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{November 2, 2006}   When Stars Collide

stars.jpgLiving in Sinincincinnati and Living Out Loud Cincinnati Blog are parallel universes. Each of us here “lives” in both. Both are filled with galaxies. Some of the galaxies nearest both us and our “parallel us” may be called Grief, Lust, Jealousy, Pain, Love, Anger, Jack Handey-style Deep Thinking,

and Fear. (As Dr. Carl Sagan was fond of saying, there are “billions and billions” of galaxies.)

What happens when galaxies collide? After a collision, does Anger hang together better than Love? Is Pain bigger and stronger than Jack Handey-style Deep Thinking? Does the surviving galaxy need a new name?

What is your personal galaxy? What galaxy is your guiding “star”? Is your little mental space-orb as helpless as the giant galaxies, which are slaves to the power of gravity? Are you just along for the ride?

Or maybe Living Out Loud is the small end of a universe, namely a black hole, speeding the collisions of giant masses of Sinincincinnati life experiences coming from all different directions? If so, what will be the result? Will any good come of it? Do you want good to come of it? Do you care?

Kindly deposit answers in the receptacle below.

David E. Gallaher


Debbie says:

Cincinnati is my “galaxy.” It is my choice to live here and just like the entire universe, you always have to take the good with the bad.

Roger says:

Jack Handey-style Deep Thinking

don’t need “deep thinking” at six o’clock in the morning.

Nikie says:

This talk of the galaxy, the universe and all that tend to make your post, shit even the world confusing. I don’t think the way you do.

Life is what you make it. You can live in fear, over think everything or be out there everyday hitting and living your life. I don’t think there is anything complicated about that.

Sister says:

Man, David, what the hell are you smoking this morning?

Karen says:

I liked David’s post. I don’t understand it but I liked it.

Black Jack says:

My feet are on the planet earth, not somewhere in the sky

Chuck says:

I think on this planet earth, you have to be fearless. That is my personal galaxy.

Erin says:

You’re just too damn smart for me. I always feel lost when I read one of your posts. I enjoy them, just don’t know what you’re trying to get that.

Andrew says:

Kindly deposit answers in the receptacle below

Yes, yes, no, sometimes, maybe, never, yes, not on your life.

Brenda says:

All I can say after reading David’s post is huh?

C.A. MacConnell says:

Not just along for the ride. Along for the whole trip, start to finish, in the driver’s seat at times. Other times, the passenger. When the trip’s over, I’m certain I’ll see horses, fields, and mountains, hearing the most awesome music I’ve ever heard. Yeah. Something and somewhere like that.

numb says:

the world is flat and we are alone.

Marilyn says:

David, I just got in after a rare day out… I’m waiting on my pot of java to drip.

I’m going to ponder your post and drink some coffee, and then I’ll be back. Your post gives me a moment to pause as I’ve been watching a lot of Nova lately — black holes and cannabalistic galaxies. Cool stuff!!

Jim says:


Your questions are best answered by Specialty Envelope management.

Bar says:

Too deep or too silly for me, haven’t decided yet.

Julie says:

David’s posts are always food for thought but they are beyond me most of the time, especially this one. Too many self-reflecting questions that maybe I’m not honest with myself enough to answer.

Marilyn says:

There is neither wrong nor right answers to David’s post. It’s your own thang, don’t you know?

My own galaxy ebbs and flows with events, with inter-galactic exchanges, and sometimes even with the weather.

My galaxy occasionally shrinks to a pinpoint to avoid the others; and more often enlarges and enfolds many galaxies with love.

But I am in control.

And I’m here for the sole purpose to learn, grow, and become.

And, yeah, I’m sure much good will come from the dance of the galaxies.

numb says:

oh my, golly gee
i wonder where david’s girlfriend heather might be?

Did I last see you when I waved at you riding your bicycle south on Vine Street near the library?

“the world is flat and we are alone.”
Thanks for helping me disseminate anarchy. (You and Thomas Friedman who wrote, The World is Flat.)
For those of you who don’t understand, a flat world is one without hierarchy.
We never needed hierarchy.
We do need Heather, however.

Brian says:

The universe, a living organism of which I am a cellular segment, one with just as much right to be here as any other. Others may have more material detritus attached to them and many pieces of green paper with an agreed upon imaginary value in their lining but are no more important to the universe than I or any one else. While I can’t change the whole world, at least the one I inhabit, 3rd blue-green rock from this particular sun, I can change the world and the space of the universe around me. Or just stop meddling and let it be what it is. One version of anarchy could be simply allowing life and things and this version of my self to become whatever they will become.
Once a day you should think about your place in the grand scheme of the cosmos. And while you’re doing that I’ll be over here looking through your stuff. Pssh, deep thoughts, jumpy brain waves, whatever, it’s all good.

Marilyn says:

Brian, I can only dream of having all those pieces of green paper! LOL

Jim says:


I don’t know where we last crossed paths, but I once worked loosely under Lee Turner in the shipping/receiving department for SE.

Thanks for being in resonance with my vibes, not to mention the vibes of the universe. You get the Dr. Carl Sagan lead medal for this thread.

Yes, you are who I thought. Thanks for tuning in. Hope all is well with you. Lee Turner was a gem.

Whur is Heather?

Brian says:

Honored am I with your medal of billions and billions of lead molecules. I don’t know Heather, but perhaps she’s lost in space, heh-heh. . .

Heather says:

I’m ADD and this blog is a daily distraction. It’s addicting!

David and I have yet to debate anarchy.


This post reminds me of when my doctor put me on anti-seizure medication for my migraines. I kept having these overwhelming feelings of oneness with the universe. Even rush hour traffic seemed so profound…

But I digress.

I need to quit blogging and get to work! I’m tired of being poor. Life is too short because we’re squishy. Go ahead, pinch your arm… see that? Squishy! Temporary. Going… going…



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