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{December 8, 2006}   Kids Understand Me

kids.jpg A lot of this has to do with the vast gulf between my actual age and the way I act, especially when I’m around my niece and nephews, four children ranging from two to seven years old.

Last weekend, we discovered I can babble like the Tasmanian Devil from the old Looney Tunes cartoons which they thought was hilarious, especially if I did it while chasing them around the yard. We invented a new game called The Ticklator, which was more chasing with mad tickling when you’re caught. I showed them the magic fountain trick with a few Mentos and a big bottle of soda. And we found an imaginary little boy named Fredimore Pizzaface, who lives with his sports car in the welcome mat on my brother’s backyard deck.

I like to be informed about culture and world events as much as anyone but this was without a doubt the most fun I had all week. There is such a pure joy to goofing around with these kids, no pretension to anything other than having as much fun as we can. There’s no deep thought, no heavy discussion, just an intense drive to run around, making stuff up and being absurd. Sure, my inner child is a juvenile delinquent but I cannot recommend highly enough the therapeutic value of recreational immaturity. It’s just further proof that it’s never too late to have a happy childhood.

Brian Ciesko


Barbara says:

You sound like a nice guy, Brian. You can babysit my kids anytime ๐Ÿ™‚

hard as nails says:

brian my man, you sound a little bit like me. i’m much more comfortable around kids than i am with adults. i’m never more happy than when i’m able to act like i’m four years old.

Karen says:

A wonderful end of the work week post :))

Billy says:

I wish I could be more like Brian but something in me doesn’t like little kids all that much.

Tammy says:

I like men who are good with little children. Most men don’t want to take the time. Brian, I think you have a good heart.

Jim says:

I can kind of relate to what Brian is saying. I thought becoming a grandfather would make me feel old. It’s done everything but that. There is no better time than playing with that two year old. I feel like a kid again !

Harvey says:

Everyone’s different i guess. I just can’t handle kids.

Marilyn says:

Brian, that is beautiful and the photo is as well!

…”recreational immaturity” sounds like a lovely place to spend some time.

I’m a bit different than a lot of people. I prefer to spend time with kids ages 15 and up. I like it when they can talk to me and share what they think of the world. Maybe I just got “stuck” at that age?

Elly says:

Just a beautiful post. I think I’m in love with Brian ๐Ÿ™‚

sue me says:

i don’t like kids – not even babies.

Heather says:


I hope you become a dad some day. Maybe you should consider a mentoring or a big brother program.

Matthew says:

I think Brian and I are very different people. I wish I could be more like him, more tolerate of little children. I’m not.

My brother has a son, about two years old. He screams when he doesn’t get his way and is a demanding child. I hate being around him.

My sister has a new born and a couple weeks ago, I had to change a diaper. Not my cup of tea at all.

Maybe some day when I have my old kids I’ll feel different, but for now, kids are a little difficult to take.

Babble On says:

Hummmmmmm. Seems like you like hanging out around little children maybe too much ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Debbie Lane says:

I wish I could meet someone like you. I’m a divorced mother for a four year old. Would you like to meet something? If so, let me know and maybe we can find a way to get together.

Charlie says:

As long as you’re straight and not Michael Jackson, you’re O.K. in my book.

Charlene says:

I think Brian is a cool guy.

I know so many men who get women knocked up, and then just leave them to take care of themselves. You know, the father having no interest in the kid he helped seed.

But then there’s Brian, taking an active interest in his niece and nephews. How refreshing is this?

Again, you are so cool.

numb says:

playing with little boys. need i say more?

not to be negative says:

playing with little kids. don’t you have something else to do?

David Gallaher says:

Brian Ciesko’s post is preaching to the choir.
I mean isn’t recreational immaturity what this Living Out Loud blog is about?

Matt says:

I mean isnโ€™t recreational immaturity what this Living Out Loud blog is about?

must you really ask that question? of course.

Karen @ the hood says:

Do you work at the library downtown?

Brian says:

Thanks for all the compliments, it’s just fun being an uncle to kids who can appreciate someone who knows how to enjoy life.
As for all of you making numbass negative comments, your posts are just evidence of your own twisted, perv minds, simply adding to this righteous disrespect you get here.

Frank says:

I like the post all right, feel guilty about not liking little kids all that much but what the hell?’

Bonnie says:

I’m divorced, a mother of two children. Let’s talk.

??? says:

I think you’re gay and like little boys. He. He.

Patty says:

drinking. call mel

Brian says:

Yeh, Karen I’m part of the glue holding the d’town library together.

I’m still looking to bust some of the ghosts allegedly haunting the stacks [no luck on that yet] Being immersed in a space filled with words helps keep me in a writerly frame of mind. Now if only I could get hold some discipline. One of these days . . .

hard as nails says:

hey, buddy, you’re a hit with the ladies. i think i need to learn how to write posts here.

Sarah says:

Unlike that current “thing” up today, this was just great, really enjoyed reading it.

Benj A. says:

Enjoy playing with those kids, Brian. I mean to tell you, they grow up fast. Enjoyed your post.

Heather says:

Brian: Stay away from single moms wanting you to raise their kids.

Single Moms: Stay away from guys who are too into your kids. Don’t you know child molesters look for single moms?? First because lonely moms are easy to manipulate, and second because dad’s not around to kick the living shit out of them. I’m not worried about Brian, he seems like a good guy, but the way you guys jumped on him is worrisome.

Brian says:

thanks, Heather. Yeh, I feel for the moms out there doing their best to raise the junior humans on their own but I’ve been around the block enough times to see what their “needs” can translate into being. If I’m clicking with a woman though, her kids are sometimes just part of the package; they are, after all, half of her own flesh and blood. Unclehood has been enough for me so far though.

And I’m not really insulted by some of the sick fucks here assuming that because I enjoy interacting with children that I’m a perv. That’s some twisted stuff that happens too often and Heather’s right about their predatory nature – people like that should be castrated and imprisoned for life. But jumping to that conclusion based on what I wrote may just be evidence of someone’s own unresolved issues.

Like I said, kids are just junior humans with their own view on a multitude of things. It’s just interesting, and sometimes funny as hell, to hear what they have to say if you just listen to ’em for awhile. The cynic in me is relieved a bit by hearing a point of view that hasn’t been tarnished yet by how the world really is.

Teri says:

It upset me that after you wrote such a touching post about children, that some felt it necessary to twist your words. As you said “sick fucks” and that’s exactly what they are.

I hope you keep interacting with your junior humans and report back to us again. I think yours as been my favorite post here. Thanks for writing it.

pee-wee says:

I think you are gay.

Clarity says:

Listen to the woman who wrote about manipulative natures. Brightness with a dark center. Children don’t demand much from someone who is benignly in ther lives on an intermittant basis. Adults usually require acertain amount of healthy reciprocation for a healthy interaction. Ever se the movie About a Boy……? Heads up, Ladies! Seriously.

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