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{November 10, 2006}   Mushaboom

A post, a treat for myself today. So sue me. I may be an old fart but I really enjoy the music of Feist and “Mushaboom” always puts me in a good mood.

And if I get one comment saying it “sucks,” I’m going to quickly delete your comment.

On that note, everybody have a good weekend.

Larry Gross


Julie says:

It’s cool. I like Feist too!

jake says:

no comment.

Brandy says:

No complaints here. You have good taste in music and I’ve listened to Feist for a couple years now. I don’t know why she hasn’t caught on in this country. Her voice is like no other.

Chuck says:

No real complaints here. I would rather see some local but this girl is pretty cool.

Elly says:

On a scale of 1 to 10 – about a 9. Pretty damn decent.

Jeff says:

It does not suck. No further comment, however.

Karen says:

I liked it.

Gregory Flannery says:

It sucks.

larry gross says:

I didn’t delete Greg’s comment, because we’re having our meeting later and I want him to pay for the drinks. That’s the only reason.

Gregory Flannery says:

Deal. But I’ll run the jukebox.

Larry Gross says:

10 deleted comments today. This YouTube video didn’t suck at all. So many of you, stop complaining. If you don’t like what’s up, move on. Don’t feel like you have to post a comment. Simply put, GET A LIFE!

tar says:

i love feist! i like this video better than the other one.

Buster says:

What’s the other one?

tar says:

a version of her floating through the air, chasing after flying toast!

Buster says:

I like the toast one better!!

Jeff- or-ly says:

who’s tar?

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