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{December 2, 2006}   More Feist

According to the stats (I pay attention to them sometimes), the most popular music video I’ve put up as been one by Feist, “Mushaboom.”

Here’s another Feist video – “One Evening.” I love the way she dances.

Larry Gross


Karen says:

I like Feist too 🙂

Jeff says:

I also like Feist. She looks good, writes her own music and knows how to sing. I vote for her to be the REAL LOL Girl.

Jamie says:

This girl sings great. I wish she would put out a new CD.

Bev says:

I hate these YouTube posts because I can NEVER get them to work!

Sarah says:

You must have an older computer. Every video that has been put up works for me just fine – and this is a good one. Very entertaining.

Jill says:

I love the way she dances too. I like everything about her she is so cool.

not to be negative says:

your youtube video clips always suck. let someone else put up something that has some musical taste.

Jackie says:

You always have your critics, eh Larry? I for one liked the music 🙂

numb says:

old larry has a hard on for feist. how sad.

Charlene says:

why do you come here? Why are you such a complete asshole all the time? you’re a sorry excuse for a human being.

Pretty in Pink says:

Hello most excellent Feist fan.

This wonderful person plans on releasing a new album early next year.

Matt says:


go fuck yourself. i’m sure nobody else will.

C.A. MacConnell says:

She’s a hottie. This video was from the age when MTV still played music.

BrianCiesko says:

Nice! I can always dig a jazzy kind o’girl and Feist is a real-deal. I’d never heard of her until I checked out the “Mushaboom” vid you put up. These are an excellent way to “use” some of my library time.

Sammy says:

I LOVE THIS!! Please put up more Feist videos!!

molly says:

this video was so cool 🙂

Roger says:

Really good. She’s hot too.

Nikie says:

She gets my groove on. Can we see more of Feist? Please????????????????

jackula says:

i hope she’s gay 🙂

jDennis says:

I wouldn’t mind seeing and listening to a little more of her 🙂

jan says:

a new cd is coming ya’all

jackula says:

I love this. MORE PLEASE!

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