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{November 26, 2006}   Pole Dancing

lol-girl-_9.jpgCall it a fantasy of mine. Call it whatever you like.

Sometimes I’ll go over to Covington and visit some of the strip clubs. I always go by myself and always have a good time watching the girls dance on those stages around the old pole peeling their clothes off, stripping down to pasties that cover up the nipples on their breasts. I think pasties are ugly. Nipples are beautiful.

I don’t get hung up on the pasties. What I like are the women disrobing on the stage and the dancing – the sexy dancing.

My fantasy is to do it – to get up on that stage and strip, not down to pasties and g-strings but to take it all off and let the horny men stare at my body.

A beautiful body I have – better than a lot of the women I see on the stages of Covington. I think I could make a killing.

Let’s call it a fantasy. At least for now.

LOL Girl


Roger says:

I for one think you should quit your day job and head on over to Covington. I’ll be your first customer.

Andy says:

You’re one hot woman, bab.

Matt says:

By God…………the LOL Girl has………..breasts!

Eddie says:

Here we go, yet another tease from the LOL whatever. I’d like to take that belt you’re holding and whip the living shit out of you. You’re not hot at all. You’re completely made up.

Meg says:

Here we go again. Another sex post for the guys. Sickening.

Tim Graves says:


Jeannie says:

Mr Editor

Don’t you think this gag is running a little thin?

Jeff- or-ly says:

After all this time, you have yet to really show us your face. COME ON!! We want to really know what you look like and give us a color photo next time.

Ben says:

Eat a Snickers bar. Put on some weight.

lynn says:

I’ve been trying to figure out in my head why I find these post by the so called LOL girl offensive. I don’t think its because she is so full of herself. She believes in herself or at least her looks and I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. I guess what bugs me is all the comments her remarks get from the guys. Not all, but some type their comments with hard ons and that makes me think that most men are really after one thing.

I wonder how many of the guys who make horny comments here are married? I wonder if their wives know what they are saying?

Chuck says:

Don’t you think this gag is running a little thin?


I don’t think the gag is running thin and I know it’s exactly that. But what’s wrong with having a little fun with it? Just relax. If you don’t like it, don’t read it!

Polo Stick says:

My fantasy is to pound you hard, but I doubt if you’re real.

Marilyn says:

My first response to reading this (and especially the responses) was hysterical laughter. I loved it. I love it that everyone wakes right up. We’ve got more responses this morning than all day yesterday.

After the laughter, I sat and thought for a bit…

Sex. What a fucked up drive. So fucked up that when I was a 6 year old, a 17 year old teenage cousin sexually abused me. Then when I was 12, another older cousin abused me. Yeah, I love it out here in hillbilly land. And no, I swear to God, I’m not making this up — I wish they were lies.

I had a long, drunken conversation on Thanksgiving night about why people (mostly men, but some women) cannot control their sexual drive. We came up with more questions than answers. This column solidifies my questions and gives no answers.

Barry says:


Let boys be boys for god sake. This is fun for a lot of us.

Barbara says:

I like this blog a lot of the time but the LOL Girl posts are a total turn off and shows the big difference between men and women. Women mature, men do not.

Will says:

Having a little fun with the LOL Girl posts is one thing but having to suffer sexual abuse is another. I’m sorry you had to go through that in your young life.

Some people, and yes mostly men, have a hard time controlling their sexual drive – that’s pretty apparent here with some of the comments – but not all men are like this which I think you know. I think many women lump the good guys with the bad guys and think we are all alike. Not true.

Sandy says:

This is the most uneven web site out there. One day, you write something that’s pretty smart, then you put up this piece of shit today. You try to be all things to all people and it doesn’t work.

Pretty in Pink says:

The LOL Girl bullshit is getting really old really fast.

LOL Girl says:

“My fantasy is to pound you hard, but I doubt if you’re real.”

