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{November 18, 2006}   B.B. King and Friends

I had the pleasure of seeing B.B. King a few years ago when he was playing Riverbend. Here he is with some friends performing “The Thrill is Gone.” Enjoy.

Larry Gross


Mac says:

I don’t know why you put these things up. Half the time they don’t even work – like this one.

Karen says:

I never seem to have any trouble with these clips and this is a good one 🙂

Sister says:

A little blues this morning ain’t gonna hurt anybody. Thanks for the post.

Chuck says:

You know what I wan to say, Larry, but I’ll skip it this time around. I like the King.

Erin says:

B.B. King is just cool. He and Clapton put out a album together a few years back called “Riding with the King” and I still play it over and over.

Bev says:

The Thrill is gone is one of my favs……………thanks for posting it.

numb says:



Polly says:

A lot of the regulars (like me) complain when you put on music videos. I don’t really know why but I for one like most of them. I watched Mr. King sing this great song live once and hearing it today again was fun. This regular wants the music videos to continue.

Marilyn says:

Wow, it would have been an honor to see BB King!

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