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{November 22, 2006}   Good Eats!

gold-star-logo.jpgForget turkey for me this Thanksgiving. I know where I’m gonna be heading.

Picture this for a Thanksgiving meal.

• a quarter beef patty
• covered with Gold Star Chili
• add onions and cheddar cheese
• all served on a garlic bread bun
• and for a dollar more, you can supersize it, get a double beef patty!

Now that’s living, folks.

Maybe it’s a heart attack waiting to happen but the chili burger is back at Gold Star. I just pray they’re open tomorrow so I can eat half a dozen.

Oh yeah, have a good Thanksgiving.

Larry Gross


Polly says:

Yeah, I couldn’t believe it when I saw this thing being advertised. Somebody actually likes this burger?

hard as nails says:

don’t knock it until you try it. it’s pretty damn good.

Mac says:

Sandwich sounds………….gross (sorry).

Biscuit says:

hmmmm….yeah, that sounds nasty.

Jan says:

I’ve seen this god awful thing advertised on a billboard downtown. Not only does it sound disgusting, it looks disgusting.

Marilyn says:

Reminds me of a country song that was out, oh about 8 years ago?

“…. supper in a sack,
a 99 cent heart attack.”

I love Goldstar (sue me), but I’ll never try this particular dish.

But maybe, just maybe, a better thanksgiving quickie meal would be that thang that KFC is advertising. Let’s see: It’s mashed potatoes, corn, crispy chicken chunks, smothered with gravy — all in one little bucket. (I could eat this EXCEPT:) on top of this mess, they add shredded cheese. Yuck.

Paula says:

A junk food junkie I’m not.

Phil says:

I like gold star too and I had this burger last week. Not worth it. I had the runs for two days.

Mary says:

Yep, their chili burger sounds truly bad – just like their cheese coneys.

Jack says:

Hey, I LIKED the sandwich a lot. It really fills you up.

Matt says:

I got curious and had one of these things for lunch even supersized it. It actually wasn’t bad.

Julie says:

I saw that billboard downtown for it too. At first, I thought it was a joke or something. Apparently not.

Jeff says:

I like the Gold Star chili burger, but I like most fast food.

I believe this product is their seasonal, limited time answer to McDonald’s McRib.

Harvey says:


Get real, man. Fast food is killing you. I haven’t had a McRib in years.

Man of the Hour says:

For God’s sake, Larry, be a man and eat at least a dozen of these things at one sitting – then have a couple cheese coneys for desert and wash the whole thing down with a diet Dew. Yep, people in Cincinnati will eat anything.

Jean says:

Your smart ass post isn’t surprising. You don’t like anything that has a Cincinnati connection to it and I guess that now includes Gold Star Chili. Why do you live here if you hate it so much?

Larry Gross says:


I think it should be pretty clear that the only reason I stay in Cincinnati is to complain about it – much like the only reason why you visit this blog is to do the same.

Now you have yourself a good old Thanksgiving and don’t eat too many of those chili burgers.

Marilyn says:

Um, yeah, big psychic group hug to Jean….

OUCH — she’s prickly.

Watch out for the thorns and spines and there could be a poison spider hidden in amongst them.

Andy says:

Yeah, Jean is one uptight lady. She probably just needs to be layed or something.

Eileen says:

Wanta see some gross frozen food? Check out some the Jimmy Dean products at your grocery story. People will eat anything.

Karen says:

A funny post today but I want to tell you – your column this week – 810 Main Street – hits the mark, old pal. You know how to tell a slice-of-life story my friend. The first time I read it I was in amazement. The second time – tears in my eyes.

Two words…………YOU ROCK.

sally says:

i think jean is “mean” jean schmidt.

Larry Gross says:

Thanks, Karen. I’ll pay you off later 🙂

Marilyn says:

I have to agree with Karen, Larry’s column this week was just incredible. Life is a wonder.

Thanks to Larry for seeing the beauty in that encounter and then sharing it with us.

Karen @ the hood says:

The 810 Main Street story is just, just, just real. I mean I can’t write like that. I don’t know how to do it. And Marilyn, your post about your country days. How do you get it so real?

I have a lot to learn as to how to express myself. But learning is good.

Marilyn says:

Karen @ the hood, just keep writing. You will find your “voice”. It will emerge with practice, experience and time.

I’m no writer; I spent the vast majority of my life screwing up by marrying the wrong men, working the wrong jobs, rationalizing some things I shouldn’t… But in my blunderings, I’ve managed to finally (at this ripe old age) find my voice. It’s a little one, but at least it’s finally here.

Jeff- or-ly says:

I had one of these things yesterday. I liked it!!!!

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