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{November 11, 2006}   Bound

lol-girl-_8.jpgI’ve written about the little boys I sometimes encounter in my adult life, but sometimes you find a man. A real man.

When I do, I feel free to let myself go, to be totally dominated by him when it comes to sex.

The ultimate in domination is to be tied, to be bound to the bed, totally helpless but also totally confident that the real man I’ve found will let no harm come to me. Wonderful love making will embrace my naked, tied body.

This doesn’t happen very often and it’s been more than a little while since my last bounded encounter. I think all good things come to those who wait. I’m waiting.

LOL Girl


jackula says:

probably a lot of us think about bondage and actually like it but don’t want to say it out loud. you have. thank you.

not to be negative says:

You’re skinny.

Jim says:

Is that a photo of Michael Jackson?

Shari says:

When it come to good, hard sex, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with getting tied up either. It’s hot.

Roger says:

Still can’t quite see your face, but your body is beautiful 🙂

Jean says:

I’m gone. I’m not coming back to this blog ever again.

Writing about P.M.S. was bad enough but you have hit an even lower low with this post talking about bondage. I’ll find somewhere else to spend my time.

hard as nails says:

goodbye Jean. take numb with you.

Judy says:

My boyfriend tied me up once but I didn’t really enjoy it all that much. I felt like I had no control over what was being done to my body.

Polly says:

I guess if being bound to a bed all naked with your “real man” banging away at you is your thing – well, to each his own. Not my cup of tea at all.

Heather says:

hmmm, I have trust issues that would never allow me to try such a thing with a random man.

That’s why I love being married. Not only do I get to do the things I really enjoy, but I get to them all the time.

No dry spells for me!

Heather says:

oh yeah, and since we’re pretending that these photos are actually pictures of LOL Girl, I would like to point out that LOL Girl has no breasts (which makes it difficult to understand why men would be excited by her not wearing a bra).

haha! 🙂

Jeff- or-ly says:

Baby, baby, baby………….you are sooooooooooooHOT!!

Rapid Shave says:

Bondage and LOL Girl: I like the thought of it and I’m thinking it now.

numb says:

i think this is larry.

Jimo says:

When are we gonna get to see you for real?

Roger says:

LOL girl has breasts and she’s a good looking girl. I think this Heather chick is jealous.

Barbara says:


Jack says:


So What if the LOL Girl isn’t real? Does it matter? It’s a fun post and I enjoy reading the comments when she writes something. It’s like to want to spoil the fun here.

If anything, I’d like to see more of her post here.

Man of the Hour says:

“I’m waiting.”

No need for that. Let me know when and where.

Stephanie says:

If you know somebody that you know and trust, bondage can be a lot of fun and a turn on 🙂

Tinker Bell says:

From what I can see, real nice ass. Thanks for sharing.

LOL Girl says:

“Bondage and LOL Girl: I like the thought of it and I’m thinking it now.”

I hope you got the result that you were looking for 🙂

Bar says:

I agree with Jack. This is all a tease and we know it but nothing wrong with that. The LOL girl posts are fun!

Heather says:

You guys are way too up tight.

I wasn’t saying that LOL Girl (um,I mean Larry), isn’t real; I was teasing him/her about the photo of the breastless woman.

I’m quite sure LOL Girl has maginificent breasts.

Magnificent, hairy breasts.

(I don’t care who you are, that’s funny, right there!)

Rapid Shave says:

The result of what I was looking for was obtained 🙂

Linda says:

When LOL Girl makes a blog post, this things always takes a turn for the worse. It’s not smart, not sexy, not funny but stupid and on the edge of plain old porn.

I’ve never made a comment and I never will again, because I’m gone and not coming back.

Linda says:

and just so you know, I’m going t be emailing the editor at CityBeat letting him know my feelings on this post.

Heather says:

whew! Thank goodness CityBeat’s name is no longer on this blog!

Oh, when will our puritanical ancestors cease to haunt us? Why must so many of us be so uptight about sex and the body?

