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{December 4, 2006}   A Downtown that’s Alive

bengals.jpgI think I’ve become known as a person who doesn’t like Cincinnati. That’s not really true, but I do have a habit of pointing out what I think is wrong. With that said, let me try to be positive and point out something this past week that I liked.

Thursday when the Baltimore Ravens were in town to face off against the Bengals, this city came alive. The sidewalks were crowded, restaurants were full and the game was sold out. We even won the thing – 13 to 7.

We were a real city with energy and it felt good to be downtown to see it.

Larry Gross


Marilyn says:

(And I haven’t a clue why I’m up at 4:47 to see this, nor why Larry has posted this early!)

Yep, even out here in the sticks, a friend and I watched the game and really got into it! Good job, good game…

Then I get up at this crazy hour to learn that two people were killed in the past 24 hours in good ole Cincy. What the hell is wrong with us?

Polly says:

I think when it comes to Cincinnati, this is as positive as Larry is going to get.

Larry Gross says:

Hi Marilyn,
Got a full plate ahead today. Up early – so I went ahead and made the post.
Drink some coffee and go back to bed!

Marilyn says:

I’ve had my first cuppa joe and a few cigarrettes… don’t think I’ll be sleeping any time soon. Though I count myself fortunate that after working all these years, I get some kinda sabbatical- at least for now.

Polly, Cincinnati has so much to offer. Cincy is clearly not living up to its promise. And that’s sad.

Jeff- or-ly says:


Jack says:

It’s nice to see some sports mentioned here even if it’s just a little bit.

Phil says:

Larry being positive about downtown Cincinnati? He must be sick today.

Julie says:

The Bengals and the Reds bring some life to Cincinnati but that’s only when they are playing and sports isn’t enough to fix the downtown “ghost town” problem.

C.A. MacConnell says:

This weekend downtown…Saturday night, 11pm. First, we went to Kaldi’s, but soon left, b/c there was a dude in a cow suit singin screamo. So we went to the Courtyard on Main, which was pretty good eats, and the place is always cool, but besides one dude sitting at the bar, my pardner and I were the only people there.

I asked the bartender, “Where is everybody?”

He shrugged, saying, “Uh, this is Over the Rhine.”

This is the only bar on that strip, besides Kaldi’s, that I know of, that’s been there for years…that is, with the same name. I was bummed out a little. When we left, around midnight, Kaldi’s was closed. Weird.

However, I’m a sucker for Bengals mayhem. I’m going this weekend, and I can’t wait to have an imaginary relationship with #20, Tory James.

Biscuit says:

We went to the Essex Art walk. For a late night meal I suggested downtown. Everyone looked to me and asked “where?” I shrugged -we went to Tinks in Clifton.

Speaking of Clifton- has anyone else heard that Sitwells’ lease is not being renewed and that a Greek Restaurant is opening there?

Jack says:


Say you’re joking around about Sitwell’s PLEASE!

Teri Archer says:

I know everyone gets on Larry for being so negative on Cincinnati but it’s basically the truth. CA’s and Biscuit comments also support that.

I was at a bar downtown last Friday night and by seven, the place was almost deserted – on a Friday night.

David Gallaher says:

Did anybody catch moi competing in the Bengals endzone dance contest on Fountain Square at lunchtime Thursday? Jim Scott made me do it. Bootsy Collins was there too selling his new CD.
Betsy Ross had to administer smelling salts to revive me after I danced with the Bengal tiger character.

Polly says:

Are you a supporter of downtown?

David Gallaher says:

I live in OTR, work downtown, walk there, walk to Fountain Square every day, do the endzone dance there, watch my face on the jumbo-tron, visit the main library every day.
Am I a supporter?
Let’s put it this way: My nutsack hangs downtown, but it doesn’t get much support.
… now if we changed the name of downtown to Sinincincinnati? Well…

Marilyn says:

heh, heh, heh, David said nutsack.

Jean says:

I suppose Gross is saying it takes sports teams to make Cincinnati come alive – according to him. In my judgement, it’s just another negative view of this city that he has and his approach is really getting old.

I’ve suggested it before but I’ll say it again. MOVE.

Teddy says:

Can anybody reading here give us some more information on the Sitwell’s situation?

Matt says:


C.A. MacConnell says:

I had a feeling the other day that Sitwell’s was closing. weird. I bet Proud Rooster will fall not soon after.

numb says:

larry: the soul of cincinnati. whatever.

Sammy says:

I’m new here. Who’s this numb jackass?

I like what Marilyn had to say. Being on the River, Cincinnati should be this hot town but it sure the hell isn’t. I’ve lived here for two years now and I’m ready to move on. Most of the time, nothing is going on downtown. On the weekends, the sidewalks are almost deserted. No nightlife at all, man. I’m going to head back to a real city —-Chicago—– come spring time.

Marilyn says:

Welcome to the blog Sammy. I once met a Sammy in Daniel’s (Corryville) and we spent a cool, but very drunken, evening…

Yes, Cincy should be a fun place to be. But it’s not. And that’s sad.

Larry Gross says:

I went nosing around in Sitwell’s this afternoon. All working there assured me that it’s not going to close. I couldn’t find the owner.

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