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{November 9, 2006}   Guys in the Office and P.M.S.

pms-_2.jpgNot all men are like this but there are just enough of them to make me want to write about it.

Their remarks aren’t funny and I’ve really had enough.

I’m tired of hearing jokes in the office when a woman supervisor such as myself has to show some authority in her job. When we do, we get the old “she must be on her period” joke. They say it just loud enough for me to sort of make it out. Of course when I ask them what they said, they say “nothing.” To borrow a line from the LOL Girl, they are such “little boys.”

As far as I’m concerned, it’s a form of sexual harassment and grounds for firing.

Teri Archer


Brenda says:

I don’t like to quote LOL Girl but you and I agree that she’s right when she says some men are little boys. Throwing PMS in your face is low.

Polly says:

When it comes to the “boys,” I think you have to rise above the remarks. Ignore them.

Bill says:

Lovely. Another post putting down men. I’ll come back tomorrow.

Susan says:

Indeed. A lot of men are boys who can’t help but think that pms is something funny. We both know it’s not, but you’re not going to change these guys.

C.A. MacConnell says:

The only boys in my office are my two cats, and they’re pretty accepting. When I’m PMSing, they just eat more, or “go back to the bowl” as my Dad puts it, dealing with their male cat angst.

Mike says:

All I can say is I’m sure glad I don’t work for you.

Black Jack says:

Some guys have no class like this Mike jackass. Case closed.

Babble On says:

Some guys have no class, like this Mike guy. Case closed.

Harvey says:

hell, teri, sounds like you’re pmsing now!

Ellen says:

Here’s another little boy for you – here’s………………….Harvey.

hard as nails says:

you’re stupid as hell, harvey. you just walked into it buddy.

Sister says:

you just walked into it buddy.

You sure did, Mr. Harvey. You’re a pig.

Harvey says:

Attack all you want. I’m not a pig just saying what I think Sue me.

hard as nails says:

i love the fights on this blog. keep them coming!

Tammy says:

A dumb post with dumb comments. Seems like a pattern lately.

Brian says:

Hmmm, Teri, yeh, here maybe you should rise above the comments from us {guys, men, assholes, however you may classify us} that sound piglike. You’re just being baited when a guy says stuff to provoke a response.
But at work? Give it back to ’em, and right between the eyes, you shouldn’t have to put up disrespect like that in a work environment.
And gentlemen, think about how any of us might feel if we bled from our dicks once a month. Yeh, I thought so . . . keep the peace, y’all.

Marilyn says:

Actually, this post was not dumb at all.

There are PEOPLE who spout off too quickly (men AND women) and we can write about it… We can choose to read or not.

Cool point, Brian!

Beth says:

This was a pretty smart post that has gotten a “gutter” reaction for the most part. This seems to be common with this blog for one reason or another.

Karen @ the hood says:

Man, sort of ugly here today.

Joan says:

When you write something on the lines of men vs. woman, this is the reaction you’re going to get.

A few men have no class and I think those are the ones you remember and stand out. Teri said at the beginning of her story that not all men are like little boys but that point got missed when the rest was written.

We always get some kind of gut reaction here and I kind of like that most of the time, but today has been a little tense.

Jeff- or-ly says:

I love the fighting. These are the best kinds of posts!!!!!!!!

Sister says:

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this.

Toast says:

You’re Teri Archer, the girl who doesn’t like smoking but goes to bars anyway, sometimes goes home with them, does laundry and watches a guy shoot pool all the time.

Wow, you seem normal to me.

Jeff says:

I disagree Teri. I don’t think a woman being “on her period” is sexual harassment and she certinaly shouldn’t be fired for it!

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