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{October 26, 2006}   Here’s Some New Rules

I try to keep this blog local to Cincinnati, but Cincinnati belongs in the real world – right? I think this clip is too funny not to post. Soooooooooooo . . .
Here’s the “New Rules” segment from last week’s “Real Time with Bill Maher.” Wait for the last one. Damn funny, but serious too.

Larry Gross


allison says:

thanks for putting this up! i love bill maher but can’t afford cable so i never get to see his show. he’s as funny as ever.

Polly says:

Bill Maher is a little too full of himself for me.

Jim Stanton says:

Bill seems a little angry about the think tanks. I think we all should be. There’s so much bull that runs this country.

Duke says:

It’s better to put up nothing than one of these things.

Heather says:

It’s just wrong how right he is. I mean, he’s funny, but the situation is just sad.

Dana says:

Yes, Heather, and two more years of it. Depressing.

Brian says:

Yes, Bill is quite full of himself but his political humor is a welcome salve to this nasty invasion/occupation/war Dick and li’l George have created. Sometimes you have to laugh to stop yourself from crying. Thanks for putting this up Larry; like Allison,I’m just a cableless proletariat.

Bill says:

Just say it the way it is……………Bill Maher rules.

Marilyn says:

Crap! I’m going to start a drive for contributions for a new computer…

I can’t run any clips. Sucks.

I shouldn’t complain though. I’m on my second pc… Both pc’s were used and given to me by some really nice folks. This one even has a giant monitor.

Matt says:

Bill Maher is fucking funny! Thanks for the clip.

Marty says:

All right, I have to admit that I laughed at this and Maher always has a point – but it gets lost so much of the time because of his angry approach all the time. Jon Stewart can do the same thing and be cool about it. Maher takes it all too personally.

Erin says:

Don’t feel bad, Marilyn. My computer’s old new and I can’t open the clip either.

Bar says:

What’s wrong with Maher taking his views seriously? That’s the difference between Maher and Stewart. Stewart is always after the joke. Maher wants he joke too but he gives you more food for thought.

Jeannie says:

I don’t comment, but I want to point out that the last two posts here have been very adult. Karen’s story was very, very sad, but not something for kids to read and Maher’s piece had a lot of bad words.

I think you should warn the readers or the watchers of adult content. Thanks.

Sister says:

Bill is Mister c o o o o o o o l 🙂

hard as nails says:

hey jeannie,

it’s up to you to monitor your own kids, not a web blogger.

C.A. MacConnell says:

I think I would’ve liked this blog as a kid.

I happened to notice this on my favorite blog site:
I’m ever alert to topics concerning anarchy.
Anarchy would eliminate much material for comedians such as Maher, but having things like peace and sanity instead might just compensate?

puff-on-it says:

maher is god. i don’t have cable. give me MORE.

Jeff- or-ly says:

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mORe of bIll!!!!!!!!!

Heather says:


I could understand your concern if there were dirty pictures or something, but I think a child would have to be pretty damned mature to READ this blog, UNDERSTAND it, and stay here anyway.

And any child who is that on the ball can hang with us no matter what his mom says. That kid is awesome!

Ralph Mouth says:

I never have any idea what David is talking about.

Heather says:

David, we HAVE to talk about this anarchy thing! How can lawlessness = peace and sanity?

Blue says:

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