Okay, I’ll quit before I get on a rant, but it really bugs me when people take their issues out on the rest of us. I wish people would just grow up!

Heather says:

It’s too bad Linda is gone forever, because she really needs to read this article so she can understand how her attitude is perpetuating the psychological trauma imposed on all of us by our Puritan ancestors.

Marilyn says:

A thoroughly amusing set of responses! Thx for the laffs…

Marilyn says:

PS. Heather, where the hell have you been, girl?

LOL Girl says:

“on the edge of plain old porn.”

Thank you, Linda 🙂

I’m lazy. I mean a man is supposed to untie all the outer garments? More this time of year. Then untie all those pesky undergarments? Then turn right around and do some tying? What about premature ejaculation? What if he ties a granny knot? I was a Boy Scout. I know knot… hee hee
Rather I KNOW LOL Girl would be worth the trouble! Yeah, that’s the answer.

Heather says:


I had to go back to Ohio with my boys to see my grandpa, who has lung cancer. It was a rough trip.

Marilyn says:

Heather, yes, life does suck sometimes. Boy does it ever.

Glad you are back, however.

Marilyn says:

Today’s photo feature (lol girl or whatever) does certainly have small, nearly non-existent, breast-eses.

David not to fear that preemie stuff… I’m sure LOL girl would be hot enough to bring you around again! Knots or no nots!

Jackie says:


Your comment, so far today, as been the the most fun!

Yes, welcome back, Heather.
Now as to whether we are on the edge of porn here, I keep wondering why we pussyfoot around the edge. I’ve been ready all along to jump into the middle with both feet.
Who saw Pedro Almodovar’s movie, “Tie me up. Tie me down.”?
Can that man make movies or what? His latest stars Penelope Cruz!

Erin says:

“Who saw Pedro Almodovar’s movie, “Tie me up. Tie me down.”?

One of my favorite movies!!

Sister says:

Always enjoy reading something from the hot bitch sister.

Heather says:

“Tie me up. Tie me down.”? Is that porn, or a real movie? I can’t get into porn, not sure why. Too explicit, I guess. I like to use my imagination.

I happened to have the good fortune of cruising the General Jackson back during Tall Stacks. As I was semi-desperately trying to procure some alcoholic libation, I heard a foreign foreign accent. I remarked to the couple that they probably had come a ways. Yes. From Spain. When I asked for specifics, she pronounced Madrid as it has seldom been pronounced in Sinincincinnati. The suave and debonair male of the couple said, “She loves paddlewheels.” ’nuff said.
Continuing my small talk, I said I love Pedro Almodovar.
They seemed to be a little embarrassed by him. But they were cool.

All the above is to say Living Out Loud is to Sinincincinnati as Pedro Alomodovar is to Espana.

Except for numb.
(Kidding, numb.)

Heather says:

Oh! Pedro Alomodovar! I saw “Hable Con Ella.” Very moving.

Jim says:

LOL Girl = Kaiser Soze

Judith says:

Let’s see, flat chested and no ass but men are all besides themselves over LOL Girl. Yes, welcome to Cincinnti where there’s nothing to do except read comments on something that’s totally made up. I’m not pointing fingers – I’m here aren’t I?

Rick says:

I’m not much of a fan of this LoL girl. I think If i was alone with her, I would tie her up naked and just leave her there. She’s no turn on with me.

Heather says:

Yes, the problem with Cincinnati is that it’s so conservative, it’s repressive. So any hint of sexuality gets everyone foaming at the mouth, even if it’s coming from a woman with the figure a twelve-year-old boy.

Or one one with magnificent, hairy breasts.

Or LOL Girl, who is a tantilizing mystery.

Tony says:

If nothing else, the LOL girl is a great escape from Cincinnati reality and believe me it’s nice to get away from the reality as often as possible.

Michael says:

I think there should be an LOL Girl Blog all it’s own. The comments go way up when she writes something. I mean why not?