If you have doubts, then pound yourself 🙂

Mark says:

Why the LOL Girl posts gets such a big response is a mystery to me. The reality is the posts aren’t all that good. Be that as it may, I find some of the comments quite funny and she sure generates a lot of them. The guy running this thing has to know that so don’t expect this “girl” to be going away any time soon.

Oh, and Lynn while I was writing this, I didn’t have a hard on.

Phil says:

a full body shot would have been nice.

paul says:

if you think nipples are so beautiful, why are you covering yours up? lose the top!

Jack if you please says:

One word for this post and all the other LOL Girl posts:


Babble On says:

She sure gets the attention don’t she?

I find myself annoyed when she makes her posts here sometimes but I’m feeling generous today, may have something to do with the giving season and all.

Larry Gross says:

You try to be all things to all people and it doesn’t work.


When you say we try to be all things to all people, I think you’re sort of right. This blog is serious sometimes, hopefully funny other times and down right silly on other days. What is today’s post? I’m not sure. What I am sure of is that the blog stats are already double those of yesterday – so when you say it doesn’t work, I can’t agree with that.

While we can’t please everybody, I hope you will at least say that here you receive a variety. That’s life, you know?

Marilyn says:

Will, of course you are correct in saying that not all guys are bad guys. And you are right in knowing that I know better than to think that. Thank you.

I guess, in my view, the purpose of a blog is to dialogue. Since I can’t join the guys here in their stiffies over LOL girl, my discussion will run a different tangent.

I know three women, well and true. These three women were all abused by their stepfathers when they were girls. In two of the cases, the girls tried to tell their birth mothers what was happening and the two birth mothers responded by saying, in effect, “I’m not gonna mess up my marriage for you or anyone else.” Nice birth mothers, huh?

But, on a lighter note, this post immediately brought to mind an episode of King of Queens. Doug wanted Carrie to learn to pole dance. He installed the pole in their bedroom and she gave it a shot — she REALLY sucked at it! Then Doug (trying to inspire Carrie to greatness) got up and did a right fine pole dance! (I’m not all gloom and doom! Just so you know.)

Jeff- or-ly says:

I say to all the women who don’t like the LOL Girl, go do the laundry and leave us alone. HA!!

Will says:

Oh no, Marilyn, I never meant to say you were all gloom and doom. You are one of the main reasons why I visit this blog. I always like what you have to say. You seem smart.

Karen @ the hood says:

I think LOL girl is a little skinny but people tell me that do.

Maggie says:


You are quite the asshole aren’t you? Go watch your football game.

LOL Girl says:

Why the LOL Girl posts gets such a big response is a mystery to me

It’s because I’m soooooo hot 🙂

Bitch from Price Hill says:

At least in your head, you think your shit don’t stink and you might “make a killing” over in Covington. Before I got married and had kids I worked over there and made good money but the owners of these places treat you like meat and so do a lot of the customers. Men will try to get between your legs, grab a feel and somehow it cheapens you. I wouldn’t recommend it. Buy a pole and put it in your bedroom at home.

Marilyn says:

Jeff-or-ly, I don’t know who does your laundry (girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, mommy?) but in my house, whoever wears the clothes, washes the clothes. And mine are all washed clean at the moment. I use Gain and the scent is quite fetching.

Will, please understand, it was never my thought that you might think me gloom and doom. I only stated that because lately (and for quite a few good reasons) I HAVE been gloom and doom. Maybe I was trying to convince myself that I can indeed have a lighter heart! Luv ya, guy!

numb says:

the kind of queens sucks and so does this blog.

Marilyn says:

Awww, numb, you read my words! Yer so sweet! *swak*

Bitch from Price Hill (and something tells me you are far from being a bitch): I’m sure you are right — good money, but at what price? Thanks for your viewpoint.

Sandy says:


I hear what you’re saying, but I think this site loses crediability when it runs posts like today. I really don’t think you can have it both says.

Ted says:

Skinny isn’t beautiful to me and LOL Girl, you are skinny. Gain some weight then maybe I’ll buy you a drink.

