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{October 27, 2006}   Comfortable in my Own Skin

lol-girl-_15.jpgGo ahead, look at me. It’s not like it’s anything new. I know I’m pretty, I know I have the look. I’m comfortable in my own skin.

I take the bus to work. I don’t have a car and don’t want one. I think it’s funny when men stare at me – usually my breasts first, then my face. Then they check out the rest of me, my legs, and then my ass – my great ass.

I swear to god, I think this one older guy pretending not to notice me, was jacking off behind reading his newspaper. That’s a little sad don’t you think?

When I’m at work I don’t get the stares, don’t get the guys with their mouths open too much. Most of the time I’m fine with that – you know, they know me now, but sometimes I like to stir the pot.

If I wear something low cut, men like to hang out at my desk. Same thing when I decide to leave my bra at home which I do often in the summer. Pity now the weather is turning colder. I definitely have the body for summer.

To me honest with you, I don’t think I’ve ever met a guy who doesn’t think with his third leg except maybe for Larry. He’s an odd one – a tough nut to crack. Sometimes I think I send him these posts to turn him on. I wonder if they do? So far he hasn’t told me.

I like to read the comments when I post something here, so many little boys out there. I’m still waiting for that man to come along.

I’m such a tease.

LOL Girl


Mark T. says:

Well, it looks like you’re alone in the picture, but you’re not naked. What happened to that “naked solitude?”

Kevin says:

Post up late this morning, but its from the LOL girl – worth the wait!!

Man of the Hour says:

Tell me where you work, put on something low cut and I’ll be more than happy to help you stir the pot.

Jeff- or-ly says:


Pat says:

Well, here come all the silly boys again. I’m staying away today.

Rick says:

Excuse me. A man jacking off behind his newspaper on the bus? You’re too much and probably not that hot. What a silly remark.

Biscuit says:

Somebody needs to eat a sandwich.

Jackie says:

This LOL girl sure seems to make a lot of people uptight when she writes a post but I kind of like her. As she says she’s comfortable in her own skin and is just fine letting everybody know that. I like her confidence.

LOL Girl says:

“Somebody needs to eat a sandwich.”

—or a biscuit 🙂

Barbara says:

You go from a smart and touching post by Karen to this piece of shit, purely written to give guys a hard on.

Heather says:

Why does everyone think the pictures are of LOL Girl? They’re not even pictures of the same person!

And when is David’s atheism post going up? I want to argue.

As for LOL Girl, I think she’s a bit full of herself. And I agree with Rick about the man jacking off thing. Come on!

And, you may very well be pretty, but you don’t have to be to get attention from guys. If you seem the least bit skanky, even if it’s just an act for the sake of teasing, you will get plenty attention from guys. I guess I just don’t understand why you’re so proud of yourself when what you’re doing isn’t difficult. You get attention from guys by not wearing a bra? What an accomplishment! That’s like bragging about getting attention from a dog when you’re holding a steak.

Frank says:

Leave your bra at home, baby, even in the winter. If you get cold, I’ll warm you up.

Pretty in Pink says:

One word for this post: disgusting.

Jerry says:

LOL Girl,

I wouldn’t pay much attention to know it all Heather. She’s showing her true colors here with you today. Being jealous is never very pretty.

Karen says:

What’s with all the negative stuff here? I think it’s a fun post. Lighten up!

Roger says:

How the hell does Heather know it is not the same girl? In the last post we didn’t see her face. I like reading what she writes. who the hell cares if it is a tease. It doesn’t matter.

Heather says:

Why would I be jealous of someone who may not even be real?

I’ve always had plenty of attention from guys, and I’m not “hot.” That’s how I know how easy it is to get a guy’s attention.

And for the record, I admire anyone who is truly comfortable in their own skin, I just think that someone who goes out of her way (like by not wearing a bra) to be validated by sleazy guys is not a good example of a woman who is comfortable with herself.

Polo Stick says:

Baby, you have a body for love. I’d like to get close to that skin of yours.

Here’s a passage from the biography of Michael Bakunin, one of the forefathers of anarchism:
“Divine morality, he argued, was “based on two immoral principles: respect for authority and contempt for humanity. “Human morality was “founded on contempt for authority and respect for the freedom of humanity.”… “Every so-called human vice and virtue is only the product of the combined action of nature, properly so-called, and society… All individuals, at every moment of their life, are, without exception, what nature and society have made them.”

If anarchists believed in royalty, I would nominate LOL Girl for Queen of Sinincincinnati!

Marilyn says:

LOL Girl, your posts always bring alot to the table. Lotsa discussion.

I only have one question: How come you never comment on anyone else’s posts?

LOL Girl says:

“How come you never comment on anyone else’s posts?”

I’m self-centered 🙂

Marilyn says:

Fair ’nuff…

Nancy says:

self-centered and stupid.

C.A. MacConnell says:

I like the drawing. Who did it? Whoever posed for it needs to eat a hamburger.

Beth says:

Nope, make it a cheeseburger with fries. Too skinny!

Heather says:

David, I’m all about contempt for authority; it’s a virtue I try to instill in boys (within the limits of respecting the rights of others).

But answer me this one thing; in a state of complete anarchy, how would I, a woman, walk down a street and be safe from anyone wishing to harm me, or how would you walk down the street wiyhout being robbed?

Marilyn says:

LOL Girl, try your hand at writing some marketable erotica.

But first you must establish who your audience will be. I made the mistake of telling an ex-boyfriend my best fantasy. It involved secretive sex in a public place. Very hot. He HATED it; even made fun of it. Bummer.

But wait! Most men prefer visual erotica… Hmmmm….

