to find a way to respond to this horrible thing you’re telling us. It is so god awful, I don’t know what to say except my heart goes out to your sister and to you.

Nikie says:

There is no way I’m going to defend Jake, but I have to say when I read this post early in the morning this morning, it threw me. One never knows what you’re going to find here and it threw me.

It would have been better for Jake to say nothing at all and not comment. Now that he’s had his coffee I’m sure he’s realizing that.

hard as nails says:

it seems like a lot of people makes comments here without really having anything to say. what happened to karen’s sister was bullshit. we don’t need to some half awake guy making cold comments. this jake guy should come back here and say he’s sorry.

Ted says:


Try to find a way to get out of the intercity. There has got to me other options for you – maybe the west side of town where rental property is a little less. Maybe you and sister pull your assets together and live together.

The “hood” as you call it isn’t going to get any better anytime soon. For your own saftety, find a way to get out!

Nancy says:

Maybe City Beat should take it upon themselves to help one more person out every so often, like Karen and her sister. Maybe get donations to get this poor women and her sister out of Over The Rhine.

C.A. MacConnell says:

Karen should have her own column. Or better yet, a book. Her writing is powerful, real, brave, poignant, and hits close to home, our home, and the undercurrent of the gritty, forgotten hood in the Nati. Her voice is true, distinct, and doesn’t blame. Instead, it forces me to open my eyes. Thanks for sharing such a painfully honest piece. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your sister during this traumatic time.

Beth says:


YOu come close to defending Jake, but not quite. Thank you for that. In my world, Jake is a snake and as punishment for what he said, he should do without coffee for a month.

Mary says:


I am probably one of those people who have nothing really to say, because I don’t know what to say. I read your story this morning before I left for work. Your words, those raw words you wrote stuck with me all day. I read them again a little bit ago and I cried.

Maybe that’s all I can do for you, and to let you know I feel the pain. Seems like a silly comment doesn’t it? I just don’t know what I can do and I feel helpless.

Lucy says:

prayers are with you and your family.

Karen @ the hood says:

Thanks to everyone for their kind words.

My sister is better, trying to get over it – what else can you do here? There is so much crime but at least winter is sitting in. The hood calms down in the winter months.

I’ll try to make my next post funny. This one wasn’t at all. I’m kind of surprised you all reacted but I’m glad you did.

Patty says:

I agree with CA. Karen should be writing a column especially for CityBeat. You don’t get this kind of awareness in that city paper and Over the Rhine is part of the city. The powers that be need to think about that.

Katie says:

I remember Larry’s column “Lost in Over-the-Rhine” and how scary it was. That was nothing compared to this. Peace be with you Karen and also your sister.

Tim Graves says:


I don’t know if you’re a liberal or not, but asking CityBeat to help a poor person is like asking Cin Weekly to.

I’m stuck here in Cincinnati for now, but I’ve lived in a lot of places, a lot of cities that have alternative newspapers and CityBeat is not one of them. In comparison to other cities, this paper is pretty conservative. It rarely sticks it’s neck out on anything.

Frankly, I’m glad to see that CityBeat’s name has been removed from this blog. The actual paper would never print anything like Karen wrote, because it means taking sides. It means taking risks.

I feel for Karen and her sister and I’m glad that the editor of this blog found value in posting this story. The people over at Race Street would have simply hit the delete key.

Babble On says:

Cops can’t even show up when they’re called. Karen get out – – you and your sister. The mayor and the city have given up on OTR.

Jeff- or-ly says:

I read your comments and posts and know you’re a great gal. I wish I could help in some way. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.

Sister says:

Where’s asshole Jake hiding his face? Up is ass?

Marilyn says:

To all:

I’m not defending Jake, just understanding where he is coming from.

It is sorta like freaking on what is not “normal” (whatever normal is these days). He wasn’t very diplomatic, but at least he reacted honestly.

I’ll bet he is now regretting what he wrote. At least my optimistic self would like to think so….

Sister says:

It’s now morning. I wonder if Jake has had his coffee yet.

she says:

fuck posting about jake and his thoughtless, early morning (and most likely) innocent comment.

a woman was raped. with no justice ahead. perhaps posting actual means of helping karen, her sister a/o the OTR community would be more beneficial than posting about jake and his early morning, thoughtless and (most likely) innocent comment. dare someone take the time and effort to get karen’s words to the mayor and city council? done. i’ve pressed print and will take the next 10 minutes to address our mayor and city council. done.

if you’re gonna whine, put in some time. do something.

