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{November 29, 2006}   The Most Wonderful Time of The Year

christmas-shopping.jpgI can hear some of you grumps already who visit this blog but I’m going to tell you anyway.

I love to shop.

Yep, I was one of those people up early this past “black Friday,” you know the day after Thanksgiving when you find all the bargains.

I hit Best Buy around five and stood in line for the doors to open. After that, I went over to Northgate Mall and did more Christmas shopping, then headed to Tri-County and after that went to Kenwood.

While it’s exhausting, I also find it exciting to be out with other shoppers looking for holiday bargains. To me, it’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Teri Archer


Polly says:

I for one won’t say I’m sorry for being out shopping on Friday. It is the holidays and that’s what you do. Teri, chances are we probably ran into each other and didn’t know it!

Ted says:

I’m very proud to say that I haven’t been to a shopping mall in at least five years.

Kelly says:

Thanks to the internet, I no longer have to put up with those damn long lines at the stores. Love live the internet!

Tony says:

I find it odd that someone associated with Citybeat would be standing in line at a Best Buy waiting to make a purchase. I always thought Citybeat supported the little guy, not the big box stores.

Karen says:

For the most part, I try to support the small, independent stores but sometimes you have to go where the bargins are.

Jill says:

I don’t hang out at the shopping centers or buy from the chains. Stores like Best Buy and Wal Mart help destroy the independent spirit. I never plan on being a sheep.

hard as nails says:

like most normal guys, i hate shopping. thanks god for the internet.

C.A. MacConnell says:

Did you know you can have lunch with Santa at a church down the street from me. I didn’t know Santa was Christian. Maybe he’s just going for the food.

Shopping…I don’t like it. I like flea markets tho. And weird small trendy shops. But usu I just go once a year, buy essentials, and leave. As for Xmas, I’d like it to be just another day, really.

Babble on says:

Santa is whoever you want him to be. To some he’s a Christian. To others, like me, he’s a jolly gay guy.

Perry says:

The most wonderful time of the year? You have got to be joking. It is the most DEPRESSING time of the year. The only way I can get thru it is to drink a lot.

Bill says:

I guess I can handle the shopping all right. It’s the damn christmas music I can”t stand.

Roy says:

Why isn’t this CityBeat worker who wrote this post isn’t shopping downtown?

Teri Archer says:

Hey Roy,
Yes, I visit the malls but I also give my business to downtown and I don’t forget the independent shops. I spread it around!

Marilyn says:

Ok, I’m one of the grumps. That’s just where my head is this year.

But up until recently, there was no bigger Christmas junkie than I. Shopping, Baking, Wrapping, Playing the Music, Decorating. I did it all with a happy heart.

Now, I just want to sleep until April Fool’s day. You know? Since my body won’t accommodate me, I drinks a bit. Sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn’t.

Sorry Teri. Maybe I’ll be better next year.

Marilyn says:

PS. To Karen @ the Hood. I just read your LOL column and loved it. I do feel like I’m getting to know you, because you are very good at giving us a glimpse into your life. I like you very much. Keep writing.

Pat says:

I Hate Christmas and I hate New Year’s. Thanksgiving is something I can handle okay.

Karen says:

We all love Karen @ the hood! A great story. I like you too 🙂

Biscuit says:

C.A. you raise an interesting question regarding Santa and his religious persuasion. Santa helped deliver the baby jesus- true story. Joseph was a mess at the manger – a typical nervous first time dad. Santa had to step up to the plate and take charge “Boil water!”, “Rip up some sheets!” all that important baby birthing stuff. I don’t know if Santa became Christian but he was very important figure in the first christmas. (I don’t know why God banished him to a frozen white waste land)

Bev says:

Are you making this up?

Biscuit says:

No I’m not. Someone told me Santa was banished to the North Pole for talking smack about Gabrielle- but I’d take this with a grain of salt- my source is not that reliable.

C.A. MacConnell says:

Karen, I just read your column, and it is touching and beautiful…your writing is outstanding. Christine.

Tim says:

Biscuit’s story is interesting but it’s a new one on me.

Marilyn says:

Biscuit, I think Santa was banished because the powers that be could see into the future.

They could see that Santa would get all the good press (what with all that gift giving); Santa couldn’t outshine the Christ Child. Therefore he was banished to the frozen north.

(Sorta like Adam and Eve – but not Steve – were banished for being a little too happy and knowing a little too much. You know?)

Sam says:

I guess I’ve been living under a rock. I never heard any of these Santa stories.

Karen @ the hood says:

I still believe in Santa 🙂

Thank you Marilyn and C.A. for the nice things you said about my Living Out Loud story. I am so unsure of my writing so much of the time. Making shorter blog posts are easier but Larry wanted me to give it a try so I did. He made some suggestions that made it better and I want to thank him for giving me the opportunity to do it.

I read the letters to the editor today in CityBeat about his 810 Main Street story and while I haven’t met him yet, I already know he has a good heart. He’s been really nice to this little black girl!!

Santa says:

Ho-Ho-Ho. Whatever.

pee-wee says:

i sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hate christmas. i’ll sleep until it is over with 😦

numb says:

take larry shopping with you and leave him at the mall.

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