Heather says:

Yeah, but it’s on the down-swing. Each post is more outrageous, and generates fewer comments. And there are way fewer “oh baby! oh baby!” comments.

I think this one-trick pony is going to peter out.

Andrew says:


You’re right. Cincinnati is way to conservative for me but I’m stuck here for the next year or so.

May the LOL Girl thing is running a little thin, but what I like about this blog is the variety and it’s not uptight at all. I look at the other City Beat blogs and find nothing to really comment on. That’s not the case here at all.

I think I’ll put with the LOL Girl because along with it also comes some really smart posts – like David’s.

“I think this one-trick pony is going to peter out.”
That reminds me. Maybe this blog should originate from Tijuana.

Does anyone else remember the WAIF DJ who pretended that his show originated from the Caribbean, while he was spinning songs from there?

Besides, once we have both feet squarely in porn territory here, Semper Si wouldn’t be able to locate us.

Charlie says:

As long as there are horny guys, LOL Girls is never going to “peter out.” And there are ALWAYS horny guys.

Heather says:


I have no idea what you’re talking about, but I like the porn idea. Just to piss off the conservative people who come here to look for things to get pissed off about.

Mark T. says:

Does she or doesn’t she have breasts? That is the question.

It’s always hard to tell in the photos. In fact, you never really know what she looks like. That’s part of the fun.

For now, in my mind, she has beautiful small breasts. That’s what I’m going with.

Jeff- or-ly says:

Our football team lost again today 😦

Help me feel better, LOL Girl. I’m drinking now and will continue to drink. Let’s meet at a bar somewhere 🙂

Matt says:

Man, Jeff, get a life. You come across as more than a little sad.

hard as nails says:

As for her breasts, it’s hard to tell. I think she’s just hiding them – But the face is nice and the ass is ready to go. If she’s real, I wouldn’t mind having a piece of her.

Jerry says:

Hell, I’ll tie her to my bed anytime. Just tell me when!!

numb says:

lol bitch is larry. that explains the no tits.

Jack if you please says:

LOL Girl is just h – o – t. Small breasts, who the hell gives a shit. I’ll play with those and other parts of your body. Baby, tell me where you are.

Debbie says:

numb is an ass, but he makes me laugh sometimes 🙂

Duke says:

The old concept of this LOL Girl is cool, you know being independent, single all that. I don’t know why some of the girls get all upset by her.

Many says:

I think it’s because she comes across as a know it all, full of herself bitch.

Bitch from Price Hill says:

Tell us how you really feel – Many.

Jeff- or-ly says:

You make me sad, LOL girl when you don’t respond to my comments.

Sue me says:

a little drunken poem for the lol girl

lol girl
you have little breasts
perhaps i should put them to a test
we’ll have sex and you be on top
the love making will never stop
i’ll give you all that you can take
because i wanta see those little tits shake, shake, shake

you’re welcome

LOL Girl says:

a little drunken poem for the lol girl

i thought it was cute of you 🙂

Polly says:

I sort of liked the poem, but Sue me is no Marilyn or CA.

Tim says:

I know a lot of women don’t like this post but I gotta tell you something – men or a lot of us like to think of woman tied up and helpless. That’s why you see all the sexual comments on this and there’s nothing wrong with that are this so-called LOL girl. Even if it’s fake, it’s honest.

Bitch from Price Hill says:

You’re a thin chick, LOL girl. Do your breasts go flat as you are bound to the bed? Probably, but some guys like that.

Teddy says:

big ones, small ones, i like them all.

Marsha says:

Bondage is a turn on for me too. I feel guilty about it, feel like I’m doing something wrong but I like being bound and gagged by my man.

Eileen says:

Reading all these comments was the most fun. She sure stirs the pot, don’t she?

Polo Stick says:

oh………how about this lol girl get together with marsha for some bondage. i’ll bring my camera over.

Roger says:

Please. Screw me.

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