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{October 29, 2006}   Your Letters


These worn steps
an old boy’s school once.
I’m cast to the outside stoop
by a habit.


Feelings flow when I’m here alone.
I look across the city
from my perch on the hillside
and will to feel you.


You. The other half of me.
How I hate the Gods
that let us meet, share and love
for a time.


Can one love a lifetime’s worth
in a few short months?
I saved every memory, but lock them away.
Too great the pain.


I know. And I will
to push it back;
far away back.


Burn your letters,
tear your pictures,
trash your gifts.


But not yet.
Not until I can see me
burning your letters.



Susan says:

I got a few of those old letters myself. I’m not sure why I hold on to them but I do.

Karen says:

Really nice 🙂

Julie says:

Yeah, I think we all got those letters that we just can’t seem to throw out. Mine are from high school, letters from Richard. I’m 30 years old now but I’ve still got them and still read them from time to time. I wonder what Richard is doing now?

Karen @ the hood says:

a touching poem. it make me cry.

Jim Stanton says:

Yes, a nice poem.

What’s sad for me is that now letters are slmost a thing of the past. E-mails have almost replaced them.

Will says:

I’ve still got those letters Jeannie wrote me ten years ago. I have no idea where she is anymore but I’ve still got those letters.

Man of the Hour says:

I think its girl stuff handing on to old love letters but old photos of old girlfriends is something I keep. I don’t know why.

Patty says:

A beautiful poem that I think most of us can relate to. I’ve got those old love letters somewhere.

Eric says:

You’re a lot better poet than old what’s his name. Pete?

Nancy says:

What Jim is saying is very true. In this too fast world, emails seem to rule the day but I make a point to continue to write letters to friends and they do to me also. Emails can be deleted in a second. Letters last a lifetime.

Jacob Hicks says:


I always enjoy your writing but I just don’t understand poems.


Brian says:

Yes, the only thing left when the love is gone – a deep, raw pain but one I didn’t want to be relieved of. When I finally did torch the letters, in the woods behind my parents’ house, I kept seeing the word “love” in her swirly handwriting as the pages curled and burned; man, I hate symbolism.

Polly says:

I loved the poem.

Karen @ the hood says:

How come we haven’t heard from Marilyn today?

Laura says:

This poem while very good assures me that I’m not nuts.

I’ve been happily married for ten years to a great guy, but before I met him I was seeing a guy named Steve who would always send me letters. I haven’t seen Steve in YEARS, but those letters I have hidden away in a shoe box. I don’t know why I still keep them, haven’t read them in years but I would feel bad if I burned them. In a way, they are a part of me.

Marilyn, thanks. I’m not nuts!!

Nikie says:

Sunday and poetry go hand in hand 🙂

Meg says:

Marilyn’s a good poet too! I really enjoyed it. What’s up with Lansky? Why doesn’t he write another one?

C.A. MacConnell says:

I’m a fan of “aerial testing” for an ex-partner’s presents. Like, for instance, throwing everything they gave me over the Big Mac Bridge.

Steven says:

I think you’re all a little strange here –having old love letters. Shit, after I got my divorce, I threw all she wrote me in the trash and sold my wedding ring at a pawn shop.

Barbara says:


You sound perfect for LOL Girl.

sally says:

i’ve read the poem six times. i love it.

Marilyn says:

Many thanks for the kind remarks.

I don’t mind having ANY of my writing read, but for some reason, poetry is so much more personal — kinda like being seen in your underwear, don’t you know? When I awakened this morning, I thought, “Damn, why did I send that to Larry to put out there!?”

But at least nobody said it totally sucks, so I’m happy…

CA, in some relationships I’d favor the “aerial testing”… hmmmm, not this one I guess.

Matt says:

It doesn’t suck at all. I don’t really understand poems but I liked it!!

“Can one love a lifetime’s worth
in a few short months?”

Hell no!

You’ve got to do a little loving every day. Like calisthenics or deep breathing exercises. Don’t overdo it! But get out there!

Reality is better than romanticism, not to mention it’s real.

Marilyn says:

David G. you are, of course, correct. There are a bizillion fish in that big ole sea.

My reality is that I’ve connected (on nearly every level) with only one of those fishies.

Yeah, it sucks, but I’m doing fine…

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