Heather says:

Marilyn’s right, LOL Girl. You should totally check out You already have a fan base here, so you should write stories under the name “LOL Girl.” Though most people would probably think it stands for “laugh out loud.” Still, you have a knack for turning on the fellas, so it’s a good idea.

Jerry says:

Why don’t you post some of your sexy story here?

Marilyn says:

Jerry, today is LOL Girl’s day.

I’m tending to my business today: I finally dug out a phillips head screwdriver and tightened up that damn sliding toilet seat!

Jean says:

What make up bullshit this is. What’s the next thing you’re going to do, have an LOL “boy” to turn on the girls? It’s stupid.

Heather says:

Oooh! I vote for an LOL BOY. Larry, can you get on that? Put an ad up on craigslist or something?

LOL Girl says:

“I vote for an LOL BOY.”

I vote for an LOL M A N. We have enough boys 🙂

Heather says:

mmm… true. Hang on, I’ll rvise the craigslist ad…

“But answer me this one thing; in a state of complete anarchy, how would I, a woman, walk down a street and be safe from anyone wishing to harm me, or how would you walk down the street wiyhout being robbed?’

I’m not sure, but are you safe in this so-called non-anarchic state?

Marilyn says:

Girls, calm down.

I’ve yet to find a boy or man who could write stuff that would be a real turn on to a woman. Oh wait, sorry, there was that one…

Heather says:

David, that’s not an answer!

Am I completely safe? Of course not. Am I safer because there are laws which impose penalties on those who may wish to harm me? I think so. If there are no laws, no police, and no courts, what recourse do I have if I am injured by another person? Sure, predators will probably eventually get what’s coming to them, but revenge is not justice. We have a system for keeping track of evidence like fingerprints and what not. Without such a system, real predators would be much harder to catch, and innocent people would pay the price when outraged communities would be clamoring to string up the first person who seemed guilty.

Matt says:

An LOL Boy? I hope not, but then again I’m sexist.

Babble On says:

LOL Girl: If if she’s not really real who the hell cares? I like the notion of her. That’s what matters.

Roger says:

You want a real man? Baby, I’m it. Forget your so called “naked solitude.” Let’s throw that out the window.

numb says:

you like larry? what a bitch you must be.

Bee says:

I…………..WANT…………..YOU. understand?

Susan says:

It took awhile to get to make a comment because of all those ahead of me. Comments on a blog I guess or good, but I’m really concerned about the content lately, so adult. I wrote about this yesterday. This is not something kids should be reading. I’m a working mother with two young teenagers. I really think you should put a rating on this. Today’s post should be rated “R” – restricted. This is very adult and not for kids to read.

niles says:

a real man between your legs. that would be me.

“and innocent people would pay the price when outraged communities would be clamoring to string up the first person who seemed guilty.”

We anarchists call these victims human sacrifices to the Tranquility Goddess.

Rick says:

LOL girl……fyi……..put on a few pounds.

Man of the Hour says:

LOL Girl. Find me. Let’s do it.


A REAL man.

Heather says:



Seriously, though!


There is nothing here that would interest a teenager! Your kids are surfing the web for dirty pictures not inuendo! Putting a rating on this blog would only intrigue kids who would never even be interested otherwise! If it bothers you that much, put a block on it, for crying out loud!

Mac says:

Man, Heather, LET UP. If somebody makes a comment that you don’t agree with, why do you feel it necessary to go off on them?

Terry says:

I find this whole LOL stuff extremely stupid but extremely entertaining.

Marilyn says:

I heard somewhere that the best place to put the “family” pc is in the common room — living room or tv room — wherever the family gathers. That way, a parent can easily monitor what their kid is doing on the pc.

Makes sense to me. It’s kids hidden away in their bedrooms surfing the net that could run into trouble.

Chester says:

The man here seems to like to run clips here sometimes. How about a clip of the LOL girl?

Heather says:


Lord, if I went off EVERY time I disagreed with someone, I’d be sitting here all day! And anyway, it’s not the first time Susan has made that comment, so my reaction was not just to that one single comment. I’m just tired of parents policing everyone, when they just need to police their own kids. I have kids, they use the internet, and I watch them while they’re doing it.

And you know, where did the idea come from that children are innocent? I mean, sure you lack information as a child, so you’re ignorant of a lot of adult things, but innocent? Now I’m all for protecting children from sickos, but people take it too far. What is on this blog that a teenager would need to be protected from? Are we trying to protect them from being human beings? Thinking about naughty things? *gasp* Is there anyone among us who can say that we weren’t already thinking about naughty things as teenagers? Would the thoughts really never occur to us if we hadn’t read it on a blog?

There are predators on the internet right now looking for children to prey on; that’s who you need to worry about. The fifty-year-old on myspace pretending to be fifteen. But you can’t shut down myspace, so you need to watch your kids.

Marty says:

Yeah, parents need to police thier own kids. Why in the world does Susan want the internet to do it?

Donny says:

I wish you posted here everyday, LOL GIRl>

Toast says:

I’ll take the job as the LOL MAN. That would shock the hell out of the “girl” who doesn’t know what a real man is.

greg says:

let’s see…………a man on a metro bus jacking off behind his paper while looking at the lol girl…………..truth or fiction?……………..the whole thing is made up……………including lol girl…………..over and out.

Real Live Woman says:

Girl, you are tooooooooo thin.

Ted says:

What Greg says is right. You are too much, too full of yourself.

jake says:

………….and she’s not even real.

Real Live Woman,
You could e-mail images of your lucious, fulsome self to moi.

(Forgive me, LOL Girl.)

Eat This says:

Hot much?

Brandy says:

LOL girl,

1)Where do your work?

2)What bar do you hang out in?

3)What’s your phone number?

4)Do you date black guys?

numb says:

hot bitch that isn’t real.

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