C.A. MacConnell says:

right on, she.

Just a general note:

When a woman is raped, she needs to get to UC Hospital immedeately and have a rape examination. Vital evidence can be obtained this way, and the woman will also be put in touch with police and victim’s advocacy groups.

And why is my comment awaiting moderation? This is new! Is this CityBeat’s doing? Not cool!

Heather says:

Well, Karen, I tried to post some links for you. Some women’s and victim’s advocacy groups in Cincinnati, but my post was awaiting moderation and now it’s gone.



Heather says:

Oh, sure, now it’s back up!

Julie says:

She wants to take action and that’s a good thing but how much do you know about Karen and her sister? It could be they don’t want a lot of attention. I mean if they did, wouldn’t Karen have her last name on the post?

Becky says:

I’m arriving late here…………..yes, TAKE ACTION. She is right. I don’t understand why Karen’s sister doesn’t want to help herself. Put his asshole away.

Stan says:

Sometimes people have to help themselves. I don’t know why Karen’s sister doesn’t want to help put away her attacker. Karen says her sister is angry, but apparently NOT THAT ANGRY.

Barbara says:

I just want to say here that Karen should be the LOL girl and not that “thing” posted today. I don’t know why I’m so hopping mad about that post today but I am.

Revanchist says:

I’m very sorry about what happened to your sister, Karen.

A good friend of ours decided to stop living in fear, and I was honored to help her. She signed up for gun safety classes, purchased a pistol and began practicing with it; I helped her sight in her pistol and taught her some fundamental marksmanship skills at the pistol range.

She just went for her concealed weapons permit not long ago… now she’s a rapist’s worst nightmare – an armed woman who is trained in how to put her shots in the middle of the target. Hardly took her any time at all, either, she’s a quick study.

Rape is one of the strongest arguments against gun control I can think of – when Samuel Colt called his revolver “the great equalizer,” he wasn’t just writing ad copy.

Like it or not, our society is sliding toward anarchy because our politicians don’t have the guts to stand up to the worst special interest group there is – the people who punch out CDs that glorify rape and other subjugation of women and the weak and make millions from them. They are literally knocking the foundations out from under our society. We can’t let people get rich from glorifying violent crimes and expect nothing bad to happen.

Worst thing is, the same folks who are protecting filth like this as “free speech” have a real thing against the Second Amendment. Fine. They want to be victimized, they can go for it, but they shouldn’t try to prevent other people from protecting themselves. Until the police demonstrate they can and will not only respond to things like what happened to Karen’s sister, but go into “the hood” and prevent them, gun control should be recognized as what it is – another way for the big and powerful to keep the poor and weak down.

That’s why George Mason and Thomas Jefferson put the right to keep and bear arms in the Bill or Rights in the first place – because when we limit the power to protect to the government, it will be reserved for the people who usually benefit from the government – the rich and the powerful.

End of rant. I’m sorry, Karen. Wish I could help.

Revanchist says:

Barbara, I’m trying to read your post in a way that doesn’t make you seem cold and uncaring.

“That thing that got posted today” was what happens in the real world, and if you’re angry about seeing it in a chat page about the real world, you should consider trying to help make sure it doesn’t happen again; not shushing up those who are in pain and need people to help them with it.

As I said, I really hope I misinterpreted your post. “LOL” would be a crazy response to what happened to Karen’s sister. “LOL,” indeed. “LOL” has no place whatever in the list of acceptable responses to rape (unless one is contemplating what should have happened to the rapist, several well-placed shots in his aorta and forehead, after his willie and the two bits under it were shot off.

(When I took my wife out for a little quick target practice with a small .22 automatic I picked up as a protection gun, our patterns on the “silhouette” target differed slightly.

My shots were in what’s called the “ten ring,” an area in the center of the target, where they would have (if the target had been a real person) cut the large blood vessel bringing blood from the heart to the rest of the body and killed the person being shot.

On my wife’s first target, she tended to over-compensate for muzzle climb and her shots were about a foot and a half lower than mine, but still well-grouped. If her target had been a real-life person, he might not have died, but he would have been completely incapable of rape. We still have that target somewhere – it’s a great conversation piece.

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