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{November 3, 2006}   Multiple Choice – Part Two

These boots are made for
A. Kicking you in the nuts
B. Lonnie
C. My Aunt Emma
D. Walking
E. All of the above

The best thing about Skyline Chili is
A. Those wonderful cheese coneys
B. Their spaghetti
C. Being able to get home before the diarrhea attack happens
D. Passing by the door and not going in
E. A and C


After having oral sex I like to
A. Brush my teeth
B. Introduce myself to the person I just had oral sex with
C. Eat a cheese coney
D. Watch “My Name is Earl” on television
E. None of the above



WLW Radio is often called
A. The radio station that has been saying the same old thing for the past three decades
B. Good times, great country
C. Bullshit
D. The big one
E. A and C


When it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it must be
A. A duck
B. A Cincinnati pigeon
C. Phil Heimlich
D. George W. Bush
E. All of the above


I beg your pardon, I never promised you
A. Marriage after I got you knocked up
B. Real Estate
C. Phil Heimlich
D. A rose garden
E. A and D


Polly wants a
A. Nose job
B. Protection during sex
C. Cracker
D. Cheese coney
E. All of the above


Birds fly south
A. Because of all the restaurant closings downtown
B. For warmer weather
C. To assist with Hurricane Katrina efforts
D. Because it’s too far to walk
E. B and D


You…with the stars in your
A. Chicken noodle soup
B. Eyes
C. Nose
D. Private Area
E. All of the above


Cincinnati is called the “Queen City” because
A. A lot of gay people live here
B. That fountain on Fountain Square looks like a queen
C. The rock group Queen is from Cincinnati
D. Phil Heimlich lives here
E. None of the above


K.I.S.S stands for
A. The rock group
B. Keep it simple stupid
C. Knock Irene silly, Stanley
D. Jim Scott’s morning radio show
E. Does anyone really care what it stands for?


Today’s LOL blog post
A. Sucks out loud
B. Deserves to win the Pulitzer Prize
C. Will get comments telling me it sucks
D. Is waiting for LOL Girl to write something else
E. Gets the editor through to the weekend
F. All or none of the above

Larry Gross


Jeff- or-ly says:

ALL RIGHT! Do these every Friday and THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY – TGIF!!!!!!!!

Karen says:

A good way to start a Friday 🙂

Sister says:

The answer to your last question is……….of course………….A.

Sally says:

I love your multiple choice posts. I hope you DO do them every Friday!

Gloria says:

Don’t you think it’s a little too soon to be making Katrina jokes. Many people are still suffering down there.

jake says:

not very funny. kind of sucks.

Karen@the hood says:

I thought it was damn funny!

Marilyn says:

Awww, it’s our Larry, we hafta cut him some slack!

Brian says:

Hey Larry,

Yes, pretty damn funny.I’m with those who think this should be a LOL Friday tradition.
And, yes, slack should be cut for any of us trying to be funny here. After all, death and tragedy are easy, comedy is #*%@g hard!

Mark says:

This would be a far better tradition than putting up another post by that LOL girl.

Erin says:

I don’t really know how to comment on it, but yeah, I liked the post too. Humor is a good thing, you know?

Ruth says:

For what it’s worth, I liked it a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

numb says:

one word: sucks.

Frank says:

Back when this blog first started, when it wanted to be funny it was. I remember the “lunch” posts and posts about fleas on cats, sex toys and junk emails sent to the editor that was taken as serious. Now when the LOL blog wants to be funny, it seems forced. You need to get back to the freshness somehow.

Jane says:

If you do this every week, it’s gonna get old really quick. Hell, its already old.

DeeDee says:

I laughed out loud a lot. I think Brian is right, it’s more hard to be funny than serious. I think you should do this every week 🙂

Mr. Chen says:

boring – filler stuff.

Kasty says:

Your sense of humor is dark and strange. Have CA do a multiple choice.

Deana says:

I don’t comment, but you seem to be taking some heat for this……..I liked it a lot………..very funny. You can’t please everybody can you? I like your blog because they is always something different all the time. Keep up the good work.

Marilyn says:

My vote is with Deana… I especially laughed til coffee snorted out my nose when I read, “Sucks out loud”. Hard to gauge what people will think is funny.

When the almosta fulla moon hitta you eye:
A. Like-a bigga pizza pie.
B. It will be the end of all man/womankind.
C. That’s amore.
D. Time to move to France where the wimmin wear no pantsa.
E. Move in with with LOL Girl where, same as D.
F. Time to senda searcha party for Heather.

Tommy Boy says:

“Thanks for riding the Metro. Have…….”

a. the exact fare.
b. a great time standing up
c. patience with the other fools on board
d. a nice day

Will says:

I hope we do get this every week. Most of them were pretty funny.

Jeff- or-ly says:

Yeah, man,DO THESE EVERY WEEK. They are funny!!!!

Yeah, sort of like the Bengals who lost today. A real drag.

How come we never see any sports on here???????

Marshall says:

After taking a dump I……..

A. Wipe my ass.
B. Finish my cigarette
C. Flush the toilet
D. Wash my hands
E. A, B, and C.

Is doing these things easier than composing an haiku?
Does anyone else do the Word Jumble in the Inkwar while carefully averting their gaze from Marmeduke?

Who could stand to watch the rest of the game today after we were down 14-0 in the first few seconds of the game?
I mean, how many commercials would that have subjected us to?
(Commercials are from the Planet Blypton sent here to rip our souls from wherever the hell our souls are… Maybe our pelvic region? Ouch!)

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