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{November 12, 2006}   Frances, my Stockbroker

woman.jpgI got an e-mail from Frances, my Stockbroker this morning.

Symbol: MCRXR
> Current price: Around $0.018
> Short Term Target: $0.10
> Long Term Target: $0.45
> Results from MCRXR’S latest drilling will be announced very
> soon. Excitement is building, and the inside word is that
> the results will exceed expectations!
> In order to benefit from this lucrative opportunity you need
> to get in now, before the big news release. There’s still
> time, but not much. The news could be out as early as
> Tuesday, November 13th.
> THIS is the one you’ve been waiting for! Do yourself a
> favor and make that big score!

Now I like Frances and all that, but every since she started smoking crack, I can’t trust her judgement.

MCRXR doesn’t really exist and isn’t November 13 like tomorrow and not Tuesday?

I’m staying away from this one, but I’m posting it this morning for the rest of you looking for a stock tip. If you decide to get a hold of Frances, please give her my high, personal regards.

Larry Gross


Karen says:

Only Larry Gross would have a stockbroker hooked on crack 🙂

Marilyn says:

My prediction: This post will not exceed the amount of posts in yesterday’s “Bound”…

Meanwhile, I’m watching my next door neighbor’s dog (an awesomely adoreable curly haired jack russel) play in the road. I’m really disgusted with my neighbor. He knows his dog is chasing cars and moving all over the neighborhood, but chooses not to really do anything to save his dog. This really pisses me off.

I can’t go save the dog, because the little bugger would eat my hands off in the attempt.

I hate irresponsible pet owners!

Eddie says:

Are we allowed to use the sucks today? If so, today’s post does out loud.

Barbara says:

There’s nothing funny being addicted to crack. This post is even worse than yesterday’s.

Bitch from Price Hill says:

Why don’t you write a post sometime about where you live? It’s gotta be better than the shit posted today.

Shelly says:

I sort of thought it was funny, but maybe that’s just me.

Matt says:

No Shelly, it’s bad. So bad it’s almost funny.

Benj A. says:

I think YOU were on crack when you wrote this 😦

Heather says:


Being addicted to crack is high-larious!


My parents were that kind of pet owner. We lived on a major rural route that ran through our little town, and it seemed to me that after the first time your dog gets hit by a car, you’d keep them in the fenced-in back yard, but no. I’m still traumatized.

Andrew says:

Maybe you should have just taken a day off – you know?

numb says:

larry sucks, sucks, sucks.

Karen @ the hood says:


I thought it was pretty funny. You can’t please everybody all the time can you?

I got another post to write. I’ll try to get it to you this week.

Marilyn says:

AWWWW, when I wrote my prediction earlier today, I did NOT mean this post sucks. I was alluding to the fact that there was not nearly the amount of sex in today’s post!!

For all who expect a prize winning post each day, write one, e-mail it to Larry and shut up!

Love and kisses to you all!

Babble On says:


Right back at ya!

Bisquit says:

This post was brilliant. It was superb, sublime and titilating- by the way, I have another post to submit too.

C.A. MacConnell says:

Whoa, Frances has a sunburn

Bitch from Price Hill says:

Frances, the stockbroker on crack. Sounds like a novel to me.

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