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{November 5, 2006}   Gone Fishing

gonefishing.jpgActually, I haven’t gone fishing in years and I’m not doing it today either. I’m just taking a break from the blog.

CA has a new post that will be up tomorrow and it’s a good one.

Enjoy your Sunday.

Larry Gross


Will says:

It’s good to take a day off. Go watch the football game this afternoon.

Marilyn says:

A beautiful day to take off…

Karen says:

Have a great day off:)

C.A. MacConnell says:

I just realized that if I write a comment wishing someone
a good day off from the blog, that means someone has to
read the comment, which doesn’t give someone a day off.
Oops. The last fish I caught was tilapia at Mitchell’s
fish market. Well worth the wait.

Larry Gross says:

Thanks for sharing, CA. Thanks for PUTTING ME TO WORK


numb says:

“I’m just taking a break from the blog.”

many of us thank you.

Matt says:

Let’s all take numb fishing and throw the fucker in the lake.

Jill says:

I kind of feel sorry for numb. I don’t think he has much of a life and that’s why he’s always so negative so nasty all the time.

C.A. MacConnell says:


Roy says:

Even if numb doesn’t have a life, he doesn’t have to be such an asshole.

Jackie says:

I think I remember the last time you went fishing. You wrote about it in your Living Out Loud column about those catfish in yoour dad’s lake. That was one of my favorite columns.

jackula says:

it is really the editor’s fault for letting this numb guy make comments. hit the delete key mr. editor. we don’t like this guy.

Polly says:

How about some more poems to help me get through the work week. Marilyn? Got anything?

Billy says:

In a strange way, I think numb is kind of funny and maybe that’s why Larry just doesn’t delete his comments. Yes, he’s an ass, but a funny ass.

Hey ass numb – why don’t you like a post someday?

For some reason the mention of catfish reminded me of Katie Laur.
Katie, are you posting here?
You and I should discuss the race between Corker and Ford down in Tennessee, our home state.

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