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{November 7, 2006}   So it’s Election Day

election-day.jpgI guess I’ll vote sometime this morning or maybe not. It’s not like I’m educated and know the issues but I feel guilty if I don’t, don’t want to be one of those people who act like they don’t give a shit about their country.

I wonder sometimes if I give a shit about this town, about Cincinnati. No matter who I vote for here, nothing seems to change in my neighborhood. Well no, that’s not really right. Things just seem to be worse no matter if it’s an elephant or a donkey in office. No one can tell me those folks in City Hall care about us here in the hood, because they don’t. You know what they say – actions speak louder than words.

Again, I’m not educated but I hope there’s something on the ballot about raising minimum wage. You people reading this blog in your comfortable apartment or house, sipping your coffee and relaxing until you have to go to your office – think about this: Could you live on just a little more than five dollars an hour?

Karen @ The Hood


Jackie says:

I think you’re smarter than you let on, Karen.

Will says:

No one can live on minimum wage and today, we vote to make it higher.

Matt says:

Since today is election day I vote that numb never be allowed to post here again.

Richard says:

Maybe you don’t consider yourself educated but you’re not stupid, Karen. Don’t take this the wrong way, but your post was a little self serving.

GET EDUCATED. Pick up a paper and read about what’s going on around you. If you’re voting today, you should be educated on the issues, not quessing your vote away.

Sister says:

No line voting this morning. I hope this rain doesn’t keep people away.

Del says:

Not the case in Western Hills. I had to wait for about half an hour to cast my vote.

Del says:

Not the case in Western Hills. I had to wait over half an over to cast my vote.

Sally says:

I don’t know if I totally agree with Richard, but sometimes a person does have to pull themselves up. I don’t really know your situation, but you’re a good writer and certainly not stupid – just keep yourself informed.

Babble On says:

I don’t want nobody picking on my girl Karen.

Erin says:

I always like your post Karen. Some people don’t understand that you’re busy trying to support yourself – trying to make a buck – and probably don’t even have time to get “educated” to read a newspaper and yeah, they cost money.

Rick says:

The important thing is just get out and VOTE. Don’t let today’s rain stop you – or Bush wins.

Marilyn says:

Karen, yes indeedy there is an issue on the Ohio ballot to raise the minimum wage. Vote YES on issue 2. I believe that at least 23 other states already have raised the minimum wage… and even if the minimum wage passes, it is STILL not a living wage. *sigh*

Karen, I share your feelings in that it seems that nothing really gets changed. But this year I feel that we could finally have a voice. I just voted (hubby drove me up, since I’m still not able to drive).

And later this evening I will make a drink and anxiously watch the election returns. I’m hopeful.

Brian says:

I agree with the others, don’t be so hard on yourself. I know quite a few “educated” people who have zero common sense and you’ve obviously gained that from your life. And at least you’re voting, doing something with the only bone the politicians throw us for participation in the process. Plenty of people aren’t even doing that and still they bitch about the state of things.

You’ve earned your voice, girl. Your expressions here are some karmic salve for soul. I’ve lived in OTR before,I know what it’s like, on 15th and Walnut.Just keep on keepin’ on.

Murray says:

Being street smart is better than being book smart any day of the week, Karen 🙂

Larry Gross says:

I’m back from voting here in Clifton. The place was packed. In the five years that I’ve voted here, I’ve never seen it so full of voters.

I got my fingers crossed. Many people really do want change this year.

Larry Gross says:

………..and I just got word that the “machine” where I voted in Clifton just broke down. Yep, here we go again, Ohio.

Jacob Hicks says:

You’re a good kid, Karen, I sense that. Don’t let others put you down.

Billy says:


I’ll also be drinking a little later and watching the returns come in. I’m hopeful, but I don’t trust the republicans. Not after the last couple elections.

Julie says:

The voting machines were working fine in my neck of the woods, Anderson.

niles says:

keep writing ms. hood lady. we need to keep hearing your take on issues.

Karen@The Hood,
Education takes many forms.
What it’s about is getting a grip on reality, a greased pig to beat all.
You’re already at the graduate level by recognizing neither donkeys nor hephalumps will improve your lot in life. Those beasts are about improving their own lot.
Next course should be to recognize that the process of voting itself is a mass effort at pacification, as in that thing which goes into a baby’s mouth to get it to shut up.
The minimum wage reminds me of the famous demonstration of King Canute wading into the tide and commanding it to wane in order to impress upon his subjects how powerless he was. This is so obviously a myth. Kings just don’t do that. But mandates always cause more harm than good.
The minimum wage is always jam tomorrow or jam yesterday, but never jam today… to mix metaphors and race forward from Canute to Lewis Carroll.

Marilyn says:

Billy, if you are saying you don’t trust that the elections will be counted truly as they’ve been cast, then I’m with you buddy… we’ve seen too much monkey business to be complacent.

I’m a realist, but I remain hopeful.

There is a watch group (I can’t remember the name) that attended the different voting precincts with video cameras. They were hoping to document any obvious abuses. There are about 100 members — too small to watch everything, but at least someone is trying!

We’ve voted, now let’s send good vibes into the universe for the best outcome!

Billy says:

The outcome wasn’t so bad! Whata think, Marilyn?

Marilyn says:

Better than I’d hoped Billy! Whoo Hoo, maybe now we can see a bit of balance!

Heather says:


You must get educated. You’re too smart to live otherwise. Advice is to read, read, read. Especially if you want to be a writer.

It doesn’t matter what you read. Just go to the library, find a book you can carry around, and carry it everywhere you go until you finish it. Then go get another one.

I recommend fiction. You will find metaphors for your own life there, and the way you view life will expand. Fredrick Douglas recognized that reading was the key to his survival, and he risked his life to do it.

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