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{November 15, 2006}   The L-O-L Blog Quiz

lol-girl-_6.jpgThink you know us well? Think you know who sucks and who doesn’t? Think you got us all figured out? Take the L-O-L Blog Quiz and find out. Correct answers will be given down at the bottom of the post.

Teri Archer
A. Doesn’t care for smokers.
B. Doesn’t care for men who lie about sex protection.
C. Think men suck when they make jokes about being on her period.
D. All of the above.

Heather now lives in California and doesn’t miss the Queen City at all.
A. True
B. False

When Larry talks about going “full circle,” he’s talking about
A. Once being straight, and then turning gay, then back to being straight.
B. Walks in circles to get dizzy thinking its fun.
C. Returning to his first job after being gone for over 30 years.
D. Does anyone really care?

Jim likes to
A. Go to strip clubs.
B. Wear his clothes in the shower.
C. Tell us what he has for lunch.
D. Give homeless people cigarettes while walking down the sidewalk.

Marilyn lives in the country and has no desire to move back closer to the city.
A. True
B. Man, is that totally false.

numb is
A. A complete asshole and a total distraction to the blog.
B. Misunderstood.
C. Bill O’Reilly.
D. Just numb.

David E. Gallaher’s posts
A. Make me feel stupid about life and the world.
B. Are the only smart posts ever put up here. The rest suck.
C. Are really written by Heather.
D. Who the hell is David E. Gallaher?

C.A. MacConnell
A. Has a cat.
B. Enjoys being a girl.
C. Sleeps with her socks on.
D. Likes to poison herself with her cooking.

Karen @ The Hood lives in Over-The-Rhine and usually writes her posts in the morning before going to work in a diner.
A. True
B. False

Brian Ciesko
A. Takes the bus to work.
B. Works in the library downtown.
C. Tells scary ghosts stories.
D. All of the above.

LOL Girl
A. Has breasts.
B. Does not have breasts.
C. Has sexy legs.
D. Depends on the photo.

Larry lied to us when he said he would provide correct answers to the quiz questions when we reached the bottom of the post.
A. Of course he lied.
B. He’s a sucking liar.

Larry Gross


Karen says:

I think I answered all the questions correctly. Do I get a gold star? 🙂

Matt says:

Got most of the answers right. I know the girl in the picture can’t be Teri Archer. She’s smoking.

Karen @ the hood says:

I want a star too!

Brenda says:

Isn’t Larry writing the LOL column in CityBeat anymore? For the last few weeks, it’s been somebody else.

Jill says:

Actually its a little scary knowing the answers to most of these questions. Maybe I’m too busy reading a blog and not out there making my own life.

Heather says:

That’s all I get? That’s all that’s memorable about me?
A No, wait… B?
C ha!
C.A. MacConnell is a girl? (just kidding!)
A and B!

Teri Archer says:

I’m honored I would be the first quiz question. I think.

Jean says:

This blog gets dumber everyday.

Eddie says:

I like this quiz and I always like the multiple choice questions that you do. They are funny! More!!

C.A. MacConnell says:

Truth: I have a cell phone and I’m not a girl.

don't mean to be negative says:

This kinds of posts are beginning to become old hat.

Babble On says:

“Sucks” seems to be the key word with this post – not that it was bad. I like how you can kind of laugh at all those negative people out there who use that word so much. LOL Blog doesn’t suck. For the most part it rocks.

Matt says:


Come on. Reading a blog doesn’t mean you don’t have a life. You have an interest in the blog. Two different things.

Brian says:

Those who rise to the LOL blog quiz challenge are:
A) gleefully avoiding what they should really be doing
B) self-absorbed wanna-be media whores
C) somehow better than all the rest
D) secretly looking for validation in all the wrong places

For my 15 minutes of fame here, I’d like to thank the academy, my covert producers and everyone here, no, really, you’ve been great, thank you Out Loud.

Brenda says:

Brian didn’t give us the correct answer so I’m guessing “all of the above!”

Dana says:

i dig the artwork on today’s blog.

Sister says:


You promised that you were going away from here but I see you’re back. We’ve missed you like a bad cold.

Perry says:

I like how you have numb in some of the questions, trying to reach out to the jerk.

Marilyn says:

Crazily (or cool-ily?) enough, I’m pretty sure I can answer each question correctly!

Does this mean I need to get a life? Nope, I think it means I’ve grown to care about some of the folks here. I LIKE this place. I LIKE coming here to get a reading on today’s pulse. You know?

Even Jean and Numb, who profess to hate this place, must have a reason to come here. Even if it is only to complain. Maybe this is the only place where people will hear their complaints. Who knows?

Keep up the good work, Larry!

Larry Gross says:

Brenda –

I took a few weeks off from doing the LOL column but I wrote a piece this week and I’ll do it again next week.

Marilyn says:

And today’s lol column (by Larry) was quite intriguing. One of those writings that leave you wondering what was the rest of the story…

Gregory Flannery says:

Wait. You’re no longer gay?

Karen @ the hood says:

“Two Girls and a Guy” is pretty intriguing and Larry tells it in his like you are really there way. I gotta learn how to do that.

Larry Gross says:

“Wait. You’re no longer gay?”

………only on days of the week that start with a T.

Marilyn says:

Don’t ask. Don’t tell.

numb says:

larry is quite the quizer isn’t he?

Beaver Head says:

I have my own multiple choice question

The LOL blog now once again has CityBeat’s name attached to it but you can’t find it on CityBeat’s web site because.
a. it gets far fewer views and comments than CityBeat’s other two blogs so why bother.
b. it gets more traffic than their other blogs put together and the fatcats can’t figure that out.
c. if you’re leaning toward “b” you’re probably right.
d. “b”

Judith says:

I agree with what Marilyn says. I don’t comment a lot, but I like coming here because it’s serious, funny and a cast of commenters that keep me entertained. It is really just a comfortable place to be.

Matt says:

Don’t stay away from your column for too long, pal. I just read your latest and it’s top notch. You know how to tell a story don’t ya?

Bobby Dee says:

Somewhat better than your stupid suckass lunch post from yesterday.

nickie says:

yeah, the artwrok is super cool today. i like the look with the cigarette and all. good stuff.

Karen says:

Bobby Dee,

Did you come here to just say this is a suckass blog? Just go away. People and people like you to come here to complain drive me nuts. You’re all like old maids are something.

snake man says:

The questions, the quizes, the mulptile choice stuff is getting old, seems like uou do it every othre day. be creative, man.

Marilyn says:

God! You negative people suck.

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