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{November 13, 2006}   The Stripper

dancer3.jpgI was in Covington last Friday night at a strip club. I don’t go often and now I remember why.

I don’t remember what her name is; I think it was Brandy or something. She was a hot, good looking girl. She was blonde, had nice breasts and a cute ass.

How much money I spent on her, I lost track of but I’m talking hundreds of dollars. She kissed me over and over and after the bar closed, she promised she would go home with me.

It was approaching two in the morning, but she talked me into buying one last bottle for her. Thinking back now, I don’t think she even touched it.

At two, the bar closed and I waited for Brandy outside. I waited for like half an hour.

When she did finally come out, she had a guy with her; I think it was the bouncer at the bar. She looked right at me or maybe I should say right through me and keep on walking.

I feel like I was tricked. Never again.



Polly says:

Do you want us to feel sorry for you? Forget it.

Phil says:

You sure it wasn’t LOL girl hanging around the old pole?

Marty says:


When you go to these kind of places, you need to ask the question, what’s in it for me? In this case, you paid a ton of money for some kissing and more some promises. Was it worth it?

Joe says:

You’re kind of a fool, aren’t you Mike?

Heather says:

wasn’t this story posted here before?

Matt says:

I take it you’re a young guy, Mike. Consider it a lesson learned. Girls in the Covington bars are after one thing: your money.

Barbara says:

Yet again today, another post in bad taste. What’s happening here?

C.A. MacConnell says:

sorry Mike, better luck next time. I’ve had pretty good luck there myself. Huh.

Peter says:


If you want to meet somebody, shit , you’re better off going through the personals than heading over to Covington. It was a bad move, kid.

Man of the Hour says:

Back when I was a young kid, on Friday nights I would go over to Covington and basically spend all my paycheck at those bars over there. I’ve grown up a little over the years and can’t remember the last time I stepped into one of those places. My advise is to grown up a little bit.

Debbie says:

I don’t know you at all, but there are plenty of nice girls out there. I don’t understand men who go to these kind of places and want I REALLY don’t understand are women, strippers, who do this to themselves.

Justin says:

Swear to god, never been to a strip club in my life. I don’t see the attraction – looking at a woman you can never have and probably don’t even want.

Gregory Flannery says:

On a happier note, I’m delighted to see CityBeat’s name back on the blog!

Karen says:

Yeah, I noticed CityBeat’s name is back on the blog this morning. What’s going on with that? Does this mean this blog is going to change somehow?

Sister says:


You sound like one of those “little boys” LOL girl keeps talking about.

Harvey says:

you must have had the word sucker stamped on your forehead when you walked in.

Heather says:

What? CityBeat’s name?

Now the people who threaten to complain are going to have someone to complain to!

I hope the blog doesn’t change.

Marilyn says:

Wow, you guys are being awfully hard on Mike. Have some compassion.

All of life is about living and learning and then applying those lessons in an upwardly bound sort of way, right?

Honestly, I have never been to a strip club. I do have a couple of male friends who, when they have a guys night out, will go once in a blue moon. There is nothing wrong with this, if this is what they want to do…

I’ll bet Mike learned a lesson… he won’t go to a club with those same expectations again.

And it was an interesting read — a guy’s point of view on the whole “searching for love” issue.

Eric says:

Bottom line lesson learned for Mike (or I hope): You won’t find love in a strip joint.

Marilyn says:

And by the way (on an only slightly related tangent), last night I saw an old John Candy movie, Only the Lonely. This was a new one to me.

I love John Candy. He was funny and had a wide range of acting roles. He played sensitive and funny, or just outrageously insane parts.

But, the one theme overriding ALL his films is that he always gets a VERY ATTRACTIVE GIRL.

Now excuse me, as much as I loved John Candy, the guy just was not a major hottie by anyone’s stretch of the imagination. Why did the movies never portray him with someone more in keeping with real life?! You know, pudgy but intelligent and cute girl… Ugly but caring girl.

Am I the only one that this bothers? (Or, maybe I’m the only idiot who still watches old John Candy films… I need a life!)

Heather says:


I here you. Chris Farley movies are also the same. Chris Farley had emotional issues and was insecure about his weight. Instead of finding a nice girl who would love him, he dated hotties who only cared about his money. It was one of those hotties who left him die when he overdosed on drugs.

A lesson for the fellas? I hope so.

Duke says:

John Candy was way cool. Never cared for Farley much.

Jim Stanton says:

Only the Lonely was a wonderful movie, probably my favorite John Candy film. Thanks for mentioning, Marilyn. I’ll probably go rent it tonight.

Matt says:

I didn’t notice the name change, guess I was too busy looking at the LOL Girl.

I didn’t have a problem when City Beat’s name use to be on it and I don’t hve a problem now that it’s back, just as long as this one stays independent from the others. I like how this blog flows much better than the other one which is often dull and even looks dull. Nothing wrong with having a little personality which this one has.

jackula says:

trick or treat in covington, eh? over there, its always the trick, never the treat 😦

Bitch from Price Hill says:

Someone here asks why woman dance over there. I’ll tell you why. Because it pays damn good money. I did it for awhile until i got married and had kids.

This Mike guy needs to realize that the girl he hooked up with his gonna play him that’s her job. This guy Mike needs to know we are all actors working there and we want your money. We’ll say just about anything to get it.

Tommy Boy says:

This post kind of reminds me of the old country song “Looking for Love in all The Wrong Places.” 🙂

hotdog man says:

hey mr. editor man

how come none of my comments ever make it to the “bound” post? you don’t like freedom of speech?

Karen @ the hood says:

John Candy is toooooooooooooo funny! I think I’ve rented all his movies.

Larry Gross says:

hotdog man,

Freedom of speech is wonderful, but this isn’t a porn site and we can’t have it here.

mr. editor man

numb says:

was larry the stripper you were trying to pick up?

Heather says:

Mr. Editor Man,

What did hotdog man say??

Julie says:

Maybe this is how some guys think is a good way to meet woman but I just find this post really strange.

Fred says:

I go over to the titty bars sometimes, Mike. Keep your head and watch your wallet. You don’t have to spend a great deal of money to have a good time. Just watch and don’t touch.

Plain Jane says:

All right, can be honest here because I’m not using my real name. I did it for a year or so. Good money.

A young kid of City Beat would show up from time to time really full of himself thinking his shit don’t smell bad. Never got the guy’s name and not really a big spender. He said he was with City Beat but who the hell really knows.

“Freedom of speech is wonderful, but this isn’t a porn site and we can’t have it here.”

That does it!
Cancel my subscription!
Harumph. mumble mumble

Larry Gross says:

Your subscription in cancelled. If you want porn, go elsewhere – go to your paid membership services and not here. Get your hard on some place else.

I ain’t kidding.

Gregory Flannery says:

Mr. Editor Man, is it coincidence that porn started popping up after you put CityBeat’s name back on it? Tell us the truth!

hard as nails says:

larry’s getting scary, and believe me, we don’t want scary larry. i’m backing off!

Karen says:

Who what’s a porn site here? Certainly not me.

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