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{October 28, 2006}   Almost

computerquestion.gifI almost have this stupid email figured out. my sentences are now allowed to start with lower-case but it still auto capitalizes my I’s and days of the week, every last one of ‘em – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and of course Sunday.

it’s been my big morning mission. now I must move on.



Eddie says:

I don’t know what kind of computer you have, but you should be able to click on your email, go to tools and adjust your settings.

Mary says:

The days of the week SHOULD be capitalized. What’s the problem?

Jackie says:

I’m been playing around with my computer – can’t figure it out either. Can someone help us?

Fred says:

Just check your computer settings, Sara and make adjustments. Its pretty simple.

Will says:

You’re not giving us enough information to help you out! What kind of computer is it – old or new! Is it a Mac or a PC?

Bar says:

Not much of a post today, but at least it’s not a YouTube.

Marilyn says:

Sara, don’t you just HATE it when your computer tells you how to write?

I was a word for windows wiz… I could do anything in word. Then, they came up with a new version that wanted to auto indent, auto bullet, etc, etc, ad nauseum and I hated it…

I’m still a slave to my pc. I keep coming back, every day.

Jacob Hicks says:

Does anyone know if you can still buy typewriters? I still like to send letters from time to time.

Bill says:

Sara, you need to check your e-mail default settings, should be easy to fix. As somebody already said, it would be helpful to know if you’re using a PC or a Mac.

Jim says:

Sara, I could appreciate your problem. I just choose not to. See ya.

Stacy says:

They still make typewriters – at least a few companies do, but most office supply stores don’t keep them in stock. You’ll have to special order one.

Dave says:

Computer. As far as I’m concerned, throw it out the window and read a book.

Man of the Hour says:

Mr. Hicks, sir, you need to get with the program. Typewriters and letters are a thing of the past. Start sending emails! If you’re all caught up on having a hard copy or a piece of paper to hold, print it out. Let’s stop cutting down trees!

Jeff- or-ly says:

Here’s a thought. Just do all your emails in ALL CAPS! hA!

Karen says:

Are you the Sara that worked with Larry at CityBeat? If you are, it’s about time you got here, even with a short post 🙂

Matt says:

I think I know who you are. Maybe two years ago, you wrote a two part Living Out Loud column on being a diabetic. I’m I right? I liked that story and still read it sometimes on the web. I’m a diabetic too.

numb says:

what…………e v e r 😦

SaRa says:

dag, all this from a random email sent to LG. well it’s a blasted pc. i’ve been to options and auto-correct.

jim, you’re fired. appreciate that.

Jim says:


I apologize for being so callous on an earlier post. Your concerns are important to me. I was trying to be funny, but you’re obviously not laughing. I’ve learned a hard lesson and will try to walk a mile in your earth shoes before putting them in my mouth. May I please have my job back?


SaRa says:

i’ll need a resume and references

Jeff says:


Even if SaRa lets you keep your job, you will be on probation for the next six months.

Very truly yours,


Brian says:

Don’t know if you fixed you capital “I”s yet but I have the same problem w/my computer @ work. Just don’t hit the space bar, keep typing as if it’s a continuation of the previous word and when you reach the end of your “I” word, backspace to the “i” and hit spacebar. A hassle I know but the only way I’ve found around this.

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