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{November 16, 2006}   Loaning People Money

borrowing-money.jpgI’m too trusting and when it comes to loaning people money, I never learn my lesson.

The girl is new to the office, has only been here maybe a couple months. About three weeks ago, I asked her how things were going – this was on a Monday – and she said she had about 20 cents to last her until Friday. That answer was something I wasn’t expecting and I felt put on the spot.

You know what I did, right? I loaned her some money – 15 bucks. You know the rest of the story, right? She has yet to pay it back.

She seems nice enough around the office but never brings the subject up and I don’t know how to. I mean, I could use the money this week myself. Why do people do this?

Any suggestions on how to approach her?

Marie Dodge


Polly says:

If she borrowed money once, changes are she’ll hit you up again when she thinks you’ve forgotten about it. DON’T FORGET ABOUT IT. I doubt if you ever see that money but learn from the mistake.

Barney says:

Take the direct approach, ask for the bucks back.

Julie says:

I learned my lesson years ago on this. Say you don’t have any extra money. I just think it takes a lot of nerve for someone in an office setting to do that.

Mary says:

Suggestions? Ask your coworker to pay back the money she owes. There’s no excuse for it.

C.A. MacConnell says:

Can I borrow 250 bucks?

Heather says:

Never loan money, only give it unconditionally.

If you don’t have fifteen dollars to give, then you can say you don’t have any extra money without feeling guilty.

bitch from Price Hill says:

Tell the bitch to pay up.

Brian says:

Been in this spot myself. I just say “Look, I understand you were in a tight spot a few weeks ago, that $15 I loaned you. I really need it back.” Keep saying this til you get your $$ but don’t get nasty about it, that just ensures you’ll never get your bucks back.
And then NEVER do it again.

Kim says:

I agree with what Heather says. Sometimes it is hard to say no to co workers when they ask for a loan, but if you don’t have it to give, don’t do it.

Dela says:

You’re probably a nice guy, Marie, but too much of an easy touch. Tell your co-worker to pay up.

Sharon says:

Maria’s a guy?

Judy says:

I think maybe consider me a fifty year old bitch, but I never lean money to anybody. When I was young I got taken so many times I lost track. You work hard for your money – don’t give it away.

Perry says:

Kind of sounds like “The Office” t.v. show. Not a good situation.

Barb says:

I think it’s hard to say no to people in need but an office worker? Hardly.

Justin says:

Your co-worker is taking advantage of you. You’re an adult, approach her!

Marilyn says:

Marie, it may be that you have learned a $15 lesson.

When I was much younger I got suckered into giving a girl I worked with a ride to and from work. It was far out of my way, and she never paid me a dime for gas… I felt sorry for her, because her husband was a piece of crap who beat her.

Long story short, I ended up driving her for nearly a year before I got the good sense to tell her that I could no longer do so…

Nancy says:

I agree, it is probably a $15 lesson. Take some comfort in knowing your heart was in the right place. The person who put the money is in the wrong place.

Jello says:

Poison her Pepsi, then when she’s dead, go through her wallet and take back your $15 plus interest.

Phil says:

I liked what Brian had to say, you know be honest. Remind her that you helped her out when she needed it, now it’s timt to pay the money back.

numb says:

hit larry up for the money. he’s a sucker.

Jason says:

Have her over for dinner next time. Maybe give her a lift to work. Help out because the world’s nicer that way, but never loan money you need or expect to see again. I’m with Heather, give it unconditionally or not at all.

TEAII says:

In my experience, pride and poor money management skills usually stop people from paying me back. Unless they’re out to get me, most people have the desire to pay me back. But if they’re in a hole and their pride won’t let them ask for help, of course they are going to ask to borrow the money instead of ask. I have more thoughts on this subject but instead of writing the longest comment in history, I invite you to visit my blog post entitled “It’s Not About the Money…” at

“Get your future in focus.”

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