Bitch from Price Hill says:

No, I don’t really consider myself a bitch but I’ll tell the LOL chick if she decides to go dancing in Covington, she’ll turn herself into one. I almost did.

Donny says:

As far as I’m concerned the LOL girl is real and I come here everyday to reread her posts and to see if she has written anything new. I would like to meet her and hold her hand someday.

Rick says:

All right, so called LOL person. I’ll read all your posts and here’s what I would like to do.

A) Meet you in a bar so I can prove to you I’m a real man and not a little boy.

B) Take you over to Covington so you can strip in a titty bar.

C) Take you home and tie you to the bed and have endless sex with you.

D) Untie you, kiss you goodnight so you can have some “naked solitude.”

Sound like a fun evening? Naww, it will never happen.

Matt says:

Oh…………..okay Donny. Give our love to Marie.

Jeff- or-ly says:

Maybe Rick’s kidding around but not me. I’ll do it!!

Rapid Shave says:

I gotta tell ya, I love the LOL girl posts. I’m not gonna feel bad about it.

Stephanie says:

So, the LOL girl DOES have breasts. I love it when know it all Heather is wrong!

Donny says:

Make fun all you want, Matt. You don’t understand me. I believe fate will bring me and LOL Girl together.

Marilyn says:

This is a question for the ladies:

How many times has a man told you he would make long, sweet love to you but didn’t have a freaking clue what he was doing?

Just curious.

jackula says:

in answer to your question: constantly. that’s why i turned to women.

J.R. says:

LOL Girl,

If you show me your nipples over in Covington, I’ll be buying you drinks all that long 🙂

Jello says:


On very rare occasions do I find a man who really understands women when it comes to having sex. Some older men know what they are doing but with the young guys it’s bang ’em and leave ’em as soon as you can.

Brenda says:

How many times has a man told you he would make long, sweet love to you but didn’t have a freaking clue what he was doing?

tooooooooooooooo many times. I finally found one who got it right and married him.

Mary Ann says:


I’m not really a commenter, but I found your question very interesting.

The best love making session I ever had was with a guy who couldn’t get it up. He made up for it in other ways and he was warm and tender all night long. I never saw him again, because I think he was embarassed by the whole thing, you know? I still think of that night and how good it was, but he never called again and I was too shy to call him.

Regrets? Oh yeah.

hard as nails says:

lol girl

what’s with the belt? you gonna tie yourself up? let me know if you need a hand.

Matt says:


The girl isn’t real, ya know? Get over it. Get back in the real world, my friend.

Jeff- or-ly says:


Jackie says:


WHO CARES????????????????????????????????????????????????

Many says:

Am I the only one who thinks that LOL girl is really gay?

Many says:

I gotta tell ya, I love the LOL girl posts. I’m not gonna feel bad about it.

Rapid Shave: Feel good 🙂

LOL Girl says:

what’s with the belt? you gonna tie yourself up?

😦 can’t. know one here to help me.

Kenny says:

This is just stupid. Sorry.

Jean says:

I’ve been a way for a few days and thought I would check in to see what was happening on this blog. I’m sorry I did. I’m staying away again.

Joe Blow says:

What a hot bitch you are :”

Joe Blow says:

so sorry. didn’t mean to offend.

c.a. MacConnell says:

I just like the picture.

David Gallaher says:

From a Guide to Mormon Youth
Enlist The Power Of Prayer
Pray daily, ask for the gifts of the Spirit, that which will strengthen you against temptation.
Pray fervently and out loud when the temptations are the strongest.
When the temptation to mas*tur*ba*te is strong, yell “Stop!” to those thoughts as loudly as you can in your mind. Then recite a portion of the Bible or sing a hymn.
Exercise Vigorously
Follow a program of vigorous daily exercise, which reduces emotional tension and depression.
Double your physical activity when you feel stress increasing.
Set Goals
Set a goal of abstinence. Begin with a day, then a week, month, year.
Finally, commit yourself to never doing it again.
Make a pocket calendar for a month on a small card. Carry it with you but show it to no one.
If you mas*tur*ba*te , color that day black. Your goal will be to have no black days.
The calendar becomes a strong visual reminder, and should be looked at when you are tempted to add another black day.
Keep your calendar up until you have at least three clear months.
Set up a reward system. Each time you reach a goal, award yourself a quarter. Spend it on something that delights you.
Work On Self-Improvement
Work daily on a self-improvement program. Improve your relationships with your family. Increase your service to your church.
Be outgoing and friendly. Force yourself to be with others and learn to enjoy working and talking with them.
Change in behavior and attitude is most easily achieved through a changed self-image.
Spend time every day imagining yourself strong and in control, easily overcoming tempting situations.
Avoid Temptation
When on the toilet or showering, leave the door partly open.
Arise immediately in the mornings. Don’t lie awake in bed — start each day with enthusiastic activity.
Avoid people, situations, pictures and reading material that might create sexual excitement.
Use Physical Restraints
Wear pajamas that are difficult to open, yet loose and not binding.
Put on several layers of clothing that would be difficult to remove while half asleep.
Hold an object — for example, a Bible — even in bed at night.
In severe cases, tie a hand to the bed frame.
Be Alert To Emotions
Be aware of situations that depress you or that cause you to feel lonely, bored, frustrated or discouraged. These emotional states can trigger the desire to mas*tur*ba*te as a way of escape.
Plan to counter these low periods through reading a book, visiting a friend, doing something athletic, etc.
Employ aversion therapy. To cancel out the pleasurableness of mas*tur*ba*ting , associate something very distasteful with the act. For example, imagine bathing in a tub of worms and eating some of them.

Marilyn says:

Are you sure those aren’t the Catholic Youth Guidelines to Abstinence?

Mike F. says:

In response to David’s comment…………..what the hell?

David Gallaher says:

Mike F.,
In the interests of your mental health and keeping hair off your palm, David’s comment was just a quote.
If you need David’s true sentiments on the subject, here they are:
“If it feels good, do it!”

I’m pretty sure LOL Girl seconds, thirds, etc., my repetitive, piston-like motion. She worships Onan the Barbarian. Come in here, LOL.

hard as nails says:

“If it feels good, do it!”

as far as i’m concerned, words to live by.

Marilyn says:

I must admit to some perverse enjoyment in playing devil’s advocate here yesterday.

This morning, however, I just feel depressed.

This exchange has been a sad commentary.

Barb says:

Men vs. women is ALWAYS a sad commentary.

Marilyn says:

Barb, it seems to me that men will do anything for sex. Women will do anything for love.

Barb says:

I think that’s about right. You find few men who truly know how to love somebody. In fact, I’m still looking.

Donny says:

LOL Girl,

I wish you would answer my comment.

Theresa says:

Why do so many guys think this LOL chick is hot? She has no tits, she has no ass and she’s skinny. You got nothin’ to hold on to with her.

jackula says:

I tell ya, thin is better than fat. I think this LOL gal is a put on but the photos show her thin. I got no complaints with that.

Jeff- or-ly says:

No good shots of her rear end yet. Damn!!

pee-wee says:

whoever said you had no breasts were full of it. tell me more about yourself 🙂

Robin says:

I’ve been away for a bit, but I’m back in town now and catching up on the LOL Girl.

You have a hard body – solid. How do I get in touch with you? Can I put my phone number on this site?

Man of the Hour says:

I’ve had enough or your teasing.

Give me your phone number and address.

Strip yourself naked and tie yourself to your pole, your bed, whatever you want to do.

I’ll service you like a man should.

Please shave your legs first.

Nip says:

LOL Girl,
You can dance on my pole anytime 🙂

Come on, Come on says:

In the words of Rod Stewart…..

“Spread your wings and let me come inside.”

Jeff- or-ly says:

LOL Girl,
When is your next post?

Tonkscrazy505 says:

i dont think that pic